CAKE STACKERS Acrylic CUPCAKE Stand! 5% off with code!


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Professionals and home cake decorators alike, you will love this one! Our very favorite tiered cake stacking system company, Cake Stackers, has done it again with a fabulous Acrylic, tiered cupcake stand that you can adjust! You have a choice of round or square tiered cupcake stand for the same price. Ans don’t forget to use the code to save 5% at HERE!

Cake Stackers Tiered Cupcake Stand - Acrylic Cupcake Stand - SAVE 5 percent with Coupon Code ACC525

Save 5% on this cool acrylic tiered cupcake stand with coupon code ACC525!

Also, as Cake Stackers mentions, you aren’t limited to using this for cakes or cupcakes since it is the PERFECT way to serve hors d’oeuvres or any other party food. Check it out and have fun!

Note: Cake Stackers is a recipient of the Seal of Approval for outstanding products and customer service. MyFavDeals Official Seal of Approval - Recommended Products and Services



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