FREE TRAINING Ray Edwards Copywriting eBook – The $2 Billion Sales Letter!

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I have loved writing – and studying writing – for most of my life. So, whenever someone comes to me with a cool copywriting tip or writing course, I take notice. One of the things that has stood out over and over with the best copywriters is that they engage their readers to the point where their readers feel like they are part of the story being told in the copy.

That’s kind of what happened to me as I was reading some free training from Ray Edwards, considered one of the world’s highest paid copywriting coaches. He found what has to be considered a “treasure map” in the form of an old sales letter that has been said to be responsible for well over $2 BILLION is sales through the years.

If you haven’t heard of Ray Edwards, perhaps you’ve heard of some of his clients – leaders and teachers like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Jeff Walker, Ken Davis, Stu McLaren, Frank Kern, and others.

So what Ray did was create this free ebook where he walks you through how to use the concept behind this sales letter to create a “treasure map” of your own.

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Like I said, I am always interested in seeing what others are teaching when it comes to copywriting. And, even this website and all our reviews and product posts are the result of my (and my teammates’) fingers flying across our computer keyboards to bring you our experiences and stories in the hope that they’ll help you with your own buying decisions.

In nearly every profession these days, the ability to write for your audience is a critical skill. Whether you are writing ad copy, a post on your website, grant proposals, or letters to your students’ parents, you are always trying to get certain points across. That’s where training from someone like Ray Edwards can really help.

When I saw this ebook from Ray Edwards, I thought it might be something that our readers here at might find interesting. In fact, because it’s totally free for you to look at, feel free to grab your own copy and take a look at it right here:

I hope you find it helpful!

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