Lost Empire Herbs Review – I Love Love LOVE Them!

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Lost Empire Herbs Review

Wow! THIS is a fabulous store! As a paying customer, I feel a Lost Empire Herbs review is in order. Firstly, their website, LostEmpireHerbs.com has some really difficult to find, very high quality and powerful herbs and educational resources. The store was founded and is managed by three brothers, Zane, Cloud, and Logan Christopher.These guys are very hands-on, and talk with honesty and integrity. These are guys after my own heart.  Once you visit LostEmpireHerbs.com and get to know the background of these guys, I think you’ll fall in love with them as much as we have.

How I Got Interested in Herbs

On a personal note, I (Kathy, the lead female on the MyFavDeals.org team) and my husband have a deep and abiding respect and interest in medicinal mushrooms (primarily chaga and red-banded polypores), and we harvest them as well – so when we noticed that LostEmpireHerbs.com also loves them – well, that was pretty much the icing on the cake.

They have stuff that I have literally just been hearing about in different alternative health journals and some of it sounds pretty exciting. They are one of the most respected folks when it comes to where to buy Pine Pollen (evidently one of their most popular signature items!). 

Then, I noticed they have a lot of the medicinal mushrooms like chaga, lion’s mane (we know it as bear claw up north, and we have it growing on our property – we actually just had some!), Cordycep mushrooms, and reishi.

Until Lost Empire Herbs came into my view, I had never heard of ant extract, ashwagandha, bacopa, or Maral Root. They have hormone testing kits, books and other educational and informational resources, Shilajit Powder and Resin (which I recently began taking), female and male hormonal support formulas and just so much more.

I started with Lost Empire Herbs Athena Woman’s Formula

My love affair with Lost Empire Herbs began upon ordering their Athena Woman’s Formula. “Way back” in 2017 I started to look at some herbs that would help support hormonal changes. After searching online for some potential solutions, I happened upon the Lost Empire Herbs products.

Lost Empire Herbs Athena Woman's Formula
Athena Woman’s Formula

Now, while I could purchase any and all of the various herbs and minerals separately, I kind of liked the idea of the Athena powder formulation. I wound up created one of my earliest “review videos” and put it up on YouTube.

I’m putting this old Lost Empire Herbs review video right below this post, so you can get a look at some of what I personally found to be most impressive about the company. 

I have more stuff I can review on film, and as time allows, I will add additional review videos.

Different Products We’ve Tried from Lost Empire Herbs

Lost Empire Herbs Ashwagandha Tincture
This is the Ashwagandha Tincture we use

Since I started using the Athena Woman’s Formula, I’ve branched out into additional products from Lost Empire Herbs.

For a while, my husband was quite ill, and to help support his treatments (which were very successful), we added stuff like Pine Pollen, and then the Phoenix Formula since it included a number of helpful ingredients (including the Pine Pollen). Actually, we both were taking the Phoenix Formula for a while at that point.

Lately, we’ve been taking Shilajit as I mentioned above (we have the resin), Schisandra berry (I LOVE the taste of Lost Empire Herbs’ Schisandra berry powder!) and Ashwagandha.

I bought additional Schisandra (or Schizandra, depending on how you spell it) berry powder even though it’s already in the Athena formula, because I like the taste so much! I know…that’s probably not really the best reason to buy something! haha!

Also lately, I’ve started to look at the Gynostemma Tea, which I’ll write about soon.

Lost Empire Herbs Coupon Code

Well, after we were using the products for a while, and then began promoting them, we asked about offering readers a Lost Empire Herbs coupon code. The company has been very good to us, as well as to our readers! They agreed to offer an exclusive savings! We have added all promos with our special promo code at this section of the website: Lost Empire Herbs coupon codes can be seen here!

I have a feeling that you are going to hear a lot about this store, and the brothers behind the brand. Their impeccable attention to detail and research is second to none, in my opinion. And, also in my opinion, they certainly deserve your consideration if you are looking for high quality herbal products and supplements. Thank you so much for reading!

To get to know the brothers and their outstanding website, start here: https://lostempireherbs.com

IdealFit Review: IdealLean BCAAs, Protein Bars AND Oatmeal

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Hi everyone! In this IdealFit review, I’m taking a look at some of the products I ordered from the company: IdealLean BCAAs for women, the IdealLean Protein Bars, and the IdealLean Oatmeal. Note: I did use an IdealFit coupon code for the order to save a few dollars. Because we promote the brand, and its sister brands here on MyFavDeals.org, we cannot order through our own links; however, we are allowed to use the coupon codes to help us save money – just like the promo codes we have here on the site!

IdealFit Ideal Lean BCAA Review – IdealFit Protein

Of course you can order through our links, and we do hope you will if you decide to try any of the products – in fact, here is a great link to check out some IdealFit Sample Packs: IdealFit Sample Bundles – Only $9.99 You’ll find IdealFit BCAA samples there too! (Thank you!)

Anyway, I initially spoke about WHY we were ordering these products in our review for the IdealShape brand (you can read that review here).

Then, in my initial video about the IdealFit brand, I review the ordering process, along with how to use the coupon codes. I’ve put that video here – and you can just continue scrolling past the video to jump right to the full IdealFit review.

IdealLean BCAAs Review – Branched-Chain Amino Acids for Women

Okay, let’s start with the IdealLean BCAAs for women. BCAA stands for “Branched-Chain Amino Acids,” and are basically a combination of 3 different amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine.

But, what are amino acids to begin with, and why are they important? Without getting into the chemical structure of amino acids (you can learn more here at this government site: https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/002222.htm, and here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amino_acid), amino acids are compounds that are considered to be “building blocks” in the human body, and they combine to make protein.

While each amino acid has a different function, the BCAAs in particular come in very handy for people who participate in strenuous workouts, because they help repair muscle tissue, relieve soreness, and help relieve fatigue after your workout.

A lot of people who go to the gym I’ve been working out at are really into BCAAs, and I decided to give them a try. The IdealLean BCAAs for Women are also supposed to help energy levels.

Contains Green Tea Extract

So, I decided to try them! One of the things I liked about the IdealLean BCAAs, is that the source of the caffeine in the blend is green tea extract. When I first took it, I noticed something very interesting. When I go to the gym, I typically don’t have tea or coffee in the morning, before I go. I like to just kind of go, maybe have my IdealShape meal replacement shake, if anything.

So, what I did is I sipped the BCAAs during my workout. After the workout, by the time I got home (it might have been 11:00 in the morning or so) I noticed something. I noticed that I didn’t have any headache! Seriously, usually when I go out in the morning and I have not had coffee or tea, by late morning I feel a little headache. I always just accept that it’s part of drinking caffeine every day and then going without!

But I didn’t have that with this and I realized it was probably because of the green tea. But, there was something else. I didn’t have any jitters either!

I know I’ve mentioned this before (in my Lumonol review here), that I am very prone to caffeine jitters by nature. So, that’s why I usually stop drinking coffee or tea after even just one cup – maybe 2, max, because if I drink too much of it, I just don’t feel real well. I didn’t experience anything like this at all with the IdealLean BCAAs. So, that’s something to keep in mind, especially if you are caffeine sensitive, this might work really well for you.

A Little on the Sweet Side

The other thing that I did notice is, if you mix this according to the directions, which is one scoop of the product, to eight ounces of water, I found it to be a little on the sweet side for my taste. So, what I’ve been doing is mixing the scoop into a full quart of water. Besides cutting the sweetness, it also lasts me my entire workout, and is more refreshing.

So, if you find that it’s too sweet, just go ahead and dilute it. A lot of people like sweet drinks, but I’m not terribly keen on overly sweet drinks myself.

I do like that they include coconut water powder (which has electrolytes, and helps rehydrate).

I’m going to continue using these during my heavier workout days and I also think on some really hot days when I’m doing yard work. The other day when I was mowing the lawn, I was out there for nearly an hour and a half straight and it was well over 90 degrees out. It’s also a push mower – that is, not self-propelled – so it was a pretty strenuous workout just doing that!

After I came in, I mixed up some of the BCAAs, and I just felt a little bit better. Of course, in hindsight, what I should have done (and what I’ll do next time), was to premix a quart of this, when I’m out there doing the lawn and especially on a hot day and have that to help support my “lawn work out!”

Best BCAAs for Women?

But, is IdealLean the best BCAAs for women? IdealFit seems to think so. And, because they add Tonalin CLA along with the Green Tea Extract with the idea that this could possibly help with weight loss, it would most likely appeal to women who are working on losing weight (me included!).

I didn’t see anything in the mix that would preclude men from using it.

IdealLean Protein Bars Review

The next thing on the list is the IdealLean Protein Bars! I ordered a box of the chocolate mint flavor bars. There are 180 calories in a bar, and I have to say that they continue to “hold” me very well! As I mentioned earlier, I have been using the IdealShape Meal Replacement Shake, which also tends to hold me well. Again, Martin and I spoke about the IdealShake earlier (here).

Protein Content vs Carbs

So, the bars have 180 calories and a total of 20 grams total carbs. 12 of those grams is fiber – so that’s really good! There is only one gram of sugar. There are six grams of sugar alcohol – so if I’m doing the math correctly, the net carb content on a bar is only 2 grams.

Also, the protein is a whey protein isolate, which was another real good plus about it since I’ve come to prefer whey protein isolate. I try to avoid any type of soy protein.

The only thing that I found about this IdealLean Protein Bar flavor was that the chocolate was not quite as “chocolatey” as I’d like. The mint flavor was fine. But, for my tastes, the chocolate flavor was a little light.

Now, if I could describe the texture, I’d have to say that it’s like a chewy brownie. There is no crunch or other textures in it at all like I have gotten used to with Quest bars. It’s more like a kind of a chewy, dense brownie.

I like the overall nutrition content of the bars, and again, they keep me feeling satisfied for quite a while – more than a few hours, actually. So, that’s really good!

IdealLean Oatmeal Review (with 20 grams of Protein)

I ordered the Peaches and Cream flavored Oatmeal and was pretty impressed! I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of another company other than IdealFit or IdealLean adding protein to oatmeal, but this really clicked with me. The fact that this little packet has 20 grams of protein is good for me because I KNOW that I tend to need protein. I can’t really touch any type of cereal.

And, I always liked oatmeal, but one of the reasons I stopped eating it as much is because I just felt like it was too high in carbs and not enough protein to kind of give me that full feeling that I need. People always say stuff like, “it sticks to your ribs,” but that has never been the case for me!

Whey Protein Concentrate and Milk Protein Concentrate

Now, the protein source in the oatmeal is whey protein concentrate – and not whey protein isolate which, as I mentioned, is my favorite source of protein powder. But it is whey protein concentrate, along with milk protein concentrate. I’m not sure why they didn’t just go with the isolate, but perhaps it’s a textural thing? Or, maybe they needed it to get a more creamy flavor since it is “peaches and cream.” Hard to tell.

When I saw that the sweetener was sucralose, I was a little concerned because that’s what they use for the BCAAs, and I was afraid it might be too sweet – after all, you can’t really dilute oatmeal with as much water as you can the BCAAs!

But, I needn’t have worried, because the oatmeal was NOT too sweet. I don’t know why. Maybe they just went a little lighter on the sucralose but the flavor was more of what I expected.

The texture of the mix coming out of the package appeared to be a little powdery, and I wondered how it might mix. But, once I added the water and let it sit a little, I found that the texture was exactly what I would expect with a bowl of oatmeal.

Like I said, it wasn’t too sweet either. The peach flavor was not too heavy either. I guess you can tell I’m not a real fan of like super sweet, super sweet stuff (unless it’s chocolate, then we’re good!).

No Sugar High or Crash for Me!

What I then wondered about was how my body would feel with what I felt was a high ratio of carbs to protein. The total carbs was 22 grams, with only five grams of that as fiber. Then, there are 9 grams of sugar in the mix.

I was hoping that the 20 grams of protein, would offset the carbs for me, and that I wouldn’t get a sugar rush or crash.

So, while I was doing the IdealFit review on video (you’ll see the whole thing below), I kept track of how I felt for about 45 minutes, and then again after a couple of hours.

I’m happy to say that I did not have any jitters. Nor did I feel hungry after even 2 hours. My heart rate felt normal too.

So, I have to say, at least for me that the total of 9 grams of sugar may have been offset a little bit by the protein content. I don’t know for sure but I can say that I did not have any adverse effects. How it will feel for you, personally, I don’t know. But, so far, this is kind of a win-win as far as I’m concerned because I get to enjoy a breakfast oatmeal again and have the added benefit of the protein.

Well, that pretty much wraps up my IdealFit and IdealLean review!

They also have an IdealLean Protein Powder – which I’d be willing to bet is similar to the IdealShape Meal Replacement Shake that I really like.

If I wind up buying any kind of different products from them like one of the supplements, I’ll do another review for that!

Don’t Forget the IdealFit Coupon Codes and Specials!

If you are planning on trying IdealFit products, we hope you’ll consider checkout out our IdealFit Coupon Code section here: https://myfavdeals.org/store/idealfit-coupon-codes/ The company lets us know when they are having new specials, and when they do, we post them in that section of the site!

Thanks so much for reading!

A Close Look at Nootromins – High Quality Nootropics

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Nootromins is a nootropics company that was established by a team of individuals in San Francisco. Their main agenda is to boost human brain and physical abilities by developing supplements designed to facilitate better development of the brain and body*. A look at some of the ingredients in Nootromins may help determine if it is going to be the right supplement for you.

The Ingredients in Nootromins

  • Alpha-GPC: This is a potent natural choline compound that has been clinically tested to ascertain its benefits. It is known to improve attention, cognition and memory.
  • Bacopa Monnierri: This is a neuroprotective herb with properties that can help in enhancing memory, cognitive abilities and the speed with which the human brain processes information.
  • Rhodiola Rosea: This powerful herb has been used in various research studies with most results showing that when used correctly it can improve mood, manage fatigue and speed up mental processes.
  • Glucuronolactone: This is basically a metabolite that is developed from glucose and has properties that help enhance physical and mental performance. It is also said to boost alertness in human beings.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine is best known as the substance extracted from coffee. Caffeine is known to enhance cognitive function, improve alertness and increase energy levels in the human body.
  • Inosital: This is a compound quite similar to vitamins and is known to manage anxiety while improving cell signalling and brain concentration.
  • L-theanine: L-theanine is an amino acid that is said to have the ability to reduce stress and anxiety. It is supposed to boost human focus.

The benefits of taking Nootromins

To understand information while studying or listening to a teacher you must have proper concentration. Nootromins has properties that are supposed to actually enhance the part of the brain that deals with signalling of important neurotransmitters. This ultimately impacts on how well you focus and process the information that is provided.

Overall mental performance can be the determining factor in how productive you are at work or in school. These supplements are engineered to enhance oxygen uptake and glucose metabolism both of which directly affect your mental energy, creativity and processing speed.

Better blood flow?

The supplement is supposed to help facilitate better blood flow while supplying the body with vital micro-nutrients that improve neuronal signalling. The result is that you have enhanced coordination and muscle responsiveness. This particular effect can be helpful to individuals that engage in all sorts of sporting activities that may require faster reflexes.

Anyone that is experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety can hardly come up with solutions to complex matters. Stress hinders your ability to perform physically and mentally.

Nootromins supplements are designed to stimulate key brain receptors and as a result they reduce stress and anxiety levels making it possible for you to have a clearer mind when focusing on the issues at hand.

Just like any other organ in the human body the brain must be protected and kept in good health. These supplements contain ingredients that provide tissue nourishment. They encourage cell regeneration and plasticity which is key to protecting the brain from mental decline and degeneration. It is worth noting that the supplements are also known to boost energy and stamina making it possible for you to sustain peak performance over prolonged periods of time.

More about the supplement & Nootromins’ reputation

All ingredients used in making the supplements have been tested in various clinical and scientific studies which have shown that they are safe when introduced to the body.

The products are available legally meaning they have been taken through all the processes required by government before approval is done.

A casual read through user testimonials shows that a majority of people are impressed by the results achieved after taking the supplements.

Side Effects?

There are no reports of people experiencing negative side effects after using the supplements. However, a few people claim that they have not noticed any significant improvement in the way they perform both physically and mentally.

These supplements are available in three different packages with the first meant to last for 10 days, the second 20 days and the third can sustain you for 30 days. The packages cost different amounts allowing just about anyone to find something affordable. They also offer a referral program where you can earn a $10 credit for a future purchase if someone you refer decides to buy.

*Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. According to the company, Nootromins.com, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Finally!! An IN DEPTH Lumonol Review: Our Lumonol Nootropic Experience!

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If you’re looking for a REAL user’s Lumonol review, from someone who has truly tried this brain enhancement supplement, you’ve found it. While we may also answer a few general questions you might have (like we had at first), we’re not going to go into the obvious stuff that you can get directly from their website, www.lumonol.com, since that would merely be restating what has been written probably a hundred times.

If you read our introduction to how we were going to prepare a Lumonol review (here), or our general post about nootropics (here), you already know the basics.

So, let’s get to it!

It’s been a few weeks since I began using Lumonol, and I’ve been keeping some notes on my experience!

Table of Contents

My Initial Questions about Lumonol

For the most part, my primary questions were as follows, along with some we figure others might be asking as well:

Are there any REAL Lumonol reviews (versus just regurgitated stuff?)

I didn’t find too many, which is why we wanted to buy it and try it ourselves. And when it comes to brain enhancement supplement reviews to begin with, it seems like most of them are just re-phrasing stuff you can already find at the websites or webmd.com and similar sites.

We did find a couple that appeared that the people did actually try it. So, the answer is yeah, there are a few. Ours is one of them. And ours goes into a bit different type of detail that we hope you’ll find helpful. Back to Top

What are Lumonol’s side effects?

We talk about our own experience below, and this is also discussed at the company’s official website; however, in researching the various ingredients, we saw that in some cases someone might experience jitters or irregular heartbeat (my primary concern).

Because of the powerhouse of various nootropic stacks in these types of brain supplements and formulas, I had some initial questions about potential side effects since the supplements do contain Guarana, which is a natural source of caffeine, and I have been sensitive to caffeine in the past.

In general I tend to limit how much coffee or tea that I consume. If you have any health issues that might be of concern, you’d want to do some due diligence on each of the ingredients before you commit. The company has crystal clear images of the ingredients, along with explainations of how they work. Of course, you can check each ingredient against other sites like Wikipedia or LiveStrong that explain what different ingredients are supposed to do as well. Back to Top

What are Lumonol’s benefits?

According to the company, while they are not allowed to make specific claims, their customers report that they are noticing being more focused, more highly motivated, more calm in general, and less anxious. This is similar to what I personally noticed (which we discuss at length below):

They have a page of testimonials from customers, and a lot of them feel the same way I do. Back to Top

Why aren’t there any Free Trials?

Lumonol Smart Drink and Capsules from my Lumonol Review at MyFavDeals.orgWe discovered that this was not a “one-off” type of dosage, where you take the pill and all of a sudden you’re able to focus like an Einstein. Free trials wouldn’t work because in order for you to get the full effect they’d pretty much have to give away an entire bottle since you need to take it for more than a day or two. BUT, they have a number of discounted offers that bring the price down considerably. Back to Top

Are there any Lumonol coupon codes?

We haven’t seen too many; however, we are affiliates, and if the company was going to offer one – say, as a special promotion – we would be notified, and then we would put out a special post about it, which you would find HERE.

They do offer discounts when you buy more than one bottle, and those savings can be just as effective as a promo code. Back to Top

Is Lumonol sold on Amazon or just their website?

At the time of this writing, we have NOT found it on Amazon.com. Thus far we have only seen Lumonol offered at its official site HERE, at least as far as being able to buy it online is concerned. It’s possible they have it listed for sale elsewhere, but right now this is where we’ve seen it. Back to Top

Disclaimers and Clarifications

I know that some people educated as medical doctors and researchers might say that supplements of any kind aren’t proven. I’m not the type of person to only listen to naysayers. While I respect educated opinions, I also feel it’s important for me to keep an open mind. I’ve always been like this. And, I’ve always been one to personally seek out alternatives to prescription drugs when possible – again, this is my personal choice, and I’m not advising anyone to do as I do.

Also, because most supplement companies can’t actually make any specific claims – you always see the disclaimer required by the FDA at the sites saying something like: “The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”– I wanted to study the subject matter a little bit more before buying it.

So, because of my own personal bent, whenever I see certain members of the medical or scientific community categorically dismiss something, I tend to look a little deeper.

Nonetheless, if I find a lot of articles or opinion that clearly and continually say that there are bad side effects noted with certain supplements, I’ll pretty much steer clear of them. There are plenty of supplements I won’t touch! Back to To

Fortunately, Lumonol passed the muster for me.

I found very little, if anything at all, for me to be concerned about in my personal situation. And, even when it comes to the Guarana, the source of caffeine in the supplement –  there didn’t seem to be an overabundance of that anyway.

I actually wound up looking up just about every ingredient in the blend, just to be sure I felt ok about taking something I’d never tried before.

Like I said, my biggest concern was the Guarana, however, the entire “energy blend” is calculated at 430 mg per dose, and that includes the Guarana, Asian Ginseng, and the Hordenine HCL.

Why Was I Even DOING This?

Put it this way – I had to try something to help my focus and ability to concentrate. I absolutely love my work here at MyFavDeals, and there are so many amazing products to write about, so many videos to create, and so many deals to find and post. You should see my list of projects (and dreams) for this site!

So, because I was finding myself getting distracted merely by virtue of working online (researching one thing can send me down a rabbit hole a mile long, and I get lost in the twists and turns and can find it difficult to remain focused on the topic at hand) – well… that’s what got me going on trying a brain supplement to begin with. And, I liked how many things one formulation might be able to address… You can check it out for yourself hereBack to Top

Some of the things I was particularly interested in addressing include:

  • a general lack of energy in the afternoon (even if I don’t eat grains or sugar)
  • my tendencies to get off-track when researching a topic
  • a seeming inability to “get started” due to feelings of overwhelm
  • “flitting” from thing to thing, jumping from one topic to another before completing a task

So, do I sound like someone who probably should have been diagnosed with some type of ADHD when I was a kid?

The thing is, I did NOT want to get on some type of prescription drug. And that was pretty much what made me begin looking for some potential solutions.

And, because of my business (which of course is reviewing and promoting various products), a number of nootropic supplements naturally come to my attention. When I saw information on Lumonol cross my desk, I became intrigued because it seemed to address more than one of my areas of concern. Back to Top

There are a few other nootropics that also look promising, especially for mental clarity and focus, and we promote them here as well. But for now, I really wanted to give Lumonol a try.

By the way…Yes, I DO eat Veggies!

Just in case one of my readers is involved in the health or nutrition field, I really do eat a lot of freshies and I exercise regularly these days, so I do take additional steps to improve my brain health.

I have also considerably increased my water intake (actually keeping track of how much water I’m drinking), and dramatically cut back on consuming foods containing wheat, grains, and soy (except right now as I type because I’m typing this Lumonol review during the Christmas holiday season and I confess to giving in to temptation of all the treats in front of me every day this week). Back to Top

OK… Enough preliminaries…

Let’s get on with our “official” Lumonol nootropics review!

I asked Martin, my partner here at MyFavDeals.org what he thought too – and I’ll share his thoughts as well since he decided to try it too.

At this point, I’d like to offer up what Martin and I talked about, which more or less falls into the following categories:

Hopefully our discussion may help you if you are considering buying Lumonol for yourself!

Initial Ordering Process: Our Initial Impressions

Kath: Personally, I felt that the website was very easy to navigate, and when looking at which product or bundle options were available, I was able to quickly decide what I wanted to try, and why.

The layout of the “nootropic stacks” as they are often called, it was a simple task to look – almost at a glance – to see which effects I was primarily interested in.

It took me almost no time to decide that a mix of the Lumonol Smart Drink and Capsules was going to be what I might find best for my situation. I like the mix of both!

Martin: Oh yeah, the site was definitely easy to use. I’ve taken my share of brain supplements, and so I’ve seen a bunch of nootropics websites.

One thing I want to point out is that I like how they stick to the product itself; in other words, it’s all about the supplement, and they don’t veer into swag or clothing. So, I could make the decision fast. Oh, and I chose just the tablets.

Only one ordering glitch…

Kath: I think the ONLY criticism I have with the ordering process in general was that when I was browsing, one of those “chat windows” popped up, with the text told me that if I used the coupon code “Agent8” and if I clicked a link in the box, I’d get a free bottle of their Luna nootropic sleep aid.

So, I figured what the heck, right? But it didn’t work for me, and I tried it twice. No big deal since I don’t have trouble sleeping anyway, but that’s one thing that was confusing.

In the end, I just ordered my capsules and the Lumonol Smart Drink, and the ordering process was easy.

Martin: Haha! I must not have been on the site as long as you because I didn’t get that window! No biggie. I had no problem with ordering.

Another Plus: They Take PayPal

One thing I want to point out that I think is a plus for them is that they take PayPal. Not everyone does, and I like paying for stuff with PayPal.

Kath: Yup! Me too! I have a copy of the receipt, so I can show readers what the order looks like here…

Martin: I want to also add that I had my order within just a couple of days.

Kath: Same here. No issues whatsoever. And that was 2 of us with 2 completely separate orders. Back to Top

Lumonol Side Effects

Kath: Martin, I was concerned about jitters, but didn’t have ANY. Actually, I’m pleased to report that I haven’t had ANY negative issues since taking it! And I am quite sensitive to caffeine as I mentioned earlier.

Of course I’ve been careful about how many tablets or “scoops” of the Lumonol Smart Drink that I have, and I’m also cognizant of how close together I take these doses.

Martin: Yeah, I think that it’s smart to move slowly if you weren’t sure about the caffeine. Personally I didn’t notice any jitters or caffeine overload at all. I do drink my share of coffee, but this didn’t put me over any edge or anything.

Guarana: Natural Caffeine Source

Kath: I’m still gonna go easy on dosage, because I did read that the caffeine in Guarana COULD cause irregular heartbeat, but so far so good. Again, it’s just something that I’ve noticed in the past when I’ve had too much coffee or tea.

Martin: If anything, and I don’t actually know if I’d call this a side effect, but I would have to say I can stick on a particular topic a little longer. Maybe like a “calm” feeling. Hmm. Maybe that should go under “Lumonol benefits” or something…

Kath: Yeah, I felt the same way. Ok… I guess we’ll move on to the next category then!

Changes or Noticeable Differences

Kath: One thing I noticed was that I have been recalling “little” things – like, I’ll tell John I’m going to do something small, like look something up for him later on, and later on, I’ve actually remembered to do it without being reminded.

And, Martin, you mentioned something like a more “calm” feeling. That’s a good way of saying it. It’s almost a change in the manner of my thought process.

Sometimes, my mind races, especially since I’m trying to write about so many different things. And I’m thinking about a dozen different projects at once.

And, I’ve mentioned this to you before, where I cannot seem to sit still. Like, I’ll have a review to write, or a bunch of new coupon codes to list, and I just can’t seem to concentrate for a more than a few minutes at a time.

Frankly, we have so much work to do on this site that I don’t have the luxury of adult ADD or whatever the heck it is that stops me from concentrating and focus.

But, in the weeks since I’ve been taking the Lumonol – and I have been pretty much taking one capsule, and ½ scoop of the Smart Drink – I’ll be darned if I haven’t noticed an increase in my productivity.

The Company Includes a Detailed Instruction Guide

Martin: Haha! That’s awesome! You know though, remember that their downloaded PDF with the usage guidelines emphasizes “cycling” – taking it for 5 days, then NOT taking it for the next 2. Or, they also say that if you take it for 3 months to take a month off.

And they also say that the benefits don’t seem to be permanent. So to me it would make sense to try the 5 days on – 2 days off cycle to see how that works. It’s only been a few weeks, so it’s a little soon to tell for sure.

Kath: I’m glad you mentioned that PDF guide! I had  been taking a tablet at lunch, and then ½ scoop of the Lumonol Smart Drink a little later. Like, within an hour or so. No afternoon slump either. Of course, eating well helps with that as well!

But, I’m wondering now if I should have it a little earlier. I’ll experiment with that.

One more thing I want to mention quickly is that Lumonol has a VERY good blog on the site. It’s chock-full of informational and educational posts and articles. Check out their Blog HERE.

Not an Instant Fix – Give it Time

Martin: Also, we need to remind readers that it takes a while to kick in. In my personal experience Lumonol doesn’t kick in instantly – but I honestly didn’t expect it too.

Kath: I actually felt “something” pretty quickly – but, no, not instantly though. I would have to say that even though it’s only been a few weeks, I can say that I HAVE been more productive.

Martin: He he… that’s good for the site!

Kath: Very funny! But it’s true! And, like I was mentioning, that kind of “calm” feeling, and ability to just concentrate on the task at hand. Even doing some of the other part-time work I have, I’ve noticed that I’m doing some of those tasks a little faster but with the same level of quality. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s almost like I’m not constantly going back over something I just did to be sure I did it correctly. It’s like I KNOW I did it correctly, I remember what I did, and I don’t need to double back to make double sure. Back to Top

Additional Thoughts or Comments

Finally, everyone wants to know:

Is Lumonol worth the money?

Kath: So what do you think? Worth it?

Martin: Oh, I think so because time is money. To use your own example, when we spend less time revisiting stuff or removing distractions, then obviously we get more done.

Kath: Yeah, I look at the way we’re supposed to cycle the dosages. In my case, I bought the bottle of 60 Lumonol caps, and the Smart Drink which will EASILY last 2 months. Actually, it might last even a little more. So in my case I paid about $117 for a one-time purchase of both the capsules and Smart Drink. Even if it lasted me only 2 months, that would be $1.95 and probably less per day.

Also, it depends on any Lumonol coupon codes of course, which might bring that to even less. Also, if you buy more than a one shot deal, you spend less.

A buck-ninety-five per day well spent when we’re looking at a day’s work! Back to Top


We feel that given the price and how long a bottle might last – especially if you were to buy more than a one months’ supply, Lumonol appears to be a well-balanced formula, and worth the cost.

Something for All Age Groups

We did like the fact that there was a formulation for more than one segment of the population. For example, I did appreciate that they have the “Lumonol Wisdom” formula that targets a more senior population.

One thing we scarcely mentioned was the “Lumonol Prep” formula that has been created for the youth age group from 8-years old to teenagers. And because neither of us have kids around we couldn’t try it out on anyone in our own families.

Nonetheless, I appreciate that the Lumonol Prep does NOT have caffeine, and that is a good thing (in my opinion).

Finally, I totally appreciate the powdered Lumonol Smart Drink, which made it very easy for me adjust my own dosages. I believe that this is an excellent addition to their product options.

Thanks for tuning in to our Lumonol review everyone. Back to Top

Ready to Try Lumonol for Yourself? Great! CLICK HERE!

Lumonol Review – Part 1 – Why I’m Buying this Nootropic: An Introduction

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Comments Off on Lumonol Review – Part 1 – Why I’m Buying this Nootropic: An Introduction

Before I dive into a full Lumonol review, I want to give readers here at MyFavDeals a bit of background – not only about my particular reasons for buying and trying the product, but also about WHY we bought it (instead of requesting a free sample or discount).

So, first of all, we want to say right up front that we paid for the products, and we did not ask for, nor were we given any special discounts. We just wanted to get that out of the way – and in fact, you can see our payment receipts. Martin’s is to the right, and mine is down and to the left…lumonol-purchase-receipt-martin

Now, of course because we are in the business of marketing products and services, we definitely do sometimes receive discounts or free trials of a product from a vendor – but that is not the norm for us.

And this is one of those times where we purchased the product at full price.

There is a reason we do a lot of our reviews this way…

And that reason is so that we can give our truest impressions without feeling any type of stress to simply gush about how wonderful a product is. There are enough reviews out there like that already, and so want to report to our readers some of the type of feedback that can only really be a result of an actual purchase – from the moment we visit the website to the moment we complete our experience with the product or service.

So, we will each be receiving our supplements in a few days, and we will each use it for about a month. Then we’ll put together the full review.

During that month, we will be sharing notes and anything that we discover along the way!

Let’s have a quick look at one of the reasons why we are so intrigued about Lumonol to begin with.

I would have to say that Martin pretty much started it, because he has ordered a number of “brain supplements” in the past, and he’s the one who brought Lumonol to my attention to begin with. It has a good reputation, and its “nootropic stack” appeared to us to be fairly well “itemized” if that makes sense.

For example, there are three primary components to the supplement:

  • 1 for energy,
  • 1 for focus (a HUGE issue for me personally),
  • and 1 for memory.

lumonol-purchase-receipt-kathyMartin was sure that the standard Lumonol blend would be good for him, so that’s what he ordered. I went back and forth between whether or not to order the “Wisdom” blend, designed for people 60 and over. I’m 57 at the time of this writing, so I thought that Lumonol Wisdom might be a good choice.

However, after I compared both, I, too decided on the standard product.

I did add the Lumonol Smart Drink powder to my order (it mixes in water) – so that I could split my doses and adjust how much I’m taking a little more easily.

What I mean is that let’s say I take one capsule in the morning, and then want to take the second dose a little later, if I want to take say the equivalent of only half a tablet, I can do that by using less than a full scoop of the powder. Hopefully that makes sense!

And, the reason for this is that Lumonol contains Guarana, which is part of the energy stack, and is a natural form of caffeine. I’m going to carefully watch how I feel with a supplement that has caffeine. I’m not a heavy coffee or tea drinker, so this is going to be something I am carefully going to note.

Another thing I want to point out is something called Neurogenesis.

If you haven’t heard about this – where our brains are able to grow new neurons, you may find this TED Talk by Neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret quite interesting. Ms. Thuret explains some of the factors affecting our brains.

Because I have made the assumption that you are at this article because you are interested in brain health, this is something that you may wish to view. The video is only 11 minutes long, but is chock full of very usable information. I’ve tucked the video down the page, just below this article.

I will be back with our impressions and a discussion about what differences – if any – I can detect after using Lumonol for a while.

Please check back soon! Our Lumonol Review is now Live!

Read: Our In-Depth Lumonol Review HERE: Our Lumonol Nootropic Experience

(In the meantime, if Lumonol ever offers coupon codes or deals, we’ll post them in THIS section here.