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While selecting items for this list, I was conscious of the personal element; the characteristics of each vaper which draw him to one tank or another. This list is not going to feature every one of the really good tanks out there and might ignore some of the better vape tanks in favor of highlighting a more affordable option or an innovative one. There is no particular order to this top 10 list either except to say that in the number one spot we have the traditional favorite: Aspire.

The Top Ten Vape Tanks For 2016

1. Aspire Cleito

Aspire Cleito Tanks

With its insulated drip tip, ridged caps for good grip, and top-fill capacity, the Cleito is a simple, affordable alternative to expensive tanks that aren’t any better. You can’t go wrong with Aspire, especially when they supply a mid-sized RBA (3.5 ml), a slender build (22 mm), and various bands which can be applied for color, protection, and grip. This is Aspire at its most youthful. Resistance choices are 0.4 and 0.2 ohms, Kanthal, for Variable Watt operation.

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2. Sense Herakles

Sense Herakles Tanks

Here is another affordable tank, one that will accept Aspire coils because it also uses the BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) method. The Sense Herakles is a little smaller than the Cleito with 3 ml capacity and also supplies the possibility of vaping at more resistance levels. Choose 0.2, 0.6, or 0.5 (with Aspire coils). Such agility gives you a range of 50W to 100W when pairing the Herakles to an adjustable mod.

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SMOK stays on top of the charts much of the time with this tank which is almost too flexible to be real. There are so many coil options you might get dizzy reading them all, but it is also possible you will never need another tank. That being said, the TFV4 is large for a top-fill item. If you don’t have to take it apart to refill, why make dimension so big? Choose almost any resistance rating or wattage level; Kanthal or TC coils: the vaping world is your oyster, plus there are lovely colored O-rings in the box.

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4. Ceravape Soter

Cera Vape Soter

They have come out of nowhere in one sense, yet they are based in the heart of vaping technology: Shenzhen. Ceravape makes tanks with ceramic coils. These last up to three months, which is many times longer than traditional wicks and also cleaner. The Ceravape Soter is big at 8 ml and uses triple coils of 1.2 ohms. Divide that by 3 and you get 0.4-ohm resistance, perfect in the middle range (about 40 to 70 watts). There are brightly-colored O-rings and a lot of glass for showing them off. Yes, it’s large, but you will be hearing more about ceramic coils. Ceravape’s is one of the pioneers.

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5. Aspire Triton 2

Aspire Triton 2.0

As you can see, Aspire is worthy of a second mention on this list. Their Triton is a classier item but still suitable for young vapers with style. Try it out when vaping in TC mode. It will handle more than 500F with the durability of Pyrex and stainless steel. This is a 3-ml tank, filled from under the top cap, with one airflow adjustment valve and e juice control built into the top. With the Pegasus, this tank looks most at home but it’s willing to go places like any other 60W to 80W device you have in mind if it’s 510-threaded. Select coils of 0.15, 0.3, 0.5, or 1.8 ohms.

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5. Sigelei Ares

Sigelei Ares

You know them better for their mods, but Sigelei makes a fine tank too. Their Ares holds 4.8 ml of liquid and sits 24 mm wide. Select 0.2 or 0.5-ohm resistance or try the Ni200 for TC vaping. Delrin in the mouthpiece protects your mouth when vapor is hot.

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6. Sigelei Moonshot

Sigelei Moonshot

I surprised myself by mentioning Sigelei twice on this list, but the Moonshot and Ares are aesthetically very different items. No vaper should go through life without at least trying the unique Moonshot RTA simply because it’s original with the crater-like mouthpiece made from Delrin which gives it such unusual dimensions. The Moonshot measures 22 mm wide, fills from the top, and offers a build deck for DIY vapers.

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7. Kanger TOPTANK Mini

Kanger Toptank Minis

Although known as the Mini, this Kanger product isn’t small. It holds 4 ml of e juice and covers a diameter of 22 mm. Fill with e juice from the top and rebuild the tank with new coils like a 0.15-ohm SSOCC Ni200, unless you want to install an RBA deck and make your own coils.

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8. Uwell Rafale

Uwell Rafale

This is a gorgeous tank and a little bit more expensive than some. Uwell only makes sub ohm tanks, nothing else. This one holds 5 ml of e liquid inside a quartz glass tube able to comfortably withstand extremes like 600F (in your mod’s TC setting) or up to 70W. Vapers are also protected from the spit-back phenomenon when they use the Rafale. Add more e juice from the bottom or the top.

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9. Horizon Arctic V8 Mini

Horizon Arctic V8 Minis

Why does Horizon call this a V8? Their reasoning has everything to do with coils including a unique octuplet variety. The Mini, like a SMOK TFV4, is compatible with myriad resistance options and materials. Its flexibility provides vaping function from 40W to 120W. Like the Toptank, this Mini is a 22-mm sub ohm vape tank. Load the tube up to 3 ml and take advantage of a splash-proof design.

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10. Youde UD Zephyrus V2

UD Zephyrus V2 Tanks

No top 10 list of vape tanks would be complete without Youde, or UD as they are often known. This company, like Uwell, has made a name for themselves in the department of tanks. Their Zephyrus is flying high, improved over Version 1 in various ways. It’s bigger than before with room for 6 ml of e liquid and technology to prevent condensation in the base. Coils for the Zephyrus V2 RTA contain organic cotton from Japan. The rebuild deck is bigger for easier DIY action. Like many other examples on the top-ten, this is a 22-mm tank, filled from the top, but with big channels to enhance wick saturation and prevent dry hits while creating big vapor flow.

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