VARIDESK Pro Plus 48 AMAZON!!! BEST Standing Computer Desk Yet! (We LOVE This One!)

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Ok folks, we HAVE to show you the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 (Amazon offering here). This is my new favorite Varidesk standing desk – even though I still have my ol’ original!

If you are here, then you already know that people who work in an office job often suffer from pain in their back and neck. I’m one of them. A lot of us don’t have the luxury of changing our position. But you already know that a little change will often provide relief from discomfort and promote better circulation.

If you saw my original YouTube Varidesk Review video (here) about this topic, you already know about my health scare a couple years ago. Being able to choose between sitting or standing is definitely better, and the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 can help.

What is the Varidesk Pro Plus 48

Simply put, the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 is an adjustable height, “sitting/standing” computer desk that sits directly on top of an existing desk or table top. This model measures 4 feet in width and stands up to 17.5 inches in height. You have the choice: shorten or extend it to enable you to work either standing or sitting. It’s low-tech too: you don’t need tools. The Varidesk looks professional with its sturdy black (or white) coating; it will fit into any office environment stylishly or top your existing home desk with it.

How does the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 work?

  • Work from Two Tiers

Take the desk out of its box and place it on an existing desk. Activate the spring-loaded mechanism that lists 45 lbs in just 3 seconds to raise or lower its height. There are actually 11 positions available from this single desk which is always balanced, never at risk of tipping. A gap on either side is large enough to accommodate multiple cords as well. If you rely on technology in your job, this is a great accessory. There is space to spread out whether on the job or at home; in your professional life or to make doing your homework easier.

  • No Assembly Required

That spring-loading mechanism makes all the difference. No tools are required; no screws, nuts, or bolts. It arrives assembled in the box, flat-packed for convenience. You don’t need a moving van to get this piece of furniture home. This ingenious design makes allowances for multiple stations so you can set up more than one computer monitor at a time or use the platforms for other purposes. Because it’s easy to set up, anyone can do it; even someone unskilled with tools and no good at DIY.

Why Can’t I Find a Varidesk Coupon Code?

I understand… You want a Varidesk coupon code, and so did I when I first ordered mine. Unfortunately, the company has a policy where any time you see the Varidesk offered, it is the SAME PRICE – no matter where you buy it, including here on Amazon. They told me this directly, because I asked them – since, well, I love this thing and want to promote and sell it! But, you will not find one. Not unless somewhere down the line they change their policy. But, I’m ok with it because you know you are paying the same for it here on Amazon! And I certainly appreciate and thank you if you choose to purchase through my link. 🙂

What I like BEST about the Varidesk Pro Plus 48:

  • It’s so roomy! I’m a person who often has 2 computers going – my desktop (and the screen is on the top level of the Varidesk), and my laptop. This model has room for both!
  • I’ve said it before, but the fact that it literally comes out of the box and is ready to go is a huge plus. I consider myself a little handy, but seriously, the less effort to get my workstation set up, the better!
  • THIS model has the adjustable keyboard platform. It never bothered me to not have this option with my original Varidesk, but this is a no-brainer. My next one WILL have this feature.

It’s really just that simple folks! Click HERE or the Image to visit the Varidesk Pro Plus 48 Amazon page!

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