15% off Code for Your First Order – Just for Signing Up!

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We are kicking off our SuperManHerbs.com awareness campaign here at MyFavDeals.org by letting you know that this fabulous company is offering you a SuperMan Herbs promo code JUST for signing up to their newsletter. (Click and Sign up at https://supermanherbs.com)

There are hundreds, if not thousands of herb and alternative health websites and solutions out in internet land, but rarely have we come across one like SuperManHerbs.com. Wait ’til you meet the brothers-3 who started the whole thing: Cloud Christopher, Zane Christopher, and Logan Christopher – and see their backgrounds. You’ll be energized just by READING about them. I wasn’t really starting out this post to be a Super Man Herbs review – but I guess it’s kind of like that – an introductory review!

On their website you are going to find a LOT more than “just supplements.” This is NOT your ordinary “supplement website.” If you want vitamin C gummy bears, go to local pharmacy or supermarket. If you want high quality Pine Pollen Tincture, Tongkat Ali (aka “LongJack”), medicinal mushrooms like chaga, Cordyceps Extract, Reishi, or Lion’s Mane – come to SuperManHerbs.com.

If you’re looking for some “regular” supplements that are typically touted in mainstream media to help manage your Type 2 diabetes (you’ve all seen the little slide-show blips on your internet news pages that say stuff like, “5 things to do to help diabetes”) you can go get the typical mass-produced chromium at your local mega-box-store.

But if you found yourself digging deeper, and you’re now looking for Shilajit, or more information on Mucuna pruriens, try SuperManHerbs.com.

The same goes for other powerhouse supplements such as Pine Pollen, Polyrhachis Ant Extract, He Shou Wu – and more. AND, if you are feeling like you need additional help beyond a “storefront,” Super Man Herbs retains a number of true experts whose consulting services are available.

SuperMan Herbs promo code - Super Man Herbs 101 Steps to Radiant Health by Logan ChristopherAt the site, you will see that there are informative podcasts that you can listen to, books written by the Christopher’s, articles about many health issues such as Adrenal Fatigue, Diabetes and Blood Sugar, Nootropics (yeah… I never heard of it either, but I have now! It’s a term that refers to something you would take to help improve mental function.), Erectile Dysfunction and other men’s issues, women’s hormonal health, hearth health and much more.

Heard Enough? Ready to Check them Out? Start Here: www.supermanherbs.com

You’ll learn about the benefits of compounds you may never have even heard of! I only recently learned about Sea Buckthorn, for example. Others I had just heard about include Schisandra and Shatavari (both of interest to me since I am female).

So, I’ll wrap up this introductory Super Man Herbs review by saying that the Christopher brothers have a very innovative and ethical way of promoting their knowledge and passion, and we are proud to help spread the word! Again, to get their initial Super Man Herbs coupon code and save 15% on your first order, you need only sign up for their newsletter. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and tons of new knowledge – and some terrific high quality herbs and formulations that might be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

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15% off Code for Your First Order – Just for Signing Up!
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