Kurbo Health App For Kids And Teens

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Note: Please take a moment to read this Kurbo review – We feel this is an important topic for those who have children who may be struggling with weight or lifestyle-related health problems. It’s all about helping kids and teens find better health through a pleasant and encouraging method, and it addresses an extremely important issue for today’s youth. And, if you’re here, you probably already have heard about this…

It’s the new epidemic; the 21st Century’s equivalent to plagues of centuries long gone. Kids are sick in huge numbers, developing kidney problems, heart disease, and Type 2 Diabetes all because of weight management and lifestyle issues. They aren’t getting enough exercise and their mental health is plummeting along with life expectancy and quality of life. That’s where Kurbo Health steps in to help. Note that this is the only program out there designed specifically to help our youth tackle this problem – and considering at a good 1/3 of US kids are now considered overweight or or even obese, this is an innovative approach whose time has surely come.

What about Parents?
Mothers and fathers will tell you they try to get their children to play outside. They make a real effort to feed their children healthy meals. Peer pressure and busy lifestyles get in the way, however; they can’t police their kids all the time and they don’t want to constantly harp on about good and bad choices. That takes away from the little quality time they have.

Children are also stressed out and sometimes parents wonder if the best thing they can do is to avoid a fight; avoid one more way to make life stressful for children who don’t know how to relax. If you’re a parent, you’ve probably had conversations with relatives and fellow parents who empathize with you and say something like, “Well, we have to pick our battles…”

Now, to be sure, a program like Kurbo Health isn’t there to take away their job or replace discipline and boundaries. They are very clear about this! Mothers and fathers are still in control but, like homework aids found online, the Kurbo app provides support when they can’t get through to their children any other way. Perhaps it’s because the coaches and the applications at Kurbo aren’t parents – and they aren’t trying to be authoritative – that the kids feel they can trust the program, or at least are willing to work with it.

Talking by Phone

These days, parents say that if it wasn’t for texting they might never communicate with their kids. In a way, Smartphones have opened the door tween and teenage children have slammed in the face of parental authority. It’s the same battle played out generation after generation only with different technology. Now, that same mechanism which they become addicted to — the handheld phone — could become a resource to children who need some guidance when it comes to diet and exercise. Their parents might sound like a broken record, but what about experts who seem to know what they’re talking about? After all, as we all have experienced, our children often wonder what on earth could we possibly know – admit it! Most of us have probably thought the same thing at least once in our lives!

So, the experts are the guiding force behind Kurbo. And, in the words of the company’s co-founder and CEO Joanna Strober, “One of the reasons the Kurbo program is so successful is that we take the role of the ‘food police’ away from the parent.” (You can watch the introductory video below this article.) And the kids wind up with what Kurbo calls a “coach in your pocket.”

Kurbo for Kids

Kurbo In what way do people learn best how to do hard things and give up stuff they like? Typically, they respond when someone forms a relationship and proves to be trustworthy. The coaches and mentors at Kurbo aim to do that by supplying 24/7 resources and life coaching. Through the Kurbo app, they provide clients with eating ideas, teach them how food and nutrition work, educate them about healthy living and fitness, and watch their clients thrive.

The Kurbo App Is Cool

Even adults in the house have to admit it. It’s a fun app. It almost becomes a game for the child – “follow the traffic signals.” The app has a signal like what you’d see in a typical traffic light: red, yellow, and green lights. “Green light foods” are foods that can be enjoyed all the time, “Yellow light foods” are foods to enjoy once in a while, and as you might guess, “Red light foods” are ones to make you “stop and think” before eating. It’s all about creating an awareness.

What does a child gain?

He or she will develop greater self-control to turn off video games and go ride a bike, especially as self-esteem improves and a formerly shy and depressed person doesn’t automatically default to a low-energy, thoughtless activity to shut out sad thoughts. As self-esteem and self-control improve, the same child says “no” to fatty, refined junk food and says “yes” to healthy snacks that sustain. Within a few months on the Kurbo Heatlh app, a whopping 90% of clients have gained all the right things (self-esteem and self-control) but lost weight or seen their BMI reduced.

Where Did It Start?

How did Kurbo begin? Kurbo was the brainchild of a business person (Joanna Strober) with an overweight son. Everything she tried in order to help him lose weight was failing. He needed mentors and coaches apart from his mother. That’s what Kurbo supplies: musicians and athletes, fitness and mental health experts, and a panel made up of many doctors who specialize in various areas of mental and physical health, particularly as they pertain to pediatrics. You meet Joanna and her son in the video below.

Costs of Kurbo

First, ask yourself the cost of letting your teen’s weight problem go unchecked. He or she could become (and might already be) emotionally and physically unwell. You have absolutely nothing at all to lose by trying Kurbo for free for 7 days. After that, you can sign up for a month (about $75 for 30 days), or invest only $180 for 3 months (only $2.00/day) and watch the tide turn for your child. You can also sign up for 6 months for $300.

The bottom line is that if we don’t work to instill the ability and habits of making wise food and activity choices early on in our lives, it will be that much more difficult to learn and adopt them later. This is why Kurbo Health makes so much sense to our editors here at MyFavDeals.org. Please check it out – you (and your children) have absolutely nothing but poor choices and perhaps some unhealthy weight to lose, and oh so many positive things to gain.

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