Nest Cam

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If only you could monitor your home when you have to go out to run an errand or head to work. Many families wish they could connect and ensure their home is safe. Technology is coming a long way; big steps every day it seems.

Isn’t there some way to remain in control of the place you call home when you can’t be there? Today there is a way with the Nest Cam security camera. Use this compact device to stay in control and keep everyone safe: from children to the family dog.

The Nest Cam provides live, 24/7 video to your camera no matter where you are, even in the dark. View your home during the night shift or from a club when you go out for a date. Receive alerts if something is wrong: a break in or a fire. Stay in charge even when you leave a babysitter with the kids.

Wide Angle Perspective

Nest Cam

The Nest Camera offers a wide view: 130 degrees around for extensive coverage of the room or rooms where you choose to install it. Back up for a full view or pull up close for a detailed perspective. You won’t even have to watch the camera non-stop to remain alert to potential trouble.

You are not a security guard after all; that is what the Nest Cam is for. Alerts pop up on your Smartphone if the camera detects unexpected movements or sounds so you can concentrate on what you went out to do whether driving someone to the airport, taking evening classes, or working.

Intelligent Technology

Lesser technology would be bothering you all the time with alarming “pings” telling you there is trouble afoot. You would never get anything done or enjoy date night away from the kids if a program misinterpreted every sound as a sign of danger. After a while you would ignore alerts, maybe dismantle the system, and potentially miss it when something bad really does happen.

This product is intelligent. It knows when to ignore a sound like the background noises of traffic, air conditioning starting up, or the furnace turning on. The Nest Cam, however, detects and reports more alarming sounds like glass breaking, loud unexpected noises, or unfamiliar voices.

The camera can even tell the difference between real intruders and the sorts of imaginary evils that send children under the blankets fearing the Bogey Man like shadows cast by trees swaying in the wind. This security system does not cry wolf.

Interactive Technology

Your Nest Cam is not a one-way system either. Most of the time you just want to watch out for your loved ones or your property in case you have to send someone around to check on things, go home to fix a major issue, or call the police.

Sometimes, however, what you see is not an emergency but a frustrating situation you expected all along. Now you can see for yourself what’s going on. The kids are in the fridge again eating the ingredients you were saving for a nice meal or dumping healthy meals you made for them in favor of junk.

Your cat is on the counter nibbling at cupcakes left out to cool. With the Nest Cam, you can say your peace and the kids or the cat will be able to hear you. Remind them you are watching and they might be a little more careful to follow the rules next time.

Amazing Memory

Video feeds arrive live to your camera but you can also watch the day’s video if you suspect there was something you missed. Perhaps your son snuck a friend in. Maybe someone did break in and managed to avoid detection. The police have video footage to work with. Parents can present evidence when they confront their kids with wrong-doing.

Affordable Pricing

The Nest Cam system costs from $10/month plus the price of purchasing your camera, but isn’t peace of mind priceless? This cost provides security all the time so you can see your teen daughter gets home safely from classes each evening and no one breaks in overnight while you work.


Few things could be simpler to set up or to operate. Since you already know how to use your phone, it’s a cinch to access the Nest Cam. Put it anywhere in your home or purchase multiple cameras to secure several vulnerable rooms in the house, especially areas you think will be tempting to burglars. It’s not about taking away people’s privacy or acting like Big Brother: the camera isn’t going in your bathroom or the kids’ bedrooms.

Then again, if teens are having friends over and they aren’t sure some of them will follow the rules, your kids can tell their friends about the hidden cameras as a way of protecting themselves against unwanted behaviors. Sometimes children want something like that to fall back on.