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Check our listings for any Clearly Filtered coupon codes to help you save. You are going to hear more about the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher in the days to come. We were pretty excited to discover this system, and at least one of us on our team is now using it every day for everything from making coffee, keeping a supply of drinking water in the bathroom, and cooking. In fact, we were so psyched to learn about this product, that we now have several extensive articles here at about this very intriguing water filtration system as well as what it can do, and we invite you to read them at any time.

Check our informational article about removing fluoride from tap water here.

This is our full Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Review (including our review video)

See a comparison between Clearly Filtered and Brita here

Disclosure: Even though we promote this product here at the site, and receive a small commission if we refer any sales to the company, please note that we purchased our Clearly Filtered pitcher for full price. You can see our receipt here.

Clearly Filtered Water Filter Clearly Filtered Water Filter

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There is a LOT to talk about with the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher, and we're going to be devoting some space here at about it, along with the fascinating technology - For starters, p... more ››

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