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NOW we’re talking! I just bought an EXCELLENT hormone balancing diet plan called Trouble Spot Nutrition by Bruce Krahn and his wife, nutritionist Janet Krahn. I’ll get right to it: It is available in download for only $20, and you can actually try it for $5 if you go to “click out” of the primary page – they’ll ask if you would like to try it for 14 days for $5, and after that they bill you the remaining $15.

I just went for it for the full $20*, because after I read through the page, it made 100% total sense, and I couldn’t wait to read it. (You can hear Bruce speak about this below in an interview I found)

I have heard of hormone balancing foods over the last few years when I personally began struggling with some weight issues that I had never before experienced. Then, I began using a few exercise programs based on just using my own bodyweight (see more here). In these bodyweight exercise plans, they all talk about the key role of hormones when it comes to weight loss.


Click This Image to Learn More about Trouble Spot Nutrition – an outstanding hormone balancing diet

So, anyway the exercises have been working really, really well. In over 15 years, I have never stayed with a program this way – and it’s obvious that the teachers are onto something: HORMONAL RESPONSE IS KEY. So, when I started hearing chatter about this cool hormone balancing diet plan called Trouble Spot Nutrition, I began to pay attention.

Here is where I had been confused in the past: I – along with millions of other people – have believed at face value that if you eat more calories than you burn, you’ll gain weight, and conversely, if I eat LESS calories than I burn, I’ll LOSE weight. Simple physics, right?


AHH! This is where Bruce and Janet Krahn clarify something that NO ONE ELSE HAD EXPLAINED TO ME. They brought clarity to one of the laws that Sir Isaac Newton had discovered, which is that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. (This is commonly called “Newton’s Third Law”)

Ponder that statement for just a moment – For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

swimming-78112_1280It means that every time there is any type of “action,” there is actually an “interaction” – a “push” or a “pull” (think of when you are swimming – the action you take is against the water – pushing the water). Then once this “interaction” has taken place there are a pair of forces working on it – one force, in our swimming example, is that the equal reaction is that as you push the water behind you, the water propels you forward with a force equal to the force you used to push the water. The opposite reaction is that while you are pushing the water backward, the water is acting in an opposite manner to push you forward.

I sure wish I had studied physics in my youth, because physics is VERY cool!

But anyway… So, what does this mean when it comes to life, or at least eating a hormone balancing diet? Well, as we’ve just seen, every single think that we do has a consequence – a response or a reaction! Every single thing. And that goes for what we eat. 

Let the following statement sink in for a moment:

If we eat a certain food, that action – that actual physical action of eating triggers a reaction, a hormonal response, as a result!

Yes, calories in versus calories out is important, but it’s important to look at the body’s reaction to those calories going in. Consuming certain foods leads to fat gain, not only if they are exceeding a healthy caloric intake, but also because they stimulate certain hormones that tell the body to store fat.

One example is the hormone cortisol, which, if present in high levels will lead to storage of “belly fat.”

Insulin is another hormone that, if present in excessive levels can lead to “belly fat” among other complications such as diabetes, as you know.

Certain foods cause hormone imbalance, and other foods help to keep them IN balance.

Bruce and Janet Krahn explain everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – in their book. You’ll learn their 3-phase plan, what to eat, what to avoid, and more importantly, WHY.

Trouble Spot Nutrition is the best $20 I’ve spent in a while.

Plain and simple. Stop the madness of crazy diets, and give this a try today

(PS: See a quick interview with Bruce Krahn, who explains more below!)

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*Note: I paid for this out of my own pocket, and was not given a review copy – so I just wanted you to know that. I honestly think this approach to eating can help a lot of people, and now I’m promoting it here through our link, and if you buy it – I thank you for your support!

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