YES!! $79.97 for the POD X1 Jump Starter ($20 OFF!!!)

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Folks, we NEED to keep this POD X1 JUMP STARTER with us – and it’s only $79.97 (that’s $20 off!!!) at HERE – I show you some of the POD-X1 reviews below too…

This little but mighty powerhouse (400 Peak Amps)  is one of the smallest jumper cables on the market – and it comes with several adaptors. Handy for so many situations, it seems almost ridiculous to NOT have this on hand. Absolutely perfect gift idea for ANYONE you care about – and if you have teenagers or kids in college, you will want them to have this as well. It should (in my opinion) be in every car.

POD-X1 Powerbank Portable Car Jump Start Pack includes 2-Carry bags (1 for the actual POD-X1 & Jumper Cables, as well as another for Accessories), a 12V DC Car Charger Adapter that fits into the socket we always call the “cigarette lighter”, a 100-240VAC “Home-Wall” Charger Adapter, a USB to 3-way Accessory Adapter (Apple 30 Pin, Micro USB, Mini USB), and of course, the Jumper Cables themselves.

How many gadgets do you know of that will charge not only your smart phone, tablet or any USB device – but will also jumpstart your CAR! (of course, you can also be a good doobie and help someone else in need of a jumpstart or emergency charge) up to 20 times.

We are told that the POD-X1 Jump Starter can keep its charge for 6 months – so this will be a fun one to test!

OOOH! This just in!! Order MORE THAN 1 POD-X1 power on demand kit, and you’ll receive a FREE Emergency Paracord Survival Kit, which is a tiny, very compact kit that will fit into a pocket (or attach to your gear) and has over 9 feet of 550lb strength paracord, as well as the “10 essential survival items” found inside the bundle.

Get the POD-X1 Jump Starter Kit With Adaptors –>

WATCH it in action (And see the POD-X1 reviews in the screenshot below the video review):

Survival Frog POD-X1 Jump Starter Emergency Pack Reviews