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NOTE: As of March, 2023, I don’t know if they are still offering this. We heard the sad news that Michael Tyrrell passed away in November of 2022. His Amazon store appears to be closed; however, someone is still running his website at www.wholetones.com.

Wholetones Interview with Michael TyrrellThere truly isn’t much more that I can personally say that I haven’t already told you in our Wholetones review article. Michael Tyrell was a gifted and inspired artist Michael truly did leave a spectacular gift to the world with this project.

Please feel free to read our entire review and I think you’ll come to understand why I was personally so enthralled with this particular product – and every single time I hear it, I still get a chill. This would also make an amazing gift for any special person in your life, especially if a friend or loved one has confided in you that they would love to find an easy-to-use self-improvement or natural healing product like this.

Since Michael created Wholetones, there are a lot of other creators now working with different brain wave tones and frequencies. One I’m just learning about is called “Billionaire Brain Wave,” and once I learn more I will share my findings. I buy my own products to review, and because I haven’t purchased Billionaire Brain Wave yet, I can’t speak about it. But, you can check it out here. Until next time, thank you for stopping by.


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