Save $10 on Wholetones – $99+ Digital + Physical

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NOTE: As of January 1, 2019, I don’t know if they are still offering this. We now point to the product from the company’s official Amazon page HERE – but feel free to try all options available! (When I just visited, as of March 1, 2018 – they had a special code WHOLE10 that you could apply when you spend $99 or more. I did see that you cannot combine that promo code with other specials, so just use the single code. Hopefully they will continue to use that code – I didn’t see any specific expiration date on it.)

Wholetones Interview with Michael TyrrellThere truly isn’t much more that I can personally say that I haven’t already told you in our Wholetones review article. We continue to be utterly astonished at the power of these healing frequencies by the gifted and inspired artist, Michael Tyrrell – and I might add that my own concentration levels are far, far better when I’m listening to this.

PLUS, the beautiful and melodic music itself is delightful – no “droning” noise or stuff like that. Please feel free to read our entire review and I think you’ll come to understand why I am personally so enthralled with this particular product – and every single time I hear it, I get a chill up my leg – a weird little “signal” my body gives me when I’m getting when I’m having an especially profound experience.

In fact, I just re-visited the Wholetones Amazon store and got that very same feeling. It’s nothing I can control – it just “is,” and I cannot recommend this product highly enough. This would also make an amazing gift for any special person in your life, especially if a friend or loved one has confided in you that they would love to find an easy-to-use self-improvement or natural healing product like this.