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Yup! It’s true – Free Shipping for over 8,000 Items at! And, the company has NOT put an expiry date on this offer! You know how heavy restaurant equipment can be, and KaTom has supplies and equipment for just about every culinary adventure you could imagine!

They have everything from the large equipment (commercial ice makers, commercial refrigeration and freezers, food display cases, ranges, ovens, steamers and broilers, commercial dishwashers, mixers, and literally just about everything you can imagine) to janitorial supplies to just about every commercial cooking and baking supply you need to tableware and serveware, restaurant tables and seating (even retro bar stools) and commercial bar supplies. - Restaurant, Foodservice, and Residential Kitchen Supplies!But wait, there’s more! They cater (get it? little pun?) to not only large commercial kitchens like you’ll see in hotels and restaurants, but also concession stands, convenience stores (those warmers for those early morning breakfast sandwiches come from somewhere – probably from!), ice cream parlors or carts, pizzerias, bakeries, food trucks (they have the compact and “rolling restaurant’s” needs covered! They even have resources to help you get started if this is your dream!), coffee shops, delis, and caterers.

They have a Home Chef section as well where you can find just about anything you’d need!

It occurred to me that you don’t even need a full-scale business to enjoy the variety at KaTom Restaurant Supply. For example, we often stay in seasonal rentals, and have thought about renting our own home out to vacationers. Wouldn’t it make sense to buy certain things by the dozen, to have replacement pieces when something breaks (which it will) or gets lost (which it will)? So, you could buy flatware by the dozen for a LOT less than even going to Wal-Mart.

The same goes for stuff like stemware – in one particular vacation home, we saw a number of margarita glasses, and I had this vision of  more than one of these getting broken on some Friday night at the rental. But, if you buy them by the dozen, and replace the odd broken one when it happens, it’s no big deal.

KaTom has an excellent blog as well with resources, advice (Want to know what beer to pair with that sausage? KaTom has your back!) They also have an excellent, entertaining YouTube channel – for example, want to know how to make boxty pancakes? You got it! (See the KaTom video below!)

Anyway, we were pretty psyched to learn about KaTom Restaurant Supply – many of us here at the site love cooking, and one of us has been a professional chef who knows a good thing when he sees it, so shop KaTom with confidence!

By the way, for the KaTom free shipping deal, no coupon code is needed. Now… on to the boxty pancake tutorial!


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