15% off BaxMAX Lumbar Support w/ Promo Code – Keep in YOUR First Aid Kit Too!

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Use the BaxMAX coupon code: KTSAVE15 to save 15%! As I write this, I realized that I found yet another use from my BaxMAX Lumbar Support brace – and I hadn’t really given this a though until today. I just got home from a quick trip out to see some relatives, and upon arriving back home, I realized I was suddenly hit with a very nasty flu bug!

So, I arrived home on Sunday afternoon (2/12/17), and by early evening I was in bed. And totally zonked. 

I spent the entire next day (yesterday) struggling to just sit up and sip some water and juice, and then would lay back down.

Fairly soon, I realized that my back was really starting to hurt – no doubt in part from laying in bed for hours and hours on end. Today, the 2nd full day of laying in bed, my back ached like crazy, and that’s when I thought, “Hey! Wait a minute! Where’s my BaxMAX? That might help!”

Sure enough, within moments of putting it on – and not even very tightly – the ache began to subside, enough for me to move about fairly easily.

So, that’s when I realized that my BaxMAX is truly an important part of my personal first aid kit, and I thought I would pass this along to you as well.

Please remember that you get 15% with our exclusive BaxMAX coupon code!

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