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I’m writing this because I just put in an order for more than 8 logos and headers for a variety of projects, and asked a friend how much she thought it would cost. She rolled her eyes. Oh, probably at least a few hundred dollars!

When I told her that the entire project cost me $42 she was stunned. But, it’s true, thanks to a very cool place called “Fiverr.com,” where every single base “gig” (as they call each job) begins at a base price of $5. Yes, they have “add ons” (e.g. rush service for another $x-amount of dollars, etc).

I have used this service extensively for over 3 years, and have had some of the best experiences – whether it was getting someone to animate a logo, getting a quick jingle recorded, or getting basic graphics, such as a header or whatever… it’s wonderful!

So, this morning I was talking to my brother in law about this, because he was saying he didn’t like the header on his own website, and I said, “Why don’t you just get a Fiverr gig?” He had no idea what I was talking about, and so that is why I decided to post this here!

Check it out for just about any graphics or other type of small job you need! Even video! It’s so much fun to look through, that sometimes I want to just invent some project just so I can order something. 🙂 Okay… check it out for yourself, and save money!

Fiverr- High quality, on time, under budget

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