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I have been learning the “Ana B’ko’ack” prayer, also known as The Genesis Prayer, for about a month, after buying the book “The Genesis Prayer” written by mathematician Jeffrey Meiliken. People call it the “Ana B’ko’ack” prayer because those are the first 2 words of the prayer – and there is a lot of mathematics and symbolism attached to the sequence of words throughout the meditation.

I am personally feeling a sense of more peace, and have noticed some interesting, if subtle changes in my life in one short month. And this prayer is also a way to send good, healing, loving thoughts throughout our world. What if we all just prayed a little bit each day for more of that? I have been emotionally struggling with the idea that there is so much senseless violence and hatred in the world, and my own journey tells me that if there is a way to send even just a little more love, a little more sanity and blessing to my brothers and sisters here on this planet, then I need to put forward some of the ideas that I believe in. This small book is just one of the many spiritual books that are in my personal library, and that I use often. Check it out here: The Genesis Prayer

Don’t be concerned if you have zero experience with Kabbalistic prayers, Jewish culture, or the Hebrew / Aramaic language. You don’t need to. And, I’m no mathematician, but according to author Jeffrey Meiliken, no one needs to be – all the mathematics, patterns, and discussions about Pi and its meaning and necessity to our lives has already been done.

Which is a good thing for someone like me. Because I got a “D” in high school algebra, and all I know about math is that the mastery of it is not one of my gifts. But I’m loving the Genesis Prayer. I love the sound of the words, the lilt of them- and it feels good.

I’m also not Jewish by birth or upbringing, I know nothing of Kabbalistic prayers other than the Ana B’ko’ack, and do not subscribe to any specific religion other than those that embrace the power of our subconscious minds. But I am drawn to, and love this prayer.

One thing that has helped me with the pronunciation of the words is the video of the Ana B’ko’ach prayer put to music by the uber talented Ovadia Hamama. I share this video with you below – I listen to it nearly every day. If I’m going to have an ear-worm all day, what better one to have than a prayer? Especially one that encompasses unconditional love and joy for not only you, but all of us?

Yes, if you buy the book through my link, I’ll get a small Amazon commission. If that doesn’t resonate with you, please don’t feel you have to buy the book through my link. That’s totally cool. I’m just asking that you have a look at this ancient Kabbalistic prayer, and consider how our words can help spread good tidings for all. This is also the perfect gift for anyone into spirituality and self-help. Remember – our thoughts and words contain energy. The Ana Bekoach meditation is some good energy in my opinion.

Buy it – or, at least look at it –> The Genesis Prayer by Jeffrey Meiliken

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