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As I have just discovered, if you are ordering ready-made and ready-to-heat healthy meals from the guys at Personal Chef to Go, you do NOT need to subscribe! I know this because I have just ordered (and paid for – I did NOT receive a free meal here) a Family Favorites plan for 1 week (that is, without subscribing). Yes, it IS a little bit more expensive since it’s not on the regular delivery plan, but I wanted to try it first.

So, for the 1-time order of the Family Favorites, it winds up costing $89.95, and then shipping. IF you order a standing by-the-week, the Family Favorites package is less: $79.95 per week. So, if you decide you like the service and the food, it’s a money saver to go on automatic delivery.

Note, though, that even the auto delivery options have workarounds to fit YOUR schedule. For example, you can purchase “just dinners” instead of “lunches and dinners,” etc. Again, check out the site for details.

For me, the shipping was $16.89 for FedEx ground home delivery (I’m guessing it may be higher if you live further away from the Virginia headquarters – I’m currently in Florida).

My meals should be delivered sometime on Saturday, February 13, 2016, and I’ve received an email with tracking information. Check my screenshot below to see what is in the package I ordered for the coming week! I’m really looking forward to this, because if this setup can save me some time and consternation, then that will leave me MORE time to write up more deals for YOU here at MyFavDeals! 🙂

Would you like to check out Personal Chef to Go? If so –>> CLICK HERE! (And, PS: As you may have guessed if you are a long-time reader here at, I’m probably going to make a Personal Chef to Go review – hopefully a Video Review! So stay tuned!) UPDATE: 2/28/16: I have TWO videos ready for you! Scroll down to watch them below! One is the “unboxing” video, and the other is the review!

(You can click the image to visit the site too!)

Personal Chef to Go - What I ordered - To be delivered 12-13-16


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