Varidesk Pro Plus 36 Review – GREAT Office Addition – FREE SHIPPING!

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First off, before we begin our review of the Varidesk Pro Plus 36, note that it is the EXACT same price EVERYWHERE – including HERE on Amazon (with Free Shipping). Note also something I have said before: Varidesk does NOT give coupon codes. They do this deliberately, and I’ve had this come directly from the company. I personally own the Pro Plus 30 that I purchased a few years ago (without an adjustable keyboard), before they had some of these newer models.


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Ok! Having gotten that out of the way, let us commence with the Pro Plus 36 review!

Let’s start with the workplace scenario: Employees who feel valued produce more for their employers and their work is of a higher quality. The boss can tell when his staff are happy; it comes across in the atmosphere and environment of an office. Managers who care for their staff look after them by helping them avoid pain or deal with pain when it hits, and not just by giving them time off for chiropractic adjustments. They look for solutions to office-based problems with posture and sitting for too long. The Varidesk is one such answer.

Varidesk Pro Plus 36

The office is a sedentary place; there’s no way to avoid that. Typing material, looking up data, and talking to customers don’t involve a lot of action. Doctors might recommend trying to stand at work, but to do this requires a desk that can accommodate a higher perspective. That’s where the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 comes in, raising the height of your work station without requiring the office to buy a whole new desk. Better yet, office workers can lower their equipment when it’s more comfortable to sit for a while.

Easy Adjustment

It won’t require any tools to handle the job. Anyone can do it, even people who don’t see themselves as physically strong or coordinated. The Pro Plus 36 adjusts using a spring-loaded mechanism which will not only safely raise your work surfaces but will do so with things still loaded onto them. One surface is higher than the other to hold your computer monitor; the lower one will hold your keyboard.

The Pro Plus 36 is the middle child of a series that includes a 30″ wide example and one that is 48 inches, plus a corner unit. The Pro Plus 36 is for moderate-sized desktops where you need to spread a little bit and might need space for both a monitor and a laptop or notebook. The keyboard level is carved out so you can lean right in to work and to see properly.

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