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Now that summer is coming to an end, I feel like I’m about to hand in a “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” report to my teacher; but really this is about how Headout helped me put more stress-free fun and adventure in my life!

The Spark That Ignited My Love For Exploring New Places

Although I grew up in Queens, New York, here in the United States, I spent many a summer with my mother’s family in an island paradise in the Caribbean. After doing that a few times, it was only natural that I would develop a love for rest, relaxation, and vacations.

Thanks to traveling to the Caribbean for visits, the love for rest, relaxation, and vacations came coupled with a thirst for travel and local fun.

Here’s How Life Got In The Way (as it so often does)

As I got older and the responsibilities of adulthood began to take hold, I quickly got lost in the rat-race we call life. Subsequently, the opportunities to participate in seeing what even my own area had to offer became less and less available.

The situation became increasingly worse as I started my own business and devoted what seemed to be every waking hour building the foundations of success for that.

Still, even as my workload increased, and the time I spent seeing sites and vacationing became drastically reduced, I never really lost my sense of adventure.

Finding A Solution

Understandably, having less time for leisure would take its toll sooner or later. It wasn’t long before I would find myself overworked and in need of an out. I quickly decided that I would have to start enjoying some “me time” – and doing so right where I am – starting with my own city and other unexplored nearby destinations.

If you’ve ever felt like this, you might imagine the relief I felt just from making the decision. I was going to figure out a way to start exploring the city and start seeing shows and visiting museums, etc. If you have ever lived in a city, you may be able to relate to what I’m talking about. The problem for me, usually, was that there is a bit of “overwhelm” since there is always something going on.

Where to begin? It’s one thing to say I’m going to start taking some time for myself, but it’s another thing to actually DO it. I decided to do some digging for ideas. It was then that my friend, who knows everything that’s going on in my life, told me about Headout, which proved to be a lifesaver for me. And, THIS is where things began to get exciting! And this is why I needed to put this “report” together for readers here!

Headout – Event tickets, museums, attractions…it just goes on!

Headout is a great application that has allowed me to explore a “vacation experience” in my own city. It’s obviously not just for New Yorkers – there are experiences and events all over the world curated on this app.

Even better was being able to do this on my own terms. As a self-employed individual, in my field, things can be a little unpredictable. Sometimes things come out of nowhere and fill up your schedule, and other times, an otherwise full schedule becomes empty thanks to cancellations and other changes in plan.

In short, I needed an event planning option that would be able to accommodate the spontaneity that was my life. Hence, the Headout app.

My Favorite Features

The more I used the Headout platform to plan for seeing shows and museums, etc, the more I fell in love with it and some of its features. Here are some of the features I like best:

  • The wide range of options

Undoubtedly, one of the best options that Headout offers, is the wide range of entertainment options to consider. To say I was surprised at the variety of sites and places to enjoy right here in New York (outside of the major ‘touristy’ attractions like Times Square and Lady Liberty, of course) is an understatement.

There were lots of undiscovered gems, and all it took was Headout and a relatively free weekend  to be engrossed in beauty and adventure.

Those who use Headout will find that there are activities and places for people of all kinds of tastes, preferences, and where appropriate – needs. For example, while one individual may want to completely drop off the grid for a day (like going on a safari in Dubai), others would want something a bit more cosmopolitan. There are amazing options for all. It is just a matter of deciding what it is you do want.

Amazing Dubai Deals and Discounts

Check out all these deals on Broadway shows! Click the image to go right to the page!

If you go to the site (and let’s just say the New York events section since that’s the one I’m most familiar with), you can sign up to see one of a gajillion Broadway plays, one of many walking tours, take a Daytime Sailing Cruise (ON MY LIST!), go to museums – and not just the best known ones, although those are in there too, and even food tours.

For example, I hadn’t been to the American Museum of Natural History on Central Park West & 79th since I was a kid, but figured, why not? With Headout my ticket – which got me into everything – was only $22, so that saved me over $10 right there. And yes, the museum is STILL just as good as ever!

On my list is the Tenement Museum (on Orchard Street in Lower Manhattan), a few of the food tours, and maybe if I get my courage up, a helo ride. One of my friends just saw “Kinky Boots” (the Tony Award winning show where Cyndi Lauper wrote the music!) using the app. BTW: She HIGHLY recommends that show, so it’s also on my list.

  • Ease of use

Finding places to see and things to do was easy to do. For starters, all the top cities were listed right there on the front page of the Headout platform. Once you select your city – in my case New York – you were presented with an amazingly wide range of options (see above).

As tech-savvy as I am, I appreciated the user-friendliness of the Headout platform. Even the least tech-savvy among us would be able to successfully navigate the platform and find what it is they are looking for. Additionally, there is an easy search option that anyone can use to search for vacation options by place, activity, or any criterion.

  • Options at the drop of a hat

One of the most thrilling features of Headout was (is!) the ability to just use the platform to plan a ‘get up and go’ day trip (or evening event). As I explained earlier, this was a much-needed feature as my schedule was very unpredictable. Headout, in many ways, was like that friend that is available to go with you for drinks and listen to you vent when you have had a rough day, or week.

Even though when I first tried the app, I was going alone, there were other people around, and in some cases, you do get a tour guide (e.g. They just added a pub crawl called the NY Craft Cocktail Tour which sounds like a blast, and I’m planning on trying that. Oh, and the Greenwich Village Italian Food Tour. For sure!)

Anyway, speaking of friends, fun events planned with Headout need not be all about solo excursions (unless, of course, that is what you want). Instead, you can opt to “head on out” with the app – and of course with friends too!

And, just in case you’re wondering, yes, families with children can find lots of options too.

Oh – if any of you readers are going to be in Hong Kong, you should see some of the “Foodie” adventures! For example, I’ve always wanted to try my hand at cooking Chinese food, and there just so happens to be a Cantonese Cooking Class being offered!

And, if you happen to be planning on visiting Paris, maybe a dinner cruise on the Seine might be fun! You get the idea…

  • Benefits beyond the vacation

Of course, being able to explore and enjoy great new sites and places in and around my area was a gift in and of itself. Still, I could not help but appreciate the other benefits that using the Headout app would afford me. These benefits included a cash back for “heading out” on certain specially selected experiences. This cash back could be spent on future Headout adventures.

This was all I needed to know. I’m Sold! The cash back was a great incentive for me to select my adventures and experiences carefully. Cash backs ensured that the more I did experience, the more I could experience.

  • Courteous and available support

As a service-oriented person due to my own work, I know that more often than not, a service is only as good and useful as the customer service that comes with the skills. At the end of the day, lots of things can go wrong with planning a trip to a place you have never been. Be it the need to change dates, rework a schedule, or clarify information, it is important to have a reliable customer service system that you can call on in the event you are in need.

I have continually found the customer service that Headout offers to be both friendly and reliable. The members of their customer service team are courteous, knowledgeable, and always helpful. As you might imagine, their customer care services are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

  • Deals, steals, and financial security

Finally, I love the fact that the company offers lots of deals to those who plan or book experiences using their platform. As a woman and business owner with responsibilities, and not necessarily lots of cash to go around, I appreciate that the adventures and experiences offered up through these guys are affordable.

This is thanks to Headout having great relationships and partnerships with the brands and service providers that facilitate the activities of a Headout adventure.

In addition to getting me curated deals, and the best possible prices for my “adventures,” Headout also prides itself in the security of its platform to process financial transactions. This sort of quality assurance and safety is truly appreciated these days.

In any case, I can also rest assured that if something was to indeed go wrong, Headout’s customer service team would do everything to ensure that they right that wrong.

They cover great deals in a lot of major cities around the world besides my own beloved NYC, including Las Vegas, Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, Rome, Singapore, Madrid, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Florence, Hong Kong, Dubai, and the State of Hawaii. It wouldn’t surprise me to discover that they add more cities and events as time goes on.

For example, even though Florida doesn’t appear to be largely featured, there are definitely some events to be found!

Yeah, I know… you’re probably ready to contact them now…Today!

Seriously, I would highly recommend Headout to anyone wishing to add some adventure-filled and rich experiences to their lives for those moments when they need it the most. By simply heading to www.headout.com anyone can get started with finding and booking their next adventure. The front page is clearly laid out, is mobile friendly (I access the platform mostly from my cell), and easy to understand and use.

Best of all, members of the Headout team are available and willing and able to answer any questions that one may have.

I cannot stress enough just how thankful I am to have found this app! It came right one time when I needed to put some zing into my life. Maybe that little trip to the museum which brought me back to my childhood was what triggered my enthusiasm for the folks who run the company. LOL… Who knows for sure…

But, I will not only continue to use the app here in my own town, but when I’m supposed to be travelling to a conference in Las Vegas early next year. There are a LOT of cool things going on there that I’m interested in seeing, and with the Headout app, they’ve pretty much searched out all the types of stuff I’d want to do, so it will also save me a lot of time when I actually get out there.

You have nothing to lose by trying them – except the stress of the rat race, or banging your head against a wall trying to figure out something fun to do on the spur of the moment, or to recommend to visiting friends (which I’m also doing).

You do, however, have everything to gain thanks to the all the adventure and amazing experiences that await you. So, what are you waiting for? Anyway, thanks to MyFavDeals for letting me submit my experience!

(Editor’s note: We want to thank our friend Sophia for this Headout review! )

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