Fluance Home Speakers

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Fluance sells a range of high-quality speaker systems for the home; systems that function at a high level but also enhance any home décor with modernity and class. Their products are made to excellent standards on the outside and the inside, as you will find if you order a set from this Canadian company.

Who is Fluance?

Many companies contribute to home entertainment technology. Fluance works at the audio end of things providing products and services from Niagara Falls, ON, where the firm got started in 1999. Their team is committed to bringing customers the best audio experience from bookshelf speakers to big entertainment centers. They provide a Lifetime Warranty on every speaker they sell, plus a 30-day trial. You also receive never-ending customer support.

The goal at Fluance is to create products from which sound flows as though it starts from where you are without interference which could heighten pitch and make instruments sound tinny or off-key. Their engineers always seek ways to more closely reproduce this experience at home. Today they offer speakers of many sizes and types plus subwoofers and accessories.

Though somewhat compared to Sony and other big brands, Fluance believes they can compete by pushing the boundaries of technology. Become an online customer or even an affiliate promoting exceptional sound quality to music and movie lovers for whom audio accuracy is a truly important part of life every day, not just for special occasions.

Fluance uses gold-plated 5-way binding posts connected to two amps and a bi-wire setup. Floor spikes provide sound isolation when speakers are located on carpet or hardwood. Their price range is surprisingly affordable in spite of their high-tech audio wizardry.

For just a quick example, check out this highly rated Fluance RT81 Elite High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable Record Player on Amazon.

Home Theaters

Start with a $199.99 budget or go up to ten times that amount and you are still guaranteed astounding quality and lifelong support. The basic AV home theater comes with 5 speakers and specially made cabinetry to prevent distortion.

Internally, there is a soft dome tweeter for accuracy at high frequencies. The most expensive kit, their Signature Series, supplies timbre-matched tower and surround sound speakers around a center channel in order to authentically reproduce music, voices, and sound effects.

Fluance promises you’ll feel like the concert you’re hearing is happening right there in the room, whether it’s heavy metal or Romantic orchestra. The Signature Series employs 8″ woofers for low frequency but controlled bass.

With Neodymium tweeters, high frequencies maintain crispness without becoming shrill. Soundwaves are emitted through woven glass fiber. Acoustics are not altered during transmission by the framework of your speakers.

Floor Speakers

There is a price range for every consumer who wants floor-standing speakers. Fluance’s $300 set from the SX series (SXHTBFR) is still a top-notch product even though it’s less than half the price of their best item in this series. This edition contains HF tweeters and a mid-range subwoofer inside a cabinet designed not to distort sound but present it accurately.

Both low and high frequencies sound like the real thing. The cabinet is braced on the inside both directions and features a reinforced baffle. The tweeter has been liquid-cooled to extend its life while surrounds made from Butyl rubber make it a more durable product for real life usage. This affordably priced floor speaker set has been shielded to prevent interfering with other audio-visual products in use at the same time. Spikes prevent speakers from touching the floor which could distort sound.

Bookshelf Speakers

When you are only filling a bedroom with sound and not an entire living room or gallery, bookshelf speakers will do nicely. The Fluance Signature HiFi set costs around $200, so it’s not the least or most expensive set in this category. Two colors enable you to coordinate speakers with the colors of your bedroom walls and blankets while internal elements preserve the excellent sound quality you have come to expect from Fluance.

The focus here is music, not TV or movies. Experience the clean sound of guitar, bass, and drums; enjoy pitch perfect strains from every orchestral instrument, flute and violin included in spite of their upper range and tendency to sound squeaky when broadcast from speakers of lesser quality. You will be impressed with the lack of distortion even though the dimensions of an average bedroom create compressed acoustics unlike those in bigger rooms or music halls. These are made from audio-grade wood which cuts down on resonance.