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PajamaMania Satin Tank and Short Set Review


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Have you ever ordered pajamas through PajamaMania or They have some lovely pajamas – actually, they have just about anything you could be looking for in PJs, including fun matching family pajamas, PJs made from bamboo material, “Feetie” or footed pajamas, robes and wraps, and something for every age and size.

I just received a lovely set of the Satin Tank & Shorts to review, and you can see my full video review below this article. It’s actually more of a camisole than a tank top, but their description calls it a tank.

These are some of the softest sets I’ve had. I have always loved the feel of satin – and even though this sounds a little crazy, because I have really sensitive skin, I find that satin has a “soothing” feel to me.

This set is no different. I chose the light blue (the color at the right in the image – which, if you click it you’ll go right to the product page)

PajamaMania Women’s Satin Tank & Short Set – $19.99
Retail Price: $30.00
You Save: $10.01
Considering how soft and fine the material is, it’s sewn well, with the inner seams “bound” to keep the fabric from fraying. The set is feminine and pretty, without a doubt. My husband likes it too (of course he does!) 🙂

This set is offered in an excellent number of color choices. Actually, I had a hard time deciding on a color.

Sizes run pretty much like most pajamas I’ve had – with the Small (2-4), Medium (6-8). Large (10-12), XL (14-16). I chose the XL, and the only problem I had was that the top is a bit too tight for me because my bust is quite a bit larger than an ordinary 14-16.

I’m a little bummed that I can’t rock the tank top, because I LOVE this set.

If you are more “normally proportioned” however, I would say that you wouldn’t have a problem with the top. It’s really just that the cut isn’t meant for someone who is overly busty. I’m guessing that if I went with a more normal cut top, like the pullover short-sleeve tee and shorts set by Pajama Heaven that you see here, the top might not be as much of an issue

The price point is just about right, I think – about $19.99 on sale, which gives room for ordering more! And, it’s definitely easy to find something else since the company offers slippers, and what I always call “fuzzy socks” that I wear to bed and around the house a lot. They also have a nice selection of sleep shirts that I like the looks of.
Also, keep in mind that you’ll also get free shipping if your order comes to $79 or more!

So, go ahead and get this cute tank and shorts PJ set –> PajamaMania Satin Tank & Shorts Set

OR, here’s the link if you want to check out the Short-Sleeve Tee Shirt and Shorts Set –> Pajama Heaven Tee and Shorts Pajamas Set

Quick Money Saving Tip – And Possible Scam Prevention!

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Restaurant Receipt2We have a money saving tip for you today – and one that could also possibly prevent you from being a victim of a scam. We were having lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in town here in Florida, and because we’re frequent customers, we often hang out and talk with the owner. In this case, we had just paid for the meal, and the owner reminded us to take our receipt. We had paid by credit card, and didn’t think we really needed the receipt – however, he insisted.

He proceeded to tell us that there are a few restaurants whose staff will take a credit card transaction and change or add the gratuity on the credit card transaction. We asked why, and he proceeded to explain that some of these staff members will feel it’s justified if the customer was unreasonable or didn’t leave what they considered a big enough tip.

In other cases, there are simply some dishonest folks out there.

While he doesn’t think it’s widespread, he said that what has happened is that they’ll change the amount of the tip if the person hasn’t taken their receipt, and there is nothing to back up a dispute if the customer sees a discrepancy on their credit card statement.

Also, our friend said that a number of people don’t check their credit card statements against the receipt, and never notice if there is a dollar or 2 or 3 added to the line item since a lot of folks don’t necessarily remember every penny they spent on a meal.

So, he said that it is his restaurant’s policy to insist that the customer physically take a copy of the final receipt with them, and that he also encourages people to be on the lookout for this type of practice.

Because we live in a hugely popular and densely populated tourist destination that has hundreds of thousands of visitors for every event week, and there are hundreds if not a thousand restaurants of all levels of quality and service, it makes sense to be aware of one’s surroundings anyway – and this is just one more thing we can be aware of that could potentially save us a few dollars – not to mention reduce the potential for being scammed while trying to enjoy a nice meal out.

Hopefully this tip is helpful! I can tell you that from here on in, we certainly shall be a bit more aware!

Hump Day Shenanigans – Is Yahoo Down?

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This could just be my browser, but I haven’t seen this before. When I go to, I am getting this screen:

Yahoo Down

Anyways, maybe they are down, I don’t remember seeing that in the past. I have no other connection issues, including Yahoo email is working fine.