A Look at Some of the Best Appliance Skins and Appliance Art!

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Looking to shop the best appliance skins? One of my favorites is actually called “Best Appliance Skins (HERE)” These guys are, to me, the originals!

But, I would be remiss if I didn’t give an honorable mention to “Appliance Art” – which also has a great bunch of designs and excellent deals in their Amazon Store here.

Best Appliance Skins – formerly known as “Fridge Fronts”

Also, as mentioned there is a truly extensive selection of magnetic appliance skins at BestApplianceSkins.com – which was formerly called “Fridge Fronts.”

Back in the day, people got these things for their refrigerators, but creativity has taken over! They aren’t JUST for refrigerators anymore. Appliance Art and Best Appliance Skins have these magnetic covers for dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers – and even the sides of the appliances.

Appliance Art also has the line of other creative coverings, such as “Instant Granite” for countertops and “Instant Stainless.” VERY cool!

Now, one thing that some folks ask about is “What if my appliance isn’t magnetic? Is there something that I could use to dress them up? Do you have covers for non magnetic appliances?”

The answer is YES! The companies offering the best appliance skins on the market will also offer a type of “wrap,” or “skin” – a peel and stick application – and something you can re-position too! This will NOT leave any yukky glue adhesive or any other type of residue when you take them off. Perfect solution, no matter what type of appliances you have!

Here is a sample of a “chalkboard” skin I tried, and show in this video: When I ever get a new house and dishwasher I’ll try another design!