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Best Value Online! 💰 Our Lost Empire coupon code saves 15% on purchases, excluding VIP purchases. In the interest of complete transparency, I am a paying customer at Lost Empire Herbs as well as one of their independent affiliates. So, as an actual customer, I can say with confidence that our EXCLUSIVE Lost Empire Herbs coupon codes, sales and other specials are the icing on the cake for this outstanding company.

Why Lost Empire Herbs?

Because they are backed by REAL PEOPLE who actually use their OWN PRODUCTS. Lost Empire Herbs offers a terrific variety of herbs as well as resources on HOW to take the herbs! They have saliva hormone tests to help determine what may be out of whack.

Best Source for Buying Pine Pollen

They provide a high quality Pine Pollen, which – by the way – has been used for thousands of years; it’s been known to help provide hormonal support not just to women, but to men as well (and Pine Pollen has protein, vitamins and minerals as well!). Their site is where to buy Pine Pollen, hands down.

High Quality and Data Driven

The Christopher brothers have an excellent track record for providing real data for each of the products they carry. You can easily see all the data at the bottom of each report accompanying the products. They are also transparent regarding each source.

They carry many different formulations that you may have difficulty finding elsewhere from a source as well trusted and received as Lost Empire Herbs. For example, they carry Black Ant Extract, Hemp Oil, Chaga Powder (I personally use chaga on a regular basis), Schizandra berry powder (I also use their organic schizandra powder), Lion’s Mane Extract (an edible mushroom that grows on hardwoods in the north, aka Hericium erinaceus), and far more than we can possibly llist here.

Please give this company a try. I think you’ll like them a lot! When they have VERY special coupons and discounts, we list them in this section – and most of the time, you can find them right here by clicking on too!

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BOOM! Save 15% with Lost Empire Herbs Coupon Code! EXCLUSIVE!

Our exclusive Lost Empire Herbs Coupon Code will save you 15% on some of your favorite herbs and blends online at Lost Empire Herbs.  PLEASE NOTE the following restriction: This special coupon is... more ››

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Save 15% on Lost Empire Herbs ASHWAGANDHA Tincture

Our Lost Empire Herbs coupon code will save you 15% on their high quality Ashwagandha Tincture. I personally purchase this tincture from Lost Empire Herbs, and so I speak from my own experience! I've ... more ››

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Looking for WHERE to Buy Pine Pollen? SAVE 15% at Lost Empire Herbs

Have you been searching for the best source for where to buy Pine Pollen? If so, you have found it! Just visit the Lost Empire Herbs Pine Pollen Powder page HERE, and you'll see why Pine Pollen the NU... more ››

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15% off US GROWN Organic Schizandra Berry Powder w/ EXCLUSIVE CODE!

Lost Empire Herbs Coupon Code Alert! If you're looking where to buy ORGANIC schizandra berry powder, you won't find a better source or deal than at Lost Empire Herbs this week. We now have an EXCLUSIV... more ››

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Save 15% on Horny Goat Weed Powder at w/ Code

Looking where to buy Horny Goat Weed powder? Look no further! And save 15% with our Lost Empire Herbs coupon code "KATH15" (as long as it is NOT part of a VIP purchase. Our code cannot be used with VI... more ››

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THIS is Where to Buy Schizandra Berry – AND It’s ORGANIC!

(THIS JUST IN: Use this Exclusive 15% off coupon code!* KATH15) Oh my... I Love LOVE *LOVE* This organic Schizandra Berry Powder (aka Schisandra or, the Chinese name of Wu Wei Zi)! This is THE BEST pl... more ››

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Save 15% on Elderberry Powder and Extract at Lost Empire Herbs

Looking for where to buy Elderberry powder and liquid extract? Search no further, because Lost Empire Herbs is about the best place to buy your supply of Elderberry these days! Not only will you save ... more ››

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15% off Lost Empire Herbs Shilajit w/ code w/ Exclusive Code

Save 15% on Lost Empire Herbs Shilajit Powder with our exclusive coupon code. NOTE: Code is NOT valid if this is a VIP purchase (in other words, if you're a VIP member, the code won't work). If you pr... more ››

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Save 15% Black Maca 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC Powder at!

This is a GREAT DEAL at Lost Empire Herbs! Save 15% on 1/2 pound (8.81 ounces / 250 grams) of Black Maca RAW Powder (Lepidium meyenni) - aka Peruvian Ginseng - with our Lost Empire Herbs Coupon Code: ... more ››

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