WHOLETONES to go No Longer on Amazon

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Michael Tyrrell’s Wholetones TO GO is no longer offered on Amazon. Perhaps you can find it on his original website at www.wholetones.com. For those who may not have heard, Michael Tyrrell passed away in November 2022.

I don’t know any of the details other than what I was able to find on the internet doing a search about him. He was an extraordinarily talented and gifted musician, and I still love his music. Hopefully his family will keep his site running.

There has been quite a lot of new meditative and “brainwave” products being created over the last several years, and I’m still learning about a bunch of them. Michael’s work was primarily involved with Solfeggio Frequencies. I’d say he was a pioneer in healing music.

I’m looking to find more of this type of product to add here. One thing that’s getting some chatter is this “Billionaire Brainwave” product. I have not personally tried it yet, but it looks interesting. You can check it out here. Unfortunately, I can’t say whether or not I recommend it the way I was able to with Michael’s Wholetones since I still love the music. But it’s worth investigating if you are interested in some newer personal development products on the market.




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