Specialized: S-Works

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The team behind S-Works began with professional racers in the back of their minds; participants always pushing the boundaries of what the human body could achieve with a top-notch, performance bicycle. It is almost insulting to refer to their products as “bicycles” as though anyone would or could buy them just for a casual ride in the sunshine or to hang a basket from the handlebars and head out for groceries. Specialized: S-Works makes something much better than a two-wheeled taxi.

S-Works Tarmac Di2Racing Bikes for Serious Riders

They’ve been at this for 40 years where racers discovered that minimal was best, but this meant sacrificing ride comfort and the life of a bicycle because it was literally just a regular bicycle reconfigured with less.

Today, Specialize: S-Works specializes in designs which combine those features of a comfortable ride with a fast one for the needs of professionals. Pro athletes also test their bikes before the company will let them make it to the show room. See the Specialized S-Works Tarmack Di2 pictured at the right here? You may not find that at your local small-town bike shop, but you CAN check it out on eBay where a handful of dealers are listing it –Check ’em out –> Click Here to see the SPECIALIZED S-WORKS Tarmack

Types of Bikes

When you say you want a bicycle, that could mean one of many things. Is that a mountain bike or a road bike? Do you want an adventure or a fitness-oriented product? Is this for adults or kids; a Cyclocross or Triathlon? There are so many ways “bike-riding” can look in the modern world and S-Works fits them all.

Mountain Madness

Then you get even more specific with mountain bikes for cross-country, downhill, trail, and BMX competitions. The Demo 8 is not a demonstration model but a model that demonstrates some of the limits professionals will go to. This downhill mountain bike featuring 200mm FSR suspension, asymmetrical frames, S3 DH race geometry, and specialized wheels, the whole thing machined for the mountain mayhem.

Road Ready

The Roubaix road bike takes its name from a gruelling race and is designed to handle the worst conditions men and women have ever experienced as cyclists. Its carbon frame is light and features Zertz inserts plus a CG-R seat post, all in the name of creating a softer landing when you hit life’s road bumps. S-Works had endurance in mind when they made the frame too.

Adventure Awaits

Go AWOL with this adventure bike: it’s calling to you. Leave your mundane 9-to-5 behind and hit the trails on this durable, well-balanced bicycle. The AWOL will be flexible enough to meet any demands you throw at it including off-road, off-grid adventures in all sorts of country and on various terrain. Go far and go long with your backpack filled to accommodate dreams of escape.

Fitness Taken Further

The Crossroads is a fitness bike, but not the kind you plonk in front of a TV screen for a mindless workout. This bike is meant to be taken outside, just like you. Real world fitness is always more fun than hour-long spin classes anyway.

Triathlon Triumph

An Alias by S-Works takes the forward posture and is packaged with clip-on aero bars for triathlons, specifically. It also features a storage box to hold swimming gear and any extra items you think might be helpful on race day. As a flexible bike, the Alias is also destined for casual road rides, not just race day.

S-Build Designs

A customer comes along once in a while for whom the usual pre-designed and constructed item isn’t quite right. The S-Build is really a program. Select custom paint colors, personally choose parts, and all pick out features which the cycle design team will put together specially.

Bike Helmets and other Accessories

Cyclists don’t all wear the same shape or style of bike helmet. Certain types are meant for racing, some for the mountain, others for the road, and still another type for fitness cycling. They all protect your noggin from the knocks a tough race can cause, and since you only get one brain, it’s important not to forsake this element of the ride.

Researchers choose the ergonomics and materials which they believe will protect your head best and also the heads of younger loved ones. At the same time, they make helmets youth will enjoy wearing so teenagers don’t leave that important cap behind out of embarrassment.

S-Works also makes accessories such as shoes, clothes, lights, and bottles to complete your racing or touring package. Explore their website for spare parts and ways to personalize your bike. Or, to see some of what’s being sold on eBay, where a number of dealers are able to offer their expertise, and possibly a little bit of a discount on frames, and accessories, we’ve got some links here. Check the Listings Now –> SPECIALIZED S-WORKS VENGE FRAME