BIG Savings on AWESOME Magnetic Appliance Covers!

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YES! Deals on magnetic Appliance Covers at both AND the Appliance Art storefront, both of which are home to some of the best appliance skins (Appliance Art also includes “Instant Granite” coverings for countertop refacing)! If Spring or Fall Cleaning, and freshening up the house is inspiring you to upgrade the look of your appliances, check out the HUGE savings on some of our favorite brands – “Best Appliance Skins” and “Appliance Art.”

the Appliance Art Amazon Home Page HERE! Just scroll down and you’re going to see up to 23% off some of these incredibly creative and inspired refrigerator magnets.

More than Refrigerator Wraps

They have sooooo much more than just fridge magnet covers though – You do NOT have to settle for that plain ol-same-ol! Same thing goes for washers and dryers! And dishwashers!

These things are so much fun, you just have to see them! And, they are always on sale – so you don’t need any coupon codes either.

Interesting Use for Magnetic Appliance Covers:

Think of a family that wants to sell their house, and feels like in order to show it better, they want to “dress up” the look of the kitchen just a little. Guess what? What initially appears to be a dreary and old-looking refrigerator, washer/dryer, or dishwasher at first will take on an entirely new look – and improve the entire look of the kitchen with nothing more than refrigerator wraps! You can use them on the SIDES of your appliances too! Something to think about!

So, take a look at the site, and enjoy choosing a design (or several) that suits your tastes and decor. Believe me… you will find it!

Check Them Out:


 Appliance Art on AMAZON!


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