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IdealFit Review: IdealLean BCAAs, Protein Bars AND Oatmeal

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Hi everyone! In this IdealFit review, I’m taking a look at some of the products I ordered from the company: IdealLean BCAAs for women, the IdealLean Protein Bars, and the IdealLean Oatmeal. Note: I did use an IdealFit coupon code for the order to save a few dollars. Because we promote the brand, and its sister brands here on, we cannot order through our own links; however, we are allowed to use the coupon codes to help us save money – just like the promo codes we have here on the site!

IdealFit Ideal Lean BCAA Review – IdealFit Protein

Of course you can order through our links, and we do hope you will if you decide to try any of the products – in fact, here is a great link to check out some IdealFit Sample Packs: IdealFit Sample Bundles – Only $9.99 You’ll find IdealFit BCAA samples there too! (Thank you!)

Anyway, I initially spoke about WHY we were ordering these products in our review for the IdealShape brand (you can read that review here).

Then, in my initial video about the IdealFit brand, I review the ordering process, along with how to use the coupon codes. I’ve put that video here – and you can just continue scrolling past the video to jump right to the full IdealFit review.

IdealLean BCAAs Review – Branched-Chain Amino Acids for Women

Okay, let’s start with the IdealLean BCAAs for women. BCAA stands for “Branched-Chain Amino Acids,” and are basically a combination of 3 different amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine.

But, what are amino acids to begin with, and why are they important? Without getting into the chemical structure of amino acids (you can learn more here at this government site:, and here, amino acids are compounds that are considered to be “building blocks” in the human body, and they combine to make protein.

While each amino acid has a different function, the BCAAs in particular come in very handy for people who participate in strenuous workouts, because they help repair muscle tissue, relieve soreness, and help relieve fatigue after your workout.

A lot of people who go to the gym I’ve been working out at are really into BCAAs, and I decided to give them a try. The IdealLean BCAAs for Women are also supposed to help energy levels.

Contains Green Tea Extract

So, I decided to try them! One of the things I liked about the IdealLean BCAAs, is that the source of the caffeine in the blend is green tea extract. When I first took it, I noticed something very interesting. When I go to the gym, I typically don’t have tea or coffee in the morning, before I go. I like to just kind of go, maybe have my IdealShape meal replacement shake, if anything.

So, what I did is I sipped the BCAAs during my workout. After the workout, by the time I got home (it might have been 11:00 in the morning or so) I noticed something. I noticed that I didn’t have any headache! Seriously, usually when I go out in the morning and I have not had coffee or tea, by late morning I feel a little headache. I always just accept that it’s part of drinking caffeine every day and then going without!

But I didn’t have that with this and I realized it was probably because of the green tea. But, there was something else. I didn’t have any jitters either!

I know I’ve mentioned this before (in my Lumonol review here), that I am very prone to caffeine jitters by nature. So, that’s why I usually stop drinking coffee or tea after even just one cup – maybe 2, max, because if I drink too much of it, I just don’t feel real well. I didn’t experience anything like this at all with the IdealLean BCAAs. So, that’s something to keep in mind, especially if you are caffeine sensitive, this might work really well for you.

A Little on the Sweet Side

The other thing that I did notice is, if you mix this according to the directions, which is one scoop of the product, to eight ounces of water, I found it to be a little on the sweet side for my taste. So, what I’ve been doing is mixing the scoop into a full quart of water. Besides cutting the sweetness, it also lasts me my entire workout, and is more refreshing.

So, if you find that it’s too sweet, just go ahead and dilute it. A lot of people like sweet drinks, but I’m not terribly keen on overly sweet drinks myself.

I do like that they include coconut water powder (which has electrolytes, and helps rehydrate).

I’m going to continue using these during my heavier workout days and I also think on some really hot days when I’m doing yard work. The other day when I was mowing the lawn, I was out there for nearly an hour and a half straight and it was well over 90 degrees out. It’s also a push mower – that is, not self-propelled – so it was a pretty strenuous workout just doing that!

After I came in, I mixed up some of the BCAAs, and I just felt a little bit better. Of course, in hindsight, what I should have done (and what I’ll do next time), was to premix a quart of this, when I’m out there doing the lawn and especially on a hot day and have that to help support my “lawn work out!”

Best BCAAs for Women?

But, is IdealLean the best BCAAs for women? IdealFit seems to think so. And, because they add Tonalin CLA along with the Green Tea Extract with the idea that this could possibly help with weight loss, it would most likely appeal to women who are working on losing weight (me included!).

I didn’t see anything in the mix that would preclude men from using it.

IdealLean Protein Bars Review

The next thing on the list is the IdealLean Protein Bars! I ordered a box of the chocolate mint flavor bars. There are 180 calories in a bar, and I have to say that they continue to “hold” me very well! As I mentioned earlier, I have been using the IdealShape Meal Replacement Shake, which also tends to hold me well. Again, Martin and I spoke about the IdealShake earlier (here).

Protein Content vs Carbs

So, the bars have 180 calories and a total of 20 grams total carbs. 12 of those grams is fiber – so that’s really good! There is only one gram of sugar. There are six grams of sugar alcohol – so if I’m doing the math correctly, the net carb content on a bar is only 2 grams.

Also, the protein is a whey protein isolate, which was another real good plus about it since I’ve come to prefer whey protein isolate. I try to avoid any type of soy protein.

The only thing that I found about this IdealLean Protein Bar flavor was that the chocolate was not quite as “chocolatey” as I’d like. The mint flavor was fine. But, for my tastes, the chocolate flavor was a little light.

Now, if I could describe the texture, I’d have to say that it’s like a chewy brownie. There is no crunch or other textures in it at all like I have gotten used to with Quest bars. It’s more like a kind of a chewy, dense brownie.

I like the overall nutrition content of the bars, and again, they keep me feeling satisfied for quite a while – more than a few hours, actually. So, that’s really good!

IdealLean Oatmeal Review (with 20 grams of Protein)

I ordered the Peaches and Cream flavored Oatmeal and was pretty impressed! I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of another company other than IdealFit or IdealLean adding protein to oatmeal, but this really clicked with me. The fact that this little packet has 20 grams of protein is good for me because I KNOW that I tend to need protein. I can’t really touch any type of cereal.

And, I always liked oatmeal, but one of the reasons I stopped eating it as much is because I just felt like it was too high in carbs and not enough protein to kind of give me that full feeling that I need. People always say stuff like, “it sticks to your ribs,” but that has never been the case for me!

Whey Protein Concentrate and Milk Protein Concentrate

Now, the protein source in the oatmeal is whey protein concentrate – and not whey protein isolate which, as I mentioned, is my favorite source of protein powder. But it is whey protein concentrate, along with milk protein concentrate. I’m not sure why they didn’t just go with the isolate, but perhaps it’s a textural thing? Or, maybe they needed it to get a more creamy flavor since it is “peaches and cream.” Hard to tell.

When I saw that the sweetener was sucralose, I was a little concerned because that’s what they use for the BCAAs, and I was afraid it might be too sweet – after all, you can’t really dilute oatmeal with as much water as you can the BCAAs!

But, I needn’t have worried, because the oatmeal was NOT too sweet. I don’t know why. Maybe they just went a little lighter on the sucralose but the flavor was more of what I expected.

The texture of the mix coming out of the package appeared to be a little powdery, and I wondered how it might mix. But, once I added the water and let it sit a little, I found that the texture was exactly what I would expect with a bowl of oatmeal.

Like I said, it wasn’t too sweet either. The peach flavor was not too heavy either. I guess you can tell I’m not a real fan of like super sweet, super sweet stuff (unless it’s chocolate, then we’re good!).

No Sugar High or Crash for Me!

What I then wondered about was how my body would feel with what I felt was a high ratio of carbs to protein. The total carbs was 22 grams, with only five grams of that as fiber. Then, there are 9 grams of sugar in the mix.

I was hoping that the 20 grams of protein, would offset the carbs for me, and that I wouldn’t get a sugar rush or crash.

So, while I was doing the IdealFit review on video (you’ll see the whole thing below), I kept track of how I felt for about 45 minutes, and then again after a couple of hours.

I’m happy to say that I did not have any jitters. Nor did I feel hungry after even 2 hours. My heart rate felt normal too.

So, I have to say, at least for me that the total of 9 grams of sugar may have been offset a little bit by the protein content. I don’t know for sure but I can say that I did not have any adverse effects. How it will feel for you, personally, I don’t know. But, so far, this is kind of a win-win as far as I’m concerned because I get to enjoy a breakfast oatmeal again and have the added benefit of the protein.

Well, that pretty much wraps up my IdealFit and IdealLean review!

They also have an IdealLean Protein Powder – which I’d be willing to bet is similar to the IdealShape Meal Replacement Shake that I really like.

If I wind up buying any kind of different products from them like one of the supplements, I’ll do another review for that!

Don’t Forget the IdealFit Coupon Codes and Specials!

If you are planning on trying IdealFit products, we hope you’ll consider checkout out our IdealFit Coupon Code section here: The company lets us know when they are having new specials, and when they do, we post them in that section of the site!

Thanks so much for reading!

IdealShape Review of The IdealShake Meal Replacement Shake

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While this is an IdealShape review, it actually started as something different a few weeks ago when Martin & I decided to get on the meal replacement shake bandwagon in general. There are a few reasons for this – and each of our reasons are a little different. Which is good, because it makes for a much more fun review when everyone involved has at least some different motivations! 🙂 I’ll get to that in a moment.

Introduction (about our product reviews)

This is the bundle I bought.

You’ve probably seen some of our other reviews here on… some were the result of companies asking us to review their products (which is always fun!), but others are because we’re just intrigued by a product and decide to buy it for ourselves and then talk about it here in the pages of our site.

In the case of our deciding to do an IdealShape review, we actually purchased our products, and neither asked for, nor were we offered, any “free” stuff to try in exchange for a review.

We actively promote the IdealShape product line, along with their sister brands, IdealFit (which includes the IdealLean products), and IdealRaw (We’ll have more on these other two brands soon!).

What Made us Buy IdealShape?

As it turns out, Martin is way into boxing these days. And, I am personally way into CrossFit these days (my picture may not reflect it, but in truth I’ve made TONS of progress in 7 months of a 3 times per week workout – as of this writing!)

Click this image to learn all about whey protein!

When you begin hanging around people who are actively pursuing strenuous sports, you begin to hear about stuff like meal replacement shakes, protein shakes, Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs – more on that later), protein bars, etc…

In Martin’s case, his own schedule is unbelievably busy, and he is keenly aware that he needs to keep his own fuel levels high. He also is very careful about what he eats, and he’s calorie conscious (although he does not need to lose weight).

He had mentioned to me that meal replacement shakes seemed like a perfect addition to his diet, and he was thinking about trying it.

In my case, I have noticed that I tend to neglect breakfast, and I go to the gym for a workout about mid-morning – but hadn’t been fueling myself in the way that my fellow gym mates were (they are into whey isolate protein).

I was finding myself a little tired and hungry, and grabbing just about anything that caught my eye (in other words, not necessarily a lean and mean meal!).

So, one day just over a month or so ago when I was loading up some IdealShape coupon codes and looking at their website, there was something that caught my eye: “IdealShake” which is the name of the IdealShape Meal Replacement Shake.

(Note: Some people refer to it as “Ideal Shake” and “Ideal Shape,” but the company shows the words combined, to make up the brand name of the product.)

I couldn’t help but like this company.

I saw that there were 11 grams of protein in a single scoop of their chocolate IdealShake blend. Another thing I noticed was the whey protein isolate in the blend – along with whey protein concentrate. I was EXCITED that there was NO soy protein! Every single person at my gym, including the people who look like what I want to look like (LOL) says they avoid soy protein.

Also, I had been hearing quite a bit about how much better whey was than soy. (In fact, here is an article about whey protein)

Then, on the website, when I first went to the meal replacement page, I was struck – and pretty moved – by the video at the top of the page that made me suddenly feel not-so-bad about myself (I’m putting that video right here – scroll down past the video to continue with our review).

There’s a line they keep repeating in the background about how “we are beautiful,” and it briefly shows some real people who have been using the product. But more importantly, the folks in the video talk about how the company itself seems to truly care about people.

Furthermore, the website is VERY informative with a great blog, excellent FAQ page, and even more products than I can try in one round!

And so I showed Martin.

He liked what he saw too! We both decided, “why not? Let’s give it a try!” I purchased the chocolate, and he purchased the vanilla. And we both liked it. So, let’s continue on to our review!

Our IdealShape Meal Replacement Review

Kath: I ordered a bundle – 2 tubs of the chocolate, which came with an eBook and also a shaker bottle – which may not seem like a big deal, but I wanted to be able to grab this and go without needing to drag out my VitaMix or my mini smoothie blender. My bundle – after applying any discounts and coupon codes – came to just $64.93, including shipping.

(Note to reader: See the video below this article to see how I walked through the entire ordering process.)

Martin: I just ordered a tub of the vanilla since I may want to try some other brands too. My order was only $41.98.

Kath: I think I ordered mine on a Friday, and had it by the next Wednesday. You?

Martin: I ordered it on Tuesday, May 30, 2017, and had it by Monday, June 5th. I wanted to try it right away because I’ve really been wanting to explore the whole meal replacement shake idea. I liked it a lot!

Kath: I opened – and of course I filmed it as soon as I got it!

Martin: Ha ha! Of course you did!

Kath: Hey, I like doing “unboxing videos!” I’ll get it onto our YouTube channel soon… So what did you like best?

A Good Taste

Martin: The first thing that hit me was it’s a good vanilla flavor. And it’s sweet enough to satisfy my sugar cravings even though the whole serving has only 1 gram of sugar – and that’s really good when it comes to this! You?

Kath: I thought it was sweet – definitely a great chocolate flavor. At first I thought the sugar content would be higher because it’s sweeter than I’m used to since I typically like dark chocolate (which isn’t as sweet). But, I added a little more liquid – for me, water or unsweetened Sobe Coconut Milk. Perfect!

I also liked the texture – it really was very “milk shakey” in the thickness.

Martin: I wasn’t hungry afterwards for a long while. It was over 3 hours until I was hungry again, so it definitely lived up to the 3 hour claim.

(Note for our readers: Martin is talking about where IdealShape says it can help curb hunger cravings for 3 hours)

Kath: I can speak to that a little bit as well since I had been wanting to chow down after my workouts. So, I decided to drink my shake BEFORE my workout, shortly after my morning lemon-water drink (I’ve been drinking a glass of freshly squeezed lemon in water for 20 years every morning… yeah…fanatical.). I did this for a while BEFORE attempting to add one of the company’s other products (I ordered BCAAs, and more – but I will address that in a totally separate review).

Honestly? I have to tell you Martin, when I got back from the gym, I really just wasn’t hungry. By lunchtime I was, but I wasn’t having any hunger pangs at all.

IdealShape is Affordable!

Martin: That’s cool! And also it’s really great that you’ve kept up with your workout. One thing I want to mention is that the IdealShake is pretty affordable – they’re spot on with that.

Seriously, some of this stuff can get pretty pricey, but I’m psyched that they’ve kept their price point at a place where the average person can buy it and afford it. Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind our readers that there are IdealShape coupon codes here on our own site!

The only thing I wish I had gotten was the shaker bottle, because I used just a regular blender bottle and I had a few little “chunks” of powder in the drink, and it needed a little extra mixing. Not a big deal obviously, but I think most people would prefer a smoother shake.

Kath: I am really glad I got the shaker bottle! I almost didn’t because I thought – maybe like you – “what’s the big deal? It’s a bottle…” But, as it turns out, it works really well!

Yeah, it’s a “shaker bottle,” so no huge deal in and of itself, but it has this little “mesh” type of insert at the top, and when you shake the powder in with the liquid, it totally mixes it! Really well! Not a single clump! (See the picture of the shaker bottle to the right)

The IdealPlan eBook PDF

One other thing I got was the “IdealPlan” eBook PDF which is a 12 week nutrition guide by trainer and nutritionist Lindsey Mathews and David Meine – who just so happens to the CEO and Co-Founder at IdealShape. You can certainly buy the book separately (here); however, I believe it’s a better deal, money-wise, if you get it as part of an IdealShape bundle.

Martin: I didn’t get that download. What impressed you about it?

Kath: Well, for one thing, when I noticed that the actual CEO and Co-Founder of the company itself was involved with writing the book, that was a huge PLUS for me. I love seeing the people who are behind the products put themselves out there. I can’t explain it, but it’s almost as though I get this feeling that he really DOES care about his customers.

Martin: That’s a good point, and I agree.

Kath: David Meine also has a background in motivational speaking, and you KNOW how much I love that! He has also written other diet and weight loss books. So anyway, the eBook itself is 203 pages long, and as I started scrolling through it, I was pretty impressed with how easy it looks to follow their plan.

Of course, as you might imagine, using the IdealShape products themselves is a part of the plan, which includes the IdealShake, IdealBar, and IdealBoost. The only thing I don’t personally have right now is IdealBoost – but I can still easily follow a good part of what they recommend with what I’ve got. Actually, I have been.

Martin: Anything in there you didn’t know about before?

IdealShake Includes Slendesta Potato Protein Extract

Kath: A few things – like the way their ingredient, “Slendesta,” which is made from some type of protein extract from the skin of white potatoes is a big part of what helps curb those hunger pangs. I’m not 100% sure how it works, but as you and I both know from our experience with the Slendesta shakes, it obviously does something.

Another thing that I felt the book helped explain pretty well was why a certain balance of carbs, protein, and fats is important in keeping energy levels and hormonal levels steady. I always knew that it’s important to include all those in the diet, but not exactly why. So, the authors do a good job of keeping the information fairly simple to understand so that my eyes don’t glaze over.

The most exciting thing – for me, anyway, about the IdealPlan is how SIMPLE they make the plan itself. They give you the entire list of what you need to buy and have on hand since everything is itemized in the food lists.

Something No One Else Does?

Also, they do something I haven’t seen before, which is to separate the plan by how much you currently weigh. In other words, there is a plan for women who weigh:

  • under 140 pounds,
  • between 140 and 190 pounds
  • over 190 pounds.

They also have 2 sections for MEN:

  • one for guys under 250 pounds, and
  • one for guys over 250.

They have some nice looking Ideal Shape dinner recipes in the book as well. The recipes aren’t “contrived” looking, either. They are meals that I would – and actually, WILL be eating.

Money Back Guarantee

The one other thing I like is that IdealShape has a full 30-day 100% risk-free money back guarantee.

That pretty much sums it up! And, it may be coincidence, or just a combination of my increased activity levels coupled with a couple of weeks using the IdealShape meal replacement shake, but I have dropped another pound or two over the last couple of weeks. Not as much as I’d like, yet, but the scale is moving in the right direction!

Martin: That’s awesome, Kath! Keep it up! I’m feeling pretty good about where I am weight-wise, but I’m glad to hear that they put in some sections for guys in the book!

Where to Buy IdealShape

Well, dear reader, that was where Martin and I left the conversation – and I do think we covered everything that we had set out to do when it comes to the IdealShape review. We both do like the product, and I, for one, will purchase it again.

So, where can you buy IdealShape products? We have seen two places – the official IdealShape website, and on Amazon.

While I shop a LOT on Amazon (which you may notice if you read any of my Amazon posts 🙂 ), I prefer to purchase my IdealShape stuff on their website. Why, you may ask? Because they typically have good IdealShape promo codes that I can use at the official site, but which will NOT apply to purchases made on Amazon.

But, because we respect everyone’s right to buy their products where they choose, here are a few links for you! (Yes, they are our links, and if you do decide to make a purchase through any of them, we may receive a commission for referring the sale. If you do use our links, you have our heartfelt thanks for your support of our efforts here on the site!)

IdealShape Promo Codes: To see all the current IdealShape coupon codes here at MyFavDeals, click HERE

Official Website: To go directly to the website, and see some of the exclusive deals that IdealShape has offered especially for our readers, try these:

Official IdealShape Site: IdealShape Home Page

Amazon: To shop the official IdealShape storefront on Amazon, click HERE.

Thank you for reading about our experience, and please visit us again soon!