Livionex Dental Gel is Now LIVFRESH!

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LIVFRESH Dental Gel by Livionex - LIVFRESH Review

Hi all! I wanted to be sure I got a fully updated post for you about Livionex Dental Gel, which has now been renamed “LIVFRESH” to reflect a number of upgrades. Some of these upgrades include a better container (which less waste) and also a slightly different consistency (a little thicker).


Also there is a wintergreen flavor (in addition to the original peppermint). As of this writing (August 2019), I still have 1 tube left of my LIVFREE – the color-free version (in the pump), but I’ll be reordering the newly rebranded LIVFRESH Mild Peppermint (the option WITHOUT any colorant) after I work my way through what’s left in my cabinet.

I prefer not to have food coloring in anything I put in my body – so I have been grateful to the folks at Livionex (still seems to be the company name) for giving us that option.

I have now officially been using Livionex (LIVFRESH – LIVFREE – however you want to call it!) for over 4 years if you can believe that! I rarely stick with one brand of toothpaste for that long, but why argue with success? My teeth aren’t perfect of course, but they certainly don’t have any plaque buildup either.

This is what the new formula looks like (you can click here to see it on Amazon or click the image to go to the product page):

LIVFRESH Dental Gel by Livionex - LIVFRESH Review

Our Older Livionex Review

(Note – this was my original post from 2015! THAT’s how long I’ve been using Livionex – I need to get used to calling it “LIVFRESH”) Intrigued by the recent news and reviews about Livionex Dental Gel, the team here at decided to order some to give it a try. In fact, I just received the email that it’s on its way!

I should probably back up just a moment here. As you know, we love to provide solid information about products here in our articles and product reviews, whether we are promoting the actual product or not. But, isn’t it even better if we find something to promote that we are excited about personally?

Why I’m Obsessed about Dental Health

Well, fortunately, because there are a number of us on the team, there are a LOT of things we are personally interested in and that we get excited about. For me, dental care is one of them. I am very fortunate that over 30 years ago, I was encouraged to begin using dental floss by someone who had experienced quite a bit of pain and discomfort due to ignorance about tooth and gum care.

Now, readers may roll their eyes a bit and say, “Well, duh, we KNOW about flossing and dental hygiene.” I would ask all of you how often you actually DO floss. I can tell you this: I have missed only one (yes, 1) day of flossing my teeth since a day in June, 1983, when I witnessed my dad go through a lot of periodontal procedures to save his teeth. He was about 55 years old at the time – younger than I currently am now as I write. He simply asked me to start flossing my teeth regularly so that I wouldn’t go through the pain he was experiencing.

I took his words to heart. As the years went by, I also began to learn more about dental care, and began exploring additional ways to take care of my teeth.

Dental Folk Remedies: Oil Pulling

That is why, in other articles here at, you’ll see discussions about anything from the folk remedy of Oil Pulling to an Eco Dent Tooth Powder review – if it is something I’ve tried or enjoy myself, I do like to write about it.

For example, I do engage in Oil Pulling every week or so because I like the way my mouth feels afterwards, and whether the American Dental Association believes it is helpful or not doesn’t matter to me because I personally like the way it feels (and just for the record, I use coconut oil). And also, I despise the use of fluoride in toothpastes and water – something the ADA approves of, but I personally do not.*

So, as far as I am concerned, while they are certainly a terrific group, like any other professional association, they don’t speak for everyone.

Some Livionex Studies

Nonetheless, it would appear that dentists are getting pretty excited about the potential for Livionex. Some of the reports and studies I’ve seen are encouraging. See these sources for discussion about the product’s ability to significantly reduce plaque and tartar buildup:

So, back to Livionex Dental Gel. When one of my teammates drew my attention to this yesterday, I rushed over to the website to learn more. Even though I have paid very special care and attention to my teeth over the last 30+ years, I still have some receding gums that make for sensitive areas where the bottom of my teeth are more exposed. I also have some areas of my enamel that show some light pitting. I’ve never had many cavities – maybe 3 or 4 in my whole life – so when ever I see something that doesn’t look right, I want to see if I can find a way to help it.

Livionex Video

The folks at Livionex, based in Los Gatos, CA and led by CEO Amit Goswamy, believe that their product is going to radically change the way we take care of our teeth through the ability to keep the plaque from settling in on our teeth to begin with. Rather than try to explain it all here, you can check out this short interview between Mark Hartley of RDH Magazine and Mr. Goswamy here (my post continues below the video):

So, while it’s far too soon for me to give it any reviews or feedback, the potential for an improvement in my own oral health seems like something I want to investigate further.

I’ll tell you right now – I have never spent so much for a tube of “toothpaste.” Delivered, it cost about $22 for less than 2 ounces. Yes, already it sounds expensive. And no, I 1) did not ask for any “review samples” or anything else, and 2) I’m not being compensated for trying this. If I think it’s worthwhile after I try it, you can be sure that you’ll see my recommendation for it.

But it’s too soon to tell. It’s only March 29, 2015, and I haven’t received my order yet. Here is what I will do for now:

  • I will use Livionex Dental Gel as they direct – just a “pea sized” blip on the toothbrush, and brush for 2 minutes, twice a day. Their website says that this should last about a month.
  • I’m going to ask my husband to try it as well, because he has tooth issues of his own. I cannot promise he’ll stick to using it the way I will, but I’ll report on his experience the best I can.
  • I will give you an update on my own experience, and what, if any changes I notice in my teeth and how they feel.

So, for now, I’ll sign off and come back to report with a Livionex Dental Gel review soon!

*Note: Other members of the team here at the website may or may not share my views on fluoride; however, we all are encouraged to express our own opinions on the products we review and write about. Thank you.

Grasshopper VoIP Review

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Have you heard of Grasshopper VoIP (also known as the Grasshopper virtual phone system)? If not, let us introduce you to this pretty cool company which offers some of the best small business phone systems out there! As a small business owner or entrepreneur you are obviously going to face a lot of challenges from better established competitors. Right from marketing to communication strategies the challenges are bound to be enormous. When we heard about Grasshopper VOIP, we knew we had to review it and get this info in front of other small businesses!

Grasshopper History

This company was founded in 2003 and has been providing solutions to small businesses for over 14 years. Slamak Taghaddos and David Houser were the co founders of the company. It has over the past few years recruited a team of highly competent employees who come up with tailor made solutions to issues arising in the dynamic business environment.grasshopper voip

Due to its innovative solutions and employment creation opportunities this company has featured in some of the most prestigious publications including Forbes, CNN, Fox Business and Inc 500. Consistent delivery of services at affordable costs have made it stand out as one of the best options for those who are starting up or running small businesses that need to keep their expenditure under check.

Public Reception – Excellent Feedback

Since its inception this company has served over 300,000 clients. The company has received overwhelming feedback with regards to the quality of services it has delivered. Anyone that wishes to learn about the reputation of the company can get in touch with a few of these clients and listen to what they have to say. There are also various online resources that have published reviews and feedback regarding the company with a majority of those involved having a positive thing or two to say with regards to Grasshopper services.

Grasshopper VoIP Services

Voice over Internet Protocol (aka VoIP)is the term that describes services that allow folks to make telephone calls using broadband Internet instead of the traditional analog (aka “old fashioned”) phone system. Here are some of the things that make the Grasshopper virtual phone system stand out.

  • Affordability – a casual comparison of companies that are offering VoIP services will quickly reveal that Grasshopper is among the most competitive when it comes to rates. Individuals can pay as little as $24 per month or $89 per month to cater for a business entity that has more that five employees who need to stay connected. With discounts and promotional bonuses taking place on an ongoing basis it is easy to understand why most people are making the switch to this particular service provider.
  • Money back guarantee – few service providers are willing to stand behind their word when it comes to promising superior service delivery. This company is among the few that are bold enough to assure clients of quality services consistently. It is this confidence in their ability to deliver that has made it possible for the company to offer a 30 day money back guarantee feature to new clients. All you have to do is sign up for a trial package and sample what the company has to offer. In case you are not satisfied with the services available you can cancel your subscription at any time within the month and have all your money refunded.

grasshopper voip

  • No need for new hardware – while several service providers will require you to obtain a new set of hardware to ensure smooth service delivery, Grasshopper has come up with innovative solutions that are easily integrated to already existing systems in your office or home. The desk and mobile phones you own now are all you need to get connected and starting enjoying a boost in professional image and convenient communications with clients.
  • Voicemail transcription – one of the most outstanding features of this company’s services is the ability for it to automate transcriptions. This means that any voice call that is made can be transcribed and the written document sent to your email for future reference. You do not have to make any manual entries into books or computers for future purposes.
  • Caller identity – another important feature to note is that you can get to know who is calling before you accept their call. By pressing 1 the call will go through, press 2 and the caller is sent directly to voicemail and by pressing 3 you will be able to hear the caller’s phone number. This makes it easier for you to sift through important calls and record messages for retrieval later through voicemail options.

Grasshopper VoIP applications are compatible with both Android and iPhone!

Click the Image to Check Out the Grasshopper VoIP Site!

  • Personalize your greetings – for individuals who would like to give their business a personal touch there is an option for you to record a greeting message and have it activated by the company. However, if you are not sure of what to say you can leave all the work to the company. It has a team of employees who are able to study your business model and come up with a greeting message that is likely to boost your image as a professional service or product provider.
  • Multiple extensions – because a small business probably has different departments dealing with human resource, product delivery, supply and any other sections it is important to have a unique extension for each. The service allows you to get an extension for everyone on the team. This means everyone can stay connected regardless of where they may be physically. The result is having a team of workers that work with a synergy that ensures greater productivity.
  • Call forwarding – as the world is quickly becoming a global village you can never be sure of the time you will receive that next business call. To remain competitive Grasshopper has included a call forwarding feature that allows you to receive calls made to the office on your mobile phone. This means you do not have to be physically present at the office to send and receive messages.
  • Innovative apps – android and iPhone have over the past few years become some of the most popular devices for people of all walks of life. This is why the company has developed compatible applications to make your communications cheaper and convenient.
  • 24 hour support – in case you experience any problem on your device or telephone line you can get in touch with the company’s customer care department at any time and have the issue resolved as soon as possible.

So, as you can see, this is a pretty remarkable service – and it’s affordable. It’s a way for an entrepreneur or other small business owner to add an additional layer of professionalism without the need to add to the staff.

PS: Sometimes they have special deals, and if they do, we will load them in THIS section for Grasshopper VoIP.

Check out the services at Grasshopper VoIP today!

IdealShape Review of The IdealShake Meal Replacement Shake

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While this is an IdealShape review, it actually started as something different a few weeks ago when Martin & I decided to get on the meal replacement shake bandwagon in general. There are a few reasons for this – and each of our reasons are a little different. Which is good, because it makes for a much more fun review when everyone involved has at least some different motivations! 🙂 I’ll get to that in a moment.

Introduction (about our product reviews)

This is the bundle I bought.

You’ve probably seen some of our other reviews here on… some were the result of companies asking us to review their products (which is always fun!), but others are because we’re just intrigued by a product and decide to buy it for ourselves and then talk about it here in the pages of our site.

In the case of our deciding to do an IdealShape review, we actually purchased our products, and neither asked for, nor were we offered, any “free” stuff to try in exchange for a review.

We actively promote the IdealShape product line, along with their sister brands, IdealFit (which includes the IdealLean products), and IdealRaw (We’ll have more on these other two brands soon!).

What Made us Buy IdealShape?

As it turns out, Martin is way into boxing these days. And, I am personally way into CrossFit these days (my picture may not reflect it, but in truth I’ve made TONS of progress in 7 months of a 3 times per week workout – as of this writing!)

Click this image to learn all about whey protein!

When you begin hanging around people who are actively pursuing strenuous sports, you begin to hear about stuff like meal replacement shakes, protein shakes, Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs – more on that later), protein bars, etc…

In Martin’s case, his own schedule is unbelievably busy, and he is keenly aware that he needs to keep his own fuel levels high. He also is very careful about what he eats, and he’s calorie conscious (although he does not need to lose weight).

He had mentioned to me that meal replacement shakes seemed like a perfect addition to his diet, and he was thinking about trying it.

In my case, I have noticed that I tend to neglect breakfast, and I go to the gym for a workout about mid-morning – but hadn’t been fueling myself in the way that my fellow gym mates were (they are into whey isolate protein).

I was finding myself a little tired and hungry, and grabbing just about anything that caught my eye (in other words, not necessarily a lean and mean meal!).

So, one day just over a month or so ago when I was loading up some IdealShape coupon codes and looking at their website, there was something that caught my eye: “IdealShake” which is the name of the IdealShape Meal Replacement Shake.

(Note: Some people refer to it as “Ideal Shake” and “Ideal Shape,” but the company shows the words combined, to make up the brand name of the product.)

I couldn’t help but like this company.

I saw that there were 11 grams of protein in a single scoop of their chocolate IdealShake blend. Another thing I noticed was the whey protein isolate in the blend – along with whey protein concentrate. I was EXCITED that there was NO soy protein! Every single person at my gym, including the people who look like what I want to look like (LOL) says they avoid soy protein.

Also, I had been hearing quite a bit about how much better whey was than soy. (In fact, here is an article about whey protein)

Then, on the website, when I first went to the meal replacement page, I was struck – and pretty moved – by the video at the top of the page that made me suddenly feel not-so-bad about myself (I’m putting that video right here – scroll down past the video to continue with our review).

There’s a line they keep repeating in the background about how “we are beautiful,” and it briefly shows some real people who have been using the product. But more importantly, the folks in the video talk about how the company itself seems to truly care about people.

Furthermore, the website is VERY informative with a great blog, excellent FAQ page, and even more products than I can try in one round!

And so I showed Martin.

He liked what he saw too! We both decided, “why not? Let’s give it a try!” I purchased the chocolate, and he purchased the vanilla. And we both liked it. So, let’s continue on to our review!

Our IdealShape Meal Replacement Review

Kath: I ordered a bundle – 2 tubs of the chocolate, which came with an eBook and also a shaker bottle – which may not seem like a big deal, but I wanted to be able to grab this and go without needing to drag out my VitaMix or my mini smoothie blender. My bundle – after applying any discounts and coupon codes – came to just $64.93, including shipping.

(Note to reader: See the video below this article to see how I walked through the entire ordering process.)

Martin: I just ordered a tub of the vanilla since I may want to try some other brands too. My order was only $41.98.

Kath: I think I ordered mine on a Friday, and had it by the next Wednesday. You?

Martin: I ordered it on Tuesday, May 30, 2017, and had it by Monday, June 5th. I wanted to try it right away because I’ve really been wanting to explore the whole meal replacement shake idea. I liked it a lot!

Kath: I opened – and of course I filmed it as soon as I got it!

Martin: Ha ha! Of course you did!

Kath: Hey, I like doing “unboxing videos!” I’ll get it onto our YouTube channel soon… So what did you like best?

A Good Taste

Martin: The first thing that hit me was it’s a good vanilla flavor. And it’s sweet enough to satisfy my sugar cravings even though the whole serving has only 1 gram of sugar – and that’s really good when it comes to this! You?

Kath: I thought it was sweet – definitely a great chocolate flavor. At first I thought the sugar content would be higher because it’s sweeter than I’m used to since I typically like dark chocolate (which isn’t as sweet). But, I added a little more liquid – for me, water or unsweetened Sobe Coconut Milk. Perfect!

I also liked the texture – it really was very “milk shakey” in the thickness.

Martin: I wasn’t hungry afterwards for a long while. It was over 3 hours until I was hungry again, so it definitely lived up to the 3 hour claim.

(Note for our readers: Martin is talking about where IdealShape says it can help curb hunger cravings for 3 hours)

Kath: I can speak to that a little bit as well since I had been wanting to chow down after my workouts. So, I decided to drink my shake BEFORE my workout, shortly after my morning lemon-water drink (I’ve been drinking a glass of freshly squeezed lemon in water for 20 years every morning… yeah…fanatical.). I did this for a while BEFORE attempting to add one of the company’s other products (I ordered BCAAs, and more – but I will address that in a totally separate review).

Honestly? I have to tell you Martin, when I got back from the gym, I really just wasn’t hungry. By lunchtime I was, but I wasn’t having any hunger pangs at all.

IdealShape is Affordable!

Martin: That’s cool! And also it’s really great that you’ve kept up with your workout. One thing I want to mention is that the IdealShake is pretty affordable – they’re spot on with that.

Seriously, some of this stuff can get pretty pricey, but I’m psyched that they’ve kept their price point at a place where the average person can buy it and afford it. Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind our readers that there are IdealShape coupon codes here on our own site!

The only thing I wish I had gotten was the shaker bottle, because I used just a regular blender bottle and I had a few little “chunks” of powder in the drink, and it needed a little extra mixing. Not a big deal obviously, but I think most people would prefer a smoother shake.

Kath: I am really glad I got the shaker bottle! I almost didn’t because I thought – maybe like you – “what’s the big deal? It’s a bottle…” But, as it turns out, it works really well!

Yeah, it’s a “shaker bottle,” so no huge deal in and of itself, but it has this little “mesh” type of insert at the top, and when you shake the powder in with the liquid, it totally mixes it! Really well! Not a single clump! (See the picture of the shaker bottle to the right)

The IdealPlan eBook PDF

One other thing I got was the “IdealPlan” eBook PDF which is a 12 week nutrition guide by trainer and nutritionist Lindsey Mathews and David Meine – who just so happens to the CEO and Co-Founder at IdealShape. You can certainly buy the book separately (here); however, I believe it’s a better deal, money-wise, if you get it as part of an IdealShape bundle.

Martin: I didn’t get that download. What impressed you about it?

Kath: Well, for one thing, when I noticed that the actual CEO and Co-Founder of the company itself was involved with writing the book, that was a huge PLUS for me. I love seeing the people who are behind the products put themselves out there. I can’t explain it, but it’s almost as though I get this feeling that he really DOES care about his customers.

Martin: That’s a good point, and I agree.

Kath: David Meine also has a background in motivational speaking, and you KNOW how much I love that! He has also written other diet and weight loss books. So anyway, the eBook itself is 203 pages long, and as I started scrolling through it, I was pretty impressed with how easy it looks to follow their plan.

Of course, as you might imagine, using the IdealShape products themselves is a part of the plan, which includes the IdealShake, IdealBar, and IdealBoost. The only thing I don’t personally have right now is IdealBoost – but I can still easily follow a good part of what they recommend with what I’ve got. Actually, I have been.

Martin: Anything in there you didn’t know about before?

IdealShake Includes Slendesta Potato Protein Extract

Kath: A few things – like the way their ingredient, “Slendesta,” which is made from some type of protein extract from the skin of white potatoes is a big part of what helps curb those hunger pangs. I’m not 100% sure how it works, but as you and I both know from our experience with the Slendesta shakes, it obviously does something.

Another thing that I felt the book helped explain pretty well was why a certain balance of carbs, protein, and fats is important in keeping energy levels and hormonal levels steady. I always knew that it’s important to include all those in the diet, but not exactly why. So, the authors do a good job of keeping the information fairly simple to understand so that my eyes don’t glaze over.

The most exciting thing – for me, anyway, about the IdealPlan is how SIMPLE they make the plan itself. They give you the entire list of what you need to buy and have on hand since everything is itemized in the food lists.

Something No One Else Does?

Also, they do something I haven’t seen before, which is to separate the plan by how much you currently weigh. In other words, there is a plan for women who weigh:

  • under 140 pounds,
  • between 140 and 190 pounds
  • over 190 pounds.

They also have 2 sections for MEN:

  • one for guys under 250 pounds, and
  • one for guys over 250.

They have some nice looking Ideal Shape dinner recipes in the book as well. The recipes aren’t “contrived” looking, either. They are meals that I would – and actually, WILL be eating.

Money Back Guarantee

The one other thing I like is that IdealShape has a full 30-day 100% risk-free money back guarantee.

That pretty much sums it up! And, it may be coincidence, or just a combination of my increased activity levels coupled with a couple of weeks using the IdealShape meal replacement shake, but I have dropped another pound or two over the last couple of weeks. Not as much as I’d like, yet, but the scale is moving in the right direction!

Martin: That’s awesome, Kath! Keep it up! I’m feeling pretty good about where I am weight-wise, but I’m glad to hear that they put in some sections for guys in the book!

Where to Buy IdealShape

Well, dear reader, that was where Martin and I left the conversation – and I do think we covered everything that we had set out to do when it comes to the IdealShape review. We both do like the product, and I, for one, will purchase it again.

So, where can you buy IdealShape products? We have seen two places – the official IdealShape website, and on Amazon.

While I shop a LOT on Amazon (which you may notice if you read any of my Amazon posts 🙂 ), I prefer to purchase my IdealShape stuff on their website. Why, you may ask? Because they typically have good IdealShape promo codes that I can use at the official site, but which will NOT apply to purchases made on Amazon.

But, because we respect everyone’s right to buy their products where they choose, here are a few links for you! (Yes, they are our links, and if you do decide to make a purchase through any of them, we may receive a commission for referring the sale. If you do use our links, you have our heartfelt thanks for your support of our efforts here on the site!)

IdealShape Promo Codes: To see all the current IdealShape coupon codes here at MyFavDeals, click HERE

Official Website: To go directly to the website, and see some of the exclusive deals that IdealShape has offered especially for our readers, try these:

Official IdealShape Site: IdealShape Home Page

Amazon: To shop the official IdealShape storefront on Amazon, click HERE.

Thank you for reading about our experience, and please visit us again soon!

The Brightest LED Flashlights: Not Just Toys

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A flashlight is not simply some toy for the holidays; a “what if” accessory for an emergency kit; or a tool for telling ghost stories around the campfire during a weenie roast with the kids. Men gravitate towards these as Father’s Day, birthday, and Christmas gifts because a flashlight is a practical item we use all the time at work, during recreation, or as part of our voluntary occupations such as Neighborhood Watch or checking bags for drugs at our teenager’s prom. The brightest LED flashlight provide a powerful glow but with a low heat rating, are extremely durable in tough conditions, but remain compact and light. As an employer looking for gear your crew of night watchmen or police officers can rely on, it’s important to find the best and brightest just as you did when hiring staff.

How have flashlights changed recently? Most American consumers are familiar with the Maglite, flashlight. For decades, Maglites were the paradigm handheld torch, carried in civilian cars and by police officers. Large and heavy like a weapon, the original Maglites cost between $40 and $50 and, depending on the amount of cells available, these incandescent “side arms” may produce close to 150 lumens in brightness. For its time and price point, this was the biggest, baddest and brightest flashlight on the market.

Since then, the move from incandescent light sources to LED light sources has spurred a market-wide evolution, reinventing every lamp, lantern and flashlight. This mass departure from the incandescent bulb has changed flashlights more than one would initially suggest. LED lights don’t burn out as quickly as incandescents, they require less power, the components in the bulbs themselves are smaller and lighter, but despite all these, they produce significantly more light. What are the best and brightest flashlights of today that are as affordable as the Maglite?

The Best and Brightest of 2016

As you approach fishing, hunting, hiking, or camping season in your part of the US or as part of a holiday, remember to pack your flashlight along with other safety gear. It’s as essential as your foil blanket and dehydrated beef stew; way more important than the beer, although small enough so you can take the six-pack and your flashlight. Consider the following when making your purchase or asking for a gift: how good is the battery; is the flashlight portable; and what’s its light output measured in lumens? Price is not a good way to gauge anything, but cheap purchases tend to be what you expect: short-lasting with inconsistent light emission. Also, think about where you plan to take this thing: is it going to get wet? If you drop it, what are the chances the fall will be short and the landing soft? How far will the beam travel? All of the flashlights listed below (aside from the one from Wicked Lasers) are priced under $120 and potentially less than $60 with online discounts.

1. Wicked Lasers: Bright, but Not LED

Wicked Lasers flashlightsThis Asian company advertises their flashlight/lasers as the brightest in the world. There probably isn’t anything else as powerful as the Torch by Wicked Lasers which provides over 4,000 lumens, making the light not only very bright but intensely hot. They say on their website you can start a fire or cook an egg with the Torch, so it is more than a way to break up darkness but an emergency source of cooking heat and a way to start fires without matches. They use only the best materials such as anodized, military-grade aluminum for a light finish that handles a heavy load for applications such as intense hiking and camping trips, hunting, fishing, patrolling, and even deployment with the armed services.

This is not an LED light, however, but a Halogen one so it costs three or four times as much as the best LED flashlights and doesn’t belong on this list except to say that Wicked Lasers asserts theirs are the brightest flashlights around. If you don’t have your heart set on high-efficient, cool-burning LED lights then the Torch by Wicked Lasers is a multi-function tool costing about $200 and for adults only; a present for your son when he graduates — from college.

Shop the Laserdock, Nano, and Flash Torch:

2. UltraFire CREE XM-L T6

UltraFire CREE XML T6 3800 lumens flashlightThis is a 3800-lumen flashlight made from aircraft-grade aluminum, a superior material that’s both light and sturdy. As the name implies, airplanes are made from it, so what more do you want? As far as brightness goes, this one is nearly as bright as the Halogen flashlight above which is why it takes top spot on this list. The switch is bottom mounted and there are five modes: low, medium high, strobe, and SOS. Expect the LED lights to last tens of thousands of hours the way LED bulbs generally do. CREE also makes chipsets for other flashlights. Check the review video we found for the CREE, which compares the UltraFire CREE XM-L T6 to a lesser strength light, the Pelican StealthLite 2400.

The most interesting part of the video (IMHO) is at around 5 minutes where the narrator begins to show us the actual lights at work in the dark. I honestly have to say I was very impressed by the CREE’s performance, and I think you will be too. I truly could not get over how that thing completely lit up the entire area. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so if you do nothing else, PLEASE check the video – especially the actual demo at around 5 minutes.

(Now please note that the video is from 2013, and there is a newer model of the Pelican StealthLite – the 2410 Recoil, available at HERE if you are interested.) Anyway, our article continues below the video!

Head to Amazon to Check out the Best Prices for the UltraFire CREE XM-L T6: CREE light


3. SOLARAY PRO ZX-1 Professional Series

Solaray refers to this model as their “Best and Brightest LED Tactical Flashlight” supplying 1200 lumens, a rechargeable battery, and a zoom lens. It is water-resistant so you can splash it, but don’t immerse the flashlight in water. The PRO ZX-1 is made from silicon carbide. Many people are familiar with aircraft-grade aluminum and its properties, but what about this material used by Solaray? Silicone carbide is light, strong, stable, and shock-resistant which is why it is used to make components found in turbines, seals, valves, and heat exchangers among other things. This super-bright flashlight uses a protected battery and features five modes, the same as you find in a CREE XM-L T6. A zoom-lens changes light coverage from a wide light to a longer beam for distance so you can either get people’s attention or focus a search on the ground nearest you. It’s a light, portable, and affordable item.

Buy It: – Solaray Pro ZX-1

Solaray Pro ZX-1 Professional Series Flashlight 1200 lumens

4. EcoGear FX Tactical LED Flashlight

Every firm says their flashlight is the brightest, but ratings are tested in lumens, so the 1200-lumen EcoGear FX isn’t top of the heap, not even among LED flashlights. The CREE item rated Number One is more than three times brighter.This is a good investment, though with those five standard modes as featured above (low, medium, high, strobe, and SOS) and a zoom mode to change the nature of how this flashlight emits light: wide or far. The FX Tactical flashlight would be considered a professional-grade machine, suitable for many situations like military, private security, or police patrols. Use it under pressure-free situations such as fishing or camping.

Turn it to good use scaring vandals away from the park. Turn it into a weapon if you are under assault. Utilize SOS mode and emit a bright light to help rescuers find you in a gully where a fall has left you with broken bones and no way out except by helicopter. Aircraft-grade aluminum, as you already know, creates a tough, portable chassis. Internally, this is a CREE device using the CREE T6 chipset for LED flashlights as seen above. The EcoGear FX is resistant to shock, abrasion, and water though not an underwater flashlight per se. If you want a diving flashlight, that’s another matter.

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EcoGear FX Professional Grade LED Flashlight Kit TC120X - 1600 lumens

Maglite ML300L 3-Cell D LED

How unexpected, Maglite makes a huge flashlight that not only serves as a club in cases of dangerous encounters, but is also highly functional, brighter and longer-lasting than all competition. After the last 30 years crowning the same flashlight king, who would have expected a Maglite to blow away the competition? Yes, everyone is the correct answer, but it had to be said that for the money, despite the differences in size, Maglite still makes a brighter flashlight. At $70.50, this 625-lumen torch is the brightest on the market under $100.

There may only be a few settings, but the high setting runs for 16 hours straight at such insane brightness and the Eco mode goes strong for 117 hours putting out 53 lumens. Needless to say, whether shopping for a weapon or a flashlight, long-lasting or brightest on the market, the number one seller of the last 3 decades is running strong with the pack, pushing the upper end of performance, while doing so in its own affordable Maglite way.

Sunwayman V11R $75

Up second to last, weighing in at $75, is the Sunwayman V11R. As far as ultra bright is concerned, the V11R leaves almost all opposition in the dust, boasting a Turbo setting that gives life to a 570-lumen bright source of temporary blindness. Although the duration of usability with Turbo is a shorter-than-expected 5 minutes, with a front-end that bright, it would be a miracle if the item was not piping hot after 5 minutes. The other two settings are High and Moonlight, which speak for themselves, while the 1.7-ounce weight does the same. This little guy may seem like not much to think about when clipped on someone’s belt, but it is capable of doing so much more with less than the competition, leaving a clear runner up for brightest and best flashlight.

Zebralight H502

Moving into a podium position the bronze medalist of LED flashlights is priced within $50 of both the runner up and winner. The Zebralight H502 slides into third place bridging the high and low prices of the last two competitors, at roughly $70.00. What makes the Zebralight H502 special? Not only is it a flashlight — it’s a head light, so for the professional who uses their hands a lot at night, this little gem is special. At 2.7 inches long and 1 ounce by itself, this is the smallest and lightest option in this countdown. It also has 3 main power settings (high, mid and low), each with 2 sub-levels. The second sub-level of each also has further settings, leaving more functionality than could ever be assumed upon. The High setting fires a light that is 278 lumens bright, leaving little more to be desired.

Fenix PD22

Number 4 on the list is the Fenix PD22, cutting the previous item’s price in half at an impressive $51.95 and shining a brighter light on tight-budgets producing 210 lumens on its highest setting, Turbo. The Fenix light also prevails over the SOG on number of settings, containing 6 different lighting options in total. Turbo: 210 lumens will run for 2 hours, High: 105 lumens will run for 5 hours, Mid: 45 lumens will run for 12.5 hours, Low: 3 lumens will run for a mind-blowing 120 hours and the SOS Setting signals on High mode and the Strobe Setting signals on Turbo.

The Fenix PD22 is also easily concealed, measuring 3.5 inches and weighing a negligible 1.6 ounces. That’s 1/10th of a pound, for perspective. Bright, inexpensive and more than earning a spot in the top 5 best flashlights, the PD22 needs no further introduction.

SOG Dark Energy 214

Coming in at a whopping $105, the SOG Dark Energy 214 is at the bottom of the field not only because it’s the most expensive of these options, but also because it is the least bright, producing up to 188 lumens on the highest setting. Although it comes in last in the top 5, the Dark Energy 214 is clearly no slouch. It may cost a pretty penny, but this handheld light does put out close to 40 more lumens than the traditional Maglite on the High setting, and there are options to run it at 40% power, reading light power (approximately 5%), or a constant strobe.

At close to 4 inches and 3 ounces, the SOG light is one of the biggest and heaviest, but the fixed belt clip is still plenty strong to hold this tiny powerhouse. This may be the most costly of the count, but it is plenty bright, has quite a few luxury features, fits seamlessly in a pocket and it is built to last.

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards Makes Paddling Portable

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When I first heard about inflatable stand up paddle boards (SUPs) recently, it totally piqued my interest! Paddle boarding is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. It looks like something I’d really enjoy on an occasional hot weekend (I don’t think I would be able to do it as a regular activity since I only live near water for half the year). But, there are two primary things that have been in my way when it comes to buying a paddle board in the past: 1) space to store my SUP (there just isn’t any space in my home), and 2) a way to transport the SUP to the water (I have a car the size of a very large pumpkin. Okay, the size of a REALLY REALLY large pumpkin. Basically, too small to cart around a board).

As most people who have experience with paddleboards already know, the traditional hard shell SUPs have hulls which are typically either foam (with fiberglass and epoxy), hollow core, or polyurethane foam. They are long, wide, and cumbersome for travel. Of course, if you’re heading to the beach for a weekend, there are rental companies that have sprung up to rent out equipment like paddle boards and kayaks to individuals, couples, groups, and families who – like me – just don’t have room in or on the vehicles for large items like these or who find their prices prohibitive.

Or, maybe kayaks made the cut but paddle boards had to stay home. Enter the inflatable version which at least answers the first concern: lack of room. Now, some people say that the price of an inflatable SUP is a lot lower than a hard shell model, but that is debatable because I’ve seen some hard shells less than $1,000 (not many though), and while I haven’t (yet) seen an inflatable over $1,000, some have run pretty close. I’m thinking that most of the time the inflatable is probably a little lower, but I don’t think that the price point is the primary concern here. In fact, when it comes to the topic of “stand up paddle board – inflatable vs rigid,” really the only differences appear to be material. The general weight of either one is similar (if an inflatable SUP (or ISUP) is about 30 pounds, plus or minus, you’ll find that the rigid SUPs are close.

And, like I said, I’ve seen plenty of rigid boards way over $1,500 (and if you’re REALLY into it, you can spend over $3,000 too!) – but I’ve also seen them under $1,000 (which is where most of the ISUPs seem to fall when it comes to the price of paddle boards in the inflatable category).

The primary concerns, as I voiced earlier is the storage, transportation, and space issue. That’s the bigget reason for considering an inflatable stand up paddle board, as far as I’m concerned. Plus, I could actually ship it somewhere far more easily than I could ship a rigid board if I needed to.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way, let’s compare 3 ISUPs that caught my eye. The first one I loved – I’m trying not to be biased, but it’s the first one I liked – is the Atoll Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. Then, I saw the Vilano and then the ISLE Touring Paddle Board. So this seemed like a good place to start my comparisons.

How does the Atoll Inflatable SUP stack up against the competition? We’ll compare it to the pair of other ISUP boards that I mentinoed, one cheaper and smaller, the other slightly larger. These are, of course, the Vilano and an ISLE Touring Paddleboard.

First things first. We’ll start with the Atoll.

Inflatable SUP by Atoll

Starting out as a small package, this Atoll product inflates to 6 inches thickness, 11 feet in length, and 32 inches wide with the use of a pump. This high-pressure tool gets the job done quickly so that, in just minutes… boom! We are staring down at a full-sized paddleboard that’s ready for the water – and all for $749.99.

Bungee straps are located back and front so you can go out for hours with your board and not lack anything you want or need such as food and water. Store items securely within their elasticated bounds. A number of D-rings enable you to attach items more securely.

A second layer over the board adds greater durability to the EVA foam and prevents slipping so you stay on top of your board. The Atoll ISUP comes with a repair kit, a pump, a detachable fin, and a rebuildable three-part paddle with a nylon blade which is also designed for portability.

ISLE Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Many of the same features of the Atoll paddle board are also present here in the ISLE Airtech. The Airtech comes in 2 lengths, 10, and 12.6 feet but maintains the same dimensions otherwise and can be deflated to a mobile size as well. The build is touted for its lightness but incredible durability. Of course, the company does not recommend abusing your product, but states that you could do almost anything to it and the ISLE ISUP will stand up to the abuse while remaining viable as a safe and effective piece of equipment. Bungee cords at both ends and D-rings let you strap on a waterproof camera, extra clothes, a picnic, or whatever you desire. The paddle comes apart for additional portability and you get all of this for a little less than $850 for the 12.6 foot version, and about $695 for the 10 footer.

Vilano Stand Up Paddle Board, $429 (for the 10-foot Vilano Navigator)

Another durable option is the Vilano inflatable board, an economical alternative. It’s shorter at 10 feet when fully inflated but that’s still too long for most vehicles, especially those already crowded with gear. But if you can take the pump with you to the beach, no problem (it does come with a pump). Durable PVC facilitates many months and years of fun on the local lake and a 3-piece paddle can be stowed away in the trunk. Although this Vilano Navigator is touted as durable, it is also affordable ($429). The Vilano Voyager, at 11-feet, is a little more expensive ($499), but it does have a few higher reviews.

Price and Durability

Each of these boards is promoted for its durability, but none of them is as heavily promoted for this feature as the longer, more expensive ISLE. The makers insist you could drive a car over it and the board will be alright. With inflatable items, the risk of tears is always a concern, especially when you are going camping. Rocks become jagged. Well-meaning participants are sometimes rough when unpacking, enthusiastic to get started. People really do drive their cars and trucks over sporting equipment in their haste to get to the beach or drive home with fractious children. But how durable does a board need to be to satisfy this criterion?

All of these items receive some good reviews, though the first of them seems best where reviews are concerned. Customers could buy any of these and enjoy at least a few summers on top of the waves; perhaps more summers with the first two than the last.

There is just one set of bungee straps on the Vilano but most people wouldn’t use all of the front and back capacity of the other two. A shorter length makes this a potentially excellent starter board for younger, smaller boarders. It is also less cumbersome, but some might say that additional length increases stability. Still, it’s hard to argue with the price difference.

If you had a family and wanted to paddle in pairs, note that the Vilano is just over half the price of an ISLE inflatable stand up paddleboard. The Atoll version is not quite as expensive as the ISLE and makes a good compromise if a $100 difference means you can afford to buy other accessories or enjoy more fun activities on your holiday.

Each of these products, however, shares a common convenience factor. They represent the freedom to take stand up paddle boarding anywhere. Repair gear is included plus a bag for carrying everything neatly and safely to prevent punctures. The paddle is part of this deal, not a separate $100 purchase as could easily have been the case.

Anyway, I hope that after reading this inflatable stand up paddle board review, you agree that getting an ISUP might just be the perfect water toy for you and your family! Thanks for reading!

Brain Nutrition And BriteFocus Supplements – BriteSMART Review (Including BriteSHIELD)

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A company from Tustin, California, called BriteFocus aims to make a positive contribution to brain health across the country. Their supplements are designed to support brain health, including complete programs which, as they say at their website, “address the decline of mental acuity during the aging process.” The products we’ll be reviewing today include their flagship BriteSMART, BriteSHOT, and BriteSHIELD supplements (see one of our product listings for HERE)

The Research

A controlled, double-blind study using placebos was initiated in order to determine the truth about supplements found at BriteFocus. They determined the role of these products in enhancing “cognitive function, energy, state-of-mind and mood” according to the website, specifically Ceretrophin found in BriteSMART tablets. The report was in-depth and revealed positive, encouraging results.

What Are BriteFocus Products for?

The focus on neurological health distinguishes this fast-growing company from others addressing manifold issues such as bone care, heart health, and mood disorders. Items sold at BriteFocus meet stringent quality control expectations and are made in a facility which complies with FDA regulations as well.
Brite Focus FDA Approved
What Are Some Major Brain Problems?

The big one is memory. As we get older, our brains lose their ability to recall information in the short-term like what we ate for breakfast, but not our first day of school. This can be a sign of distraction caused by the long list of tasks in an adult’s day, but sometimes these are indicators of age-related problems like Dementia.

Hope for the Brain

Contrary to popular belief, the damage can be undone. It’s possible not just to halt degeneration but also reverse it and gain back some of your mental acuity by eating right and/or taking focused supplements. Start in your late 40s, if possible, or even before. People of every age can benefit from better brain health to regulate memory, moods, and more. Doctors recommend this brand particularly for its effectiveness in stopping the mental signs of aging.

Products from BriteFocus


from: BriteFocus, inc.BriteSMART uses the ingredients in BriteSHOT (see below) to increase memory, enable brain metabolism, improve oxygen delivery to the brain, and more. BriteSHIELD contains Curcumin, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Quercetin, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, Resveratrol, and B12. The first two are the main ingredients. They act as antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories, protecting the brain, and supplying support to mitochondria involved in breathing and producing energy. The other ingredients contribute to these processes.

Bonus Bundle

Enhance brain nutrition and resist aging with BriteSMART and BriteSHIELD together. As a team, they are more effective than individually and each bottle works out to cost less as part of a bundle too. Natural ingredients available for 20 years go into the making of these superior supplements available to all adults, male and female, but do ask your doctor if you should take them if you are pregnant or have an existing health concern. When taken together, your memory will be more agile, you will become more energetic, sleep better, feel happier, and you could wind up with the brain of a much younger person.

Ready-to-drink Formula

BriteSHOT is a drink that supports your mental strength. It is ready to go from the bottle with no mixing required and not an energy drink as such. Although your energy will probably be increased, this is not a result of consuming concentrated amounts of caffeine as with an energy drink. BriteFocus provides a blend of natural ingredients to reduce stress and make you feel happier. The primary ingredient is L-Carnitine which is an antioxidant linked to better memory and focus, better sleep, and allows the brain to use glucose more effectively. Other ingredients are Alpha Lipoic Acid, Huperzine A, Rhodiola, and Vinpocetine. You know L-Carnitine is good stuff by the fact that bodybuilders use it to maintain concentration and reduce fatigue. Take these with you when you go to the gym or on a long hike to replenish nutrients your body uses during arduous exercise or for tasty hydration during a long journey.

Auto-shipment Option

There are three ways to approach an online purchase. One is to buy samples or small bottles where these are available. Another is to buy the biggest format or even multiple bottles at once, thus saving money and the hassle of re-ordering. A third choice is to sign up for auto-shipments. These arrive at your door at regular intervals and you don’t have to think about placing the order once more. BriteFocus uses existing details to continue sending out the memory-making formulae that have been helping a generation of 65+ men and women stay sharp.
Brite Focus FDA Approved

The Swingshot Cyclops Pro Golf Camera Review

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Swingshot Cyclops Pro Golf Camera reviewAsk any professional golfer on the circuit – both men’s and women’s – and they’ll all agree that a golfer’s best or worst tool is not his (or her) club but his swing. How does we really know what our swing looks like until we see it in action? Just because it feels good doesn’t mean much and it is difficult for someone to describe his or her friend’s swing. What it turns out that we really needs is a camera, like the Cyclops Pro.

Mid-Tier Product

Swingshot describes this as their mid-range camera which records video and sound in high definition at resolution of 720p/60fps or 1080/30fps. The Swingshot Cyclops Pro allows amateur golfers to analyze their swing the way pros do whether they are trying to get out of a bunker, swing their way out of the rough, or taking a smooth shot along the open fairway. This is a great way to prevent many of those embarrassing moments on or off the green; the ones you laugh about at the club bar after but would prefer to do without. Build a winning swing just by analyzing your mistakes. This could also prevent golfer’s injuries developed when the swing goes horribly wrong.

Light Camera - See Your Real SwingWhen you want a light tool, this is it: a durable but user-friendly item you just aim and click. It doesn’t care about weather, even the mic which sits on top of a shaft measuring 3 feet. The camera comes with a turf spike made from stainless steel, complementing the durability of your camera with its non-corrosive stability. There is also a GPS element to the camera which is accurate to within 3 feet so you can coordinate a day’s worth of recordings. And, ladies and gentlemen, don’t even try to pretend it’s not true: we all love GPS.

Long-life Battery

Since the Cyclops Pro uses GPS, this can eat away at battery power, so you need a long-life cell. This one is rated 2100mAh, is rechargeable, and comes with an AC adapter and a USB cable so golfers can transfer video to the TV or a handheld device and watch the video over and over. As a guy writing this review, I’m the first one to admit that we men like to tackle our sporting performance from all angles after all. It’s a great way to have the couch all to ourselves. The wife can only take so much (unless she’s a golfer too, in which case, this could become a VERY interesting evening indeed! Who gets to analyze whose swing and give advice? Hmmm?) Sorry ladies! I’m only kidding! Sort of… But, if you’re going to help me analyze my swing, then it’s only fair that I get to analyze yours too!

Anyway, back to the Cyclops. (By the way, it’s available at and you get FREE SHIPPING in the US and a 30-day Risk-Free Trial! You can’t lose with this.)

LED Design

The LED screen on your Cyclops Pro is really bright to mitigate the darkness of a day when the clouds are rolling in. Use it to scroll through a menu which includes modes such as Scenic, Lesson, and Course. The device offers a memory of 8GB, so it is meant to be used and viewed, not kept for posterity. You can record as many as 244 swings in up to 2 hours or over 2 hours of constant recording with 7 ½ hours of standby power. Divided by 18 holes, that’s roughly 13 shots per hole. Heaven help you if that’s what you need: maybe your friend could use some analysis of his swing too.

More from Swingshot

The Cyclops also comes in two other configurations. There is the Basic Cyclops for $199.99 and the Cyclops+ for $399.99 with the Cyclops Pro in the middle at $299.99, available online. Customers can easily compare how they perform using the chart profiling all three products online. The original features half the memory as a removable disk and no Geo-Tagging. The top model boasts a wireless private network, standard and wireless battery time, and an app for your iOS or Android phone.

Finally – little sales pitch here: For the golfer, what better gift? It’s perfect for any gift-giving occasion, whether it be a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or for the graduate. Check out the video demo below, and then…

Get the Swingshot Cyclops or Cyclops Pro at: