LOVE!! OXO SoftWorks Salad Spinner (Amazon)

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I have been using my OXO SoftWorks Salad Spinners for YEARS and I love, love LOVE them. This particular listing links over to the LARGE spinner, but I have the Little Salad and Herb Spinner as well. In the video here, I show the both of them in action. ALSO, if you go to the video description I have just below the video of the OXO Salad Spinner review itself, you’ll see a bunch of links to other very cool products from the company.

LOVE my OXO SoftWorks salad spinners

LOVE my OXO SoftWorks salad spinners

My video is pretty much showing the OXO Salad Spinner small vs large – so you’ll get a good idea of the size differences. While these aren’t OFFICIAL measurements, here’s what I measured this morning:

With the lid in the closed, “locked” position, my Large spinner stands about 6 inches high.
The diameter of the large bowl is about 10”, and the diameter of the inner basket is about 9 3/4 inches
It also does a great job doubling as a salad bowl.

Get the LARGE Spinner –> OXO SoftWorks Model

The SMALL spinner (Little Salad and Herb Spinner) stands just under 5 inches high (with the lid on, in the closed/”locked” position).
The bowl itself on the small spinner is about 7 ½ inches in diameter, and the basket is about 7 ¼ inches in diameter.
I use the bowl itself for a bunch of things, other than just spinning veggies.

Get the SMALL Spinner –> OXO Little Salad and Herb Spinner

Now, here’s the video!

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