The New Amazon Tap Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Amazon’s new portable “Tap” was designed for listeners on the move. Take it with you everywhere and control the flow of music by the sound of your voice or a mere tap. You will be listening to tunes from sources such as Spotify, iHeartRadio, Prime Music, Pandora, and TuneIn just like you would with your cell phone. This is better, though, and only costs about $130. (Note: As of 3/5/16, they are in pre-order mode -> Pre-Order Amazon Tap HERE)

Details of the Amazon Tap

Amazon Tap

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When it’s connected to wi-fi, Amazon’s interactive speaker utilizes AVS or the Alexa Voice Service (you can also be connected with a hotspot). You don’t have to be chilling out to enjoy the Tap: tune-into news radio or social commentary. Find out whether it’s raining back home or sunny and warm at the beach, perfect for a day on the surf.

Bluetooth Connection

This wonderful new device streams music using a Bluetooth connection from your handheld phone or a tablet. Sound is great, thanks to two speakers in one and surround sound that reaches you everywhere for perfect balance and delivery.

Consumers of all ages can use this to play mellow music on the beach, their porch, or the city park. Create the soundtrack to a fun afternoon of skateboarding or a picnic with friends. The Tap is even enabled for playback: up to 9 hours of it.

Microphone Magic

There is a little button on the Tap you press to enable a microphone. What does a radio need with a mic? You’ll soon discover the convenience voice control lends to many situations. Don’t tune in; just talk: tell the Tap what you want whether it’s music from a particular artist, a type of music (Baroque, hip-hop, or jazz), or even tell the Tap to play music from a certain station.

Ask for a specific song or even a playlist from your phone. Tell Alexa to mix up your playlist. This is a smart interactive hub for music and information, but it’s also a lot like a phone, thanks to the cloud-based Alexa service which Amazon continues to improve. Even order fast-food using the Tap or arrange for transportation services. Options are always being added, like apps, but specific to companies such as Domino’s and Uber.

Super Sling

Amazon has also made a sling to enable totally mobile usage of this little black speaker. It’s small and light: just 6.2 x 2.6 x 2.6 inches and about one pound in weight. You won’t mind taking it on the road but will be impressed with the huge sound it makes. The sling allows you to clip Amazon’s Tap onto a belt loop or backpack and take it wherever you go. This carrier acts as a buffer against damage if you drop the Tap too.


All the Tap needs is one battery and it will perform for as much as 9 hours continuously depending on how you use it. Since most people don’t require continuous playback, the Tap could last you all day.

Alexa even tells you when to recharge with the polite statement “Just so you know, the battery is currently low.” Bring the compact charging cradle on holiday. At home, have the charger ready for action so your Tap is ready all the time.


At first glance the Tap doesn’t look like it features a lot of tech. That’s the beauty of modern methods: it’s small and easy to disguise. A single input for audio and a Bluetooth button; a power button and USB micro-port you can barely see; the aforementioned microphone button (the graphic of a mic makes it obvious) and a series of tiny lights.

Those lights indicate your charge but they look like futuristic highlights on this modern module. Volume and other controls at the top aren’t deployed using buttons but labelled pressure points. Go to the next song or return to the one that just had you tapping your feet. Expect a lot of “oohs” and “aahs” from friends. To pre-order yours –> go to Amazon HERE now!