NEW NEW! Varidesk WHITE – Your Choice: Varidesk Pro Plus 36″ AND 48″

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Oh My… VARIDESK just left the nicest comment about my VARIDESK Reviews at my YouTube channel! They also said that you can now choose VARIDESK White Pro Plus 36 inch OR VARIDESK White Pro Plus 48 inch! This is in addition to the original Black model for their line of standing workstations!

VARIDESK White Pro Plus 36 Best Varidesk price at Amazon

Click this photo to go directly to the VARIDESK White Pro Plus 36 listing at

This is very exciting for people who love the sleek elegance of white furnishings. And it does look awesome, as you can see from the Amazon listing I have here (I’m showing the VARIDESK White Pro Plus 36, which is currently their best selling model, and my personal favorite)!

Recent Product Enhancements:

Since I first bought my VARIDESK Single a few years ago, the company has made significant improvements to their product, and the latest versions now come with the attached keyboard and mouse deck if you choose the “Pro Plus” model or the other new product, the VARIDESK Cube Corner 48 (see our write-up and listing here).

While I still have no problems whatsoever with my original model (no keyboard deck, as you can see in my VARIDESK review video that I’ve included here, below), my next purchase will most likely be the VARIDESK Pro Plus 36, because I do like the idea of that keyboard/mouse deck (I really don’t need the extra foot of upper deck space to warrant the 48″ model – but I definitely know some people for whom that would be the best option).

Now, again, the idea of them adding the white color is a good one. It can really brighten the room, and offers an upbeat tone.

Keep in mind that there are NO VARIDESK coupon codes

I was in communication with the company some time ago over this, and while I wish that they DID offer special promos, at this time they just don’t. So, no matter where you buy it – whether at their site or at Amazon, as I am promoting here – you are paying the exact same price, with the exact same shipping (Note: They do not offer free shipping on Amazon either. Whether or not this is included if you have Amazon Prime is something I don’t know, because I don’t have Prime yet – but right now, as I investigated the listing, it does not appear to qualify for free shipping; however, you can check that out for yourself to be absolutely certain if you have that option).

Important Note about the Attached Keyboard and Mouse Deck:

As I mentioned above, the VARIDESK Pro Plus now comes with the Keyboard and Mouse deck. If you do NOT want this option, order the regular VARIDESK Pro 30 (for one monitor or a laptop), Pro 36 (what I currently have, and what you see in the video below), or the Pro 48 (for 2 monitors).

The reason I mention this is because with the new Pro Plus models – whether you choose the VARIDESK Black or VARIDESK White, the company emphasizes that you should NOT REMOVE the keyboard/mouse deck because the way it is attached is important to the structural integrity and serves as the counterbalance for the desk. You do NOT need to attach the VARIDESK to your current workstation or desk in any way. It literally comes out of the box, ready to work. 

Buy It At Amazon => Click Here to by the VARIDESK White Pro Plus 36

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