Best Deal THUNDERSHIRT Coupon Code NOT needed! 12% off + FREE SHIPPING – CALMING ThunderShirt for Dog

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Crackle! BOOM! You’ve seen your favorite 4-legged little buddy cower during a thunderstorm… We found this 12% off deal on the ThunderShirt  – coupon code is not necessary! PLUS you will get Free Shipping! This is specifically on the famous calming ThunderShirt for Dog model – and we wanted to add it right away after a storm rolled through the other day and my neighbor said her dog was trying to get as close as possible to her. It breaks all of our hearts to think of our pets being afraid – but at least we can provide comfort and calming by way of the acclaimed ThunderShirt.

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METHOD: As we understand it, it works similarly to how a little baby might feel when swaddled and held close – the ThunderShirt wraps your pet in a very gentle vest – and the gentle and constant pressure is said to calm the pet – not just during a storm, but whenever there are loud noises or unexpected visitors – and it’s also been shown to be effective for helping decrease compulsive behaviors.

RESEARCH: One of the reasons we decided to highlight this here is because the ThunderShirt has been independently studied by Dr. Temple Grandin along with other scientists – and if you know anything about Dr. Temple Grandin and her story, you will understand that she has not only overcome the confines that can so strongly hold a person with Autism (she was diagnosed in 1949), but by sheer virtue of her amazing memories and abilities to describe the feelings of anxiety and fears that animals also feel, she has become a widely respected scientist and animal welfare advocate.

There is just so much to say about Dr. Grandin, to whom I seriously bow in gratitude for all she has done to enlighten us in so many ways, but for the purposes of this post, we really wanted to let you know that she knows her stuff, and if she noticed the difference between dogs with and without a ThunderShirt – which she did, as outlined in this 31-page study manuscript herethen that’s good enough for me. 🙂

AMAZING AMAZON! So, we searched around – even at the official ThunderShirt site, and it turns out that even THEY sell it for 12% off with free shipping HERE at AMAZON! And, the thing I like about the Amazon listing is that you can watch some of the demonstrations right there – although we’ll post one here below this paragraph to show you. Again, no ThunderShirt coupon code is necessary to save the 12% or get the free shipping. It’s just a nice, clean listing, with great, helpful reviews to assist you in making the right sizing choices. Aren’t Amazon reviews amazing? Anyway, check out ThunderShirt here, and hopefully your own beloved pet will feel much more comfortable and less anxiety. Here’s to our pets! Woof!



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