Varidesk Single Plus Standing Desk Has the Lifting Keyboard Tray!

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Hi Everyone! Did you know that the Varidesk Single Plus is the newest model of this popular standing work station, and now has a nice keyboard tray?

My personal model is the original Varidesk Single, like the one seen in the video below.

Did you also know that unless you buy 100 Varidesks, it is the same price everywhere?

So, you can stop your search for Varidesk coupon codes (because they do NOT have any – and that is verified directly from the company as you can see in this quote I got from the video below, where someone from the Varidesk company said:

“You are correct in that we do not have a coupon code through SkyMall (or any site). We pride ourselves on our already very low prices so we can offer an affordable option to stand to as many people as possible. Because the product is already priced as such, we do not offer discounts or coupons (except on orders of 100 VARIDESKs or more), but offer everyday low prices to everyone. We currently only sell through our site and through SkyMall and Amazon…).”

Now, something to keep in mind is that SkyMall, which the Varidesk spokesperson mentioned in the quote was one of their outlets, declared bankruptcy – which we talk about in our post here. (It has since been restarted by another group, but they no longer promote the Varidesk.) So, that leaves Amazon and the company itself selling the desk. So, our link will bring you right over to Amazon.

So, I promise you that if they ever DO come up with a discount or promotion, we’ll be all over it! 🙂

Take a look at the video that shows it in action here, and then head on over to Amazon here at this Varidesk link, and you can get this for only $325 plus shipping. I love it, and hopefully you will too!

PS: If you want a larger Varidesk, one that will fit a laptop AND your other computer screen, you can check that out HERE!

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