ONLY $9.97 To Learn How to Sew Relaxed Roman Shades

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If you want to learn how to sew relaxed Roman Shades – you know, those beautiful and soft drapey pleats that are so popular in both cottage and more formal windows – a gal by the name of Jenny T (she runs the website) put together an eBook and a number of step-by-step videos for you to follow. And because this is especially for her loyal subscribers, it’s only $9.97 for the whole thing!

Jenny says that it took about 3 months to write the ebook – and this is after more than 10+ years of testing her techniques with her loyal readers and asking crafters and folks like use what we want to see in a how-to guide.

Learn how to Sew Relaxed Roman Shades

Learn how to Sew Relaxed Roman Shades

She also says that she spent almost a full year to create the step by step videos that she includes to show you how to sew different styles of roman shades PLUS all the extra how-to videos that will demonstrate a number of special sewing techniques. The fact that she’s selling this for only $9.97 pretty much makes it a sure win!

This is something that, once you know how to do it, you could also do for other people to earn a little extra money with your sewing skills!


–> Click HERE to Learn How To Sew Relaxed Roman Shades <–

I particularly like the idea of Relaxed Roman Shades, because I don’t really like full curtains, and when I don’t need shades to be drawn, I prefer something that I can lift so more light can come in. And I have always liked a “swag” kind of look as well, and this type of shade really fits the bill!

If you’ve ever priced these, you know they are expensive, so for a mere $9.97 you can learn how to make them – and with Jenny guiding you (she has email support too), you will save a ton of money on this elegant look!

Take a look, and get ready to learn how to sew relaxed Roman Shades in the comfort of your own home! No coupon needed, and no crazy gimmicks – and not even a fancy website! It’s almost refreshing to not have someone screaming to buy buy buy! It’s just a nice how to guide from a down-to-earth gal who loves sewing and has something to teach you!

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