THIS is Where to Buy Schizandra Berry – AND It’s ORGANIC!

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(THIS JUST IN: Use this Exclusive 15% off coupon code!* KATH15) Oh my… I Love LOVE *LOVE* This organic Schizandra Berry Powder (aka Schisandra or, the Chinese name of Wu Wei Zi)! This is THE BEST place to get it – right HERE at Lost Empire Herbs, where the Christopher brothers have put together what I think is one of the absolute very best places to buy herbs on line. The regular price for this exceptional herb is $19.99 for a 30-day supply (estimated at a dosage of about 1/4 teaspoon).

Keep your eyes on our Lost Empire Herbs Coupon Codes section of the site for their different sales and codes too!

(* NOTE: Our exclusive coupon code is NOT valid on VIP purchases.)

The quality is superior. Period. The Christophers (Logan, Zane, and Cloud) are guys with more integrity and high ethical standards than anyone else I’ve seen. Plus, their personalities happily resonate throughout the entire site. I personally buy my formulae from them – and I’m loving Schisandra (they spell it “Shisandra” on their site, but I see it frequently spelled “Schizandra”).

Schisandra is a big part of their Athena Women’s Formula, which is what I’ve been taking for the last couple of months. I’m almost done with my 2nd bag of it, and am really noticing a bit more “pep in my step” and less tired during the day as well.

Organic Schisandra Berry PowderAnd, although it may be a little too soon to say for sure, but I think it’s been helping my mood, and also it MAY be helping my increased ability to focus and concentrate during the afternoon (which had been a problem for me).

Evidently, the Schizandra is one of the herbs that has been purported to help with such things.

I’m going to be re-ordering another Athena Women’s Formula, but am ALSO adding a bag of “stand alone” Schisandra to my order, just because I really like the idea of adding a touch more of that herb on a daily basis.

It’s ORGANIC Schisandra!

There is another thing about the Schisandra that I think is worth mentioning. While many herbs are sourced from overseas, this particular one is grown on an organic farm in Massachusetts (USA). That’s pretty cool! I love it when companies support organic farms!

Anyway, to learn more about the high quality and overall schisandra benefits – and there are a LOT of benefits – CLICK HERE, or on the picture above, to go directly to the product page. Amazing stuff.

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