Hison Jet Surfboard: The New High-Speed Water Experience

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I live on the beach for half the year, and I’m guessing that this season I’ll be seeing the Hison Jet Surfboard more often! This is the coolest new water toy we’ve seen in a while! I see this all the time – men and women of all ages are drawn to the sea because they love to surf. They love the freedom they feel riding a wave or skimming the ocean’s surface, defying gravity and picking up speed.

Hison Jet Surfboard - Ultimate Model Powerjet skiIt’s a thrilling sport to watch and to take part in, but how does a person get that experience where the waves are not very high or the weather does not suit surfers? What if your only body of water is inland? Perhaps you just want to try that surfing feeling but you are prepared to manage it the motorized way. That’s where a jet surfboard can take you higher.

Watch the Videos

Images of surfers gliding over blue water do not do the jet surfboard justice. Call it a jet ski or jet surfboard – either way, jet surfing is an active, high-speed sport. Play the videos and feel wind whipping through your hair, catch sea spray in your mouth, and listen to the powerful roar of water matched by your motorized board. Finally, consumers can harness the power of a jet ski but stand up on it as if they were surfing, combining their love of speed with the feel of their favorite pastime in the water.

Here’s a fun video from when these were just released (this is from the 2013 model!) – yeah… that would be like me the first time I’d be on one of these. I don’t feel so bad now… (scroll below the video to continue reading)

Attractive Boards

The Hison Jet Surfboards are a fairly recent addition to motorized water sports since this is, after all, considered to be the early days for the jet surf industry, but it’s likely that designs will start to become artistic, whacky, and colorful. So far, red and black are favorite. The board looks somewhat like a regular surfboard but with one difference: manufacturers add a motor and a control stick. Regular surfboards have become a sort of canvas and the same phenomenon is likely to occur with these new water sport machines.

Control the Surf (uh… sort of! 🙂 )

This control stick is like an elongated stick shift on a car. It stands up at the front and you grip it tightly while using the other hand for balance. Foot braces keep you in place while you take corners and manage shallow waves that jiggle you like speed bumps. A 4-stroke engine gives you more than 30 knots and 25 horsepower (for the Ultimate Hison Jet Surfboard. If you go with their Extreme model, (330cc 2 stroke) it’s faster and more powerful – see the Extreme Hinson JET Powered Surfboard here – it’s currently priced at $11,179.99) Jet propelled kayak canoe wakeboard ). There’s no idling or dawdling on these boards. You’ll see from a variety of videos that if you aren’t moving right along, you are probably sitting on the board.

Buy the Board

This is not a sport for anyone who lacks cash: a few thousand dollars-worth. Save up, ask for money this Christmas, say no to little indulgences until small sums add up and you can buy yourself the Ultimate Hison jet surfboard for just over $6,000. The Hison Extreme is just under $11,500. Perhaps by winter there will be some used ones on sale for less than that, but right now that’s the going rate.

$6,380.00 –> The Ultimate JET Powered Surfboard Power Ski (HERE at Amazon)  (Includes Free Shipping)

$11,179.99 –> Extreme JET Powered Surfboard (HERE at Amazon) (Includes Free Shipping)

Buy the Experience

Another way to go is to purchase a jet surf experience. Tour guides will take you to a popular surfing location where you will use one of their jet surfboards for a period of time. Receive instruction before tackling waves surrounded by scenic views of some exotic country. There are many tour packages located in dozens of countries. Here’s one from Tinggly via Amazon.

Racing the Waves

Surfing has always been a competitive sport. Audiences turn up to watch their favorite surfers in places like Hawaii, Australia, and California where they perform sometimes dangerous feats with tremendous skill. They compete against each other and sometimes perform tricks on the waves. The jet surfboard allows riders to synchronize their machines and perform in ways that were much harder to achieve with a regular surfboard. Watch these boarders jump over or spin around obstacles with perfect control of their machine; couples who have trained together, transferring personal harmony to athletic unity. The sea is still a dangerous medium, so riders must always be aware of the risks they are taking with or without a motor keeping them upright.

Jet Surfing for Fitness

Putting an engine in something should take an element of fitness out of the sport, but there are still many benefits to taking up jet surfing. You still need to have balance to stand on the board as it will not always be moving along a flat surface and people fall off all the time. It will still be pushed around a little bit by the ocean’s power which is a beautiful feeling when you’re not in as much danger of being thrown off. As you take corners, the board will certainly tip onto its side a little or a lot depending on the extremity of that curve. Putting balance into action activates numerous muscles, particularly those around the core such as your back, buttock, and abdominal muscles. Arms get a workout controlling the joystick and your leg muscles are also active. Jet surfing is a total-body workout.

Compare Jets to Other Water Sports

In terms of speed and lightness in the water, two sports compare strongly. One is jet skiing. Your movement over the water’s surface is similar but without a seat between your legs and not as much power. Jet skis give a water user almost too much power they don’t have to work for. Riders are passive participants, whereas the Jet Surfboard requires active involvement and effort on the participant’s part.
Water boarding (water skiing on a board) requires similar movement but power is provided by an auxiliary source. You aren’t in charge of that, but if you have tried water boarding, that has prepared you for what motorized surfboarding feels like. Boarders still fall over and lose their balance. They have more control, however, when a boat is not involved.

Getting into the water is also simpler without a vessel to launch. Exhaust isn’t flying in your face. Noise is not as big a factor, messing up the enjoyment and disturbing viewers. The quiet of regular surfing is perhaps the one thing you will miss most, but jet surfing is not as noisy as firing up the engine of a speedboat.

Snow boarding is similar to surfing in a sense, so maybe one day there will be a winter-sport equivalent. Innovators would motorize a snow board, add a tall stick shift, and give boarders a chance to transfer the tropical surfing experience to the glaring surface of snow on the white mountain tops of European and Canadian ranges.

A Growing Business

Entrepreneurs: there’s a retail opportunity here for you. With a burgeoning sport there will always be special shoes and clothes for men and women; a marketing wave to ride.

$6,380.00 –> The Ultimate JET Powered Surfboard Power Ski (HERE at Amazon)  (Includes Free Shipping)

$11,179.99 –> Extreme JET Powered Surfboard (HERE at Amazon) (Includes Free Shipping)

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