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There is a LOT to talk about with the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher, and we’re going to be devoting some space here at about it, along with the fascinating technology – For starters, please see our Clearly Filtered water pitcher review here. For now, you’ll get FREE SHIPPING in the US! So, get the ABSOLUTE LATEST in Water Purification Technology. ClearlyFiltered products ELIMINATE up to 99.99% of the Bad Stuff in your water, including Fluoride, Chlorine, Bacteria & Heavy Metals.  And, this is seriously the best water filtration pitcher we have ever found.

For example, if you have been desperately searching for a water filter pitcher that removes fluoride and chlorine both, you may have been pretty discouraged in the past – especially when you see leading brands constantly saying that their filters, “retain ‘beneficial’ fluoride” or words to that extent. In our family, we do NOT want fluoride in our water. So, when we found the Clearly Filtered pitcher, we got pretty excited!

We also have an article about Clearly Filtered vs Brita – which is undeniably more of a household name since it’s everywhere – but you’ll soon discover that there’s a new kid on the block named “Clearly Filtered” and it’s time to pay attention!

Give it a try – again, it’s Free Shipping in the US!

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