12% off YOUR CUSTOM Vaporizer Kit At VaporFi!

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Coupon Details

OMG… We have been given a terrific 12% off VaporFi coupon that will work as you build your own kit! It’s fun to select starter kits from VaporFi, especially when there are so many to choose from. It is even more fun when vapers get to select items and build your own starter kit. Although you do not save money doing it this way, you can at least build a vape system that is as elegant, wacky, bold, or stealthy as you want it to be. Every function will be up to your personally-preferred specifications and those are the only ones that matter. Look, click on this image below, and it brings you to the beginning points of customizing. Remember that the coupon is automatically applied at checkout… Yes, you’ll save 12%!




What is the Custom Vaporizer Builder?

This is a special program at VaporFi which features several possible batteries and a right-hand sidebar. On the right you see your vaporizer take shape. Select the battery base first, including a color, and this will pop up on the right. These items include the Rocket Variable Voltage Battery, Edge, Vice, Pro 650, and Pro 1000, all of which are all currently on sale. The Rocket 3, Vox Mini 40W, Vox TC, and Vox 60 TC are advanced, full-priced options for experienced consumers only. They range in price from a sale figure of $18.74 for the Pro 650 to $139.99 for the Vox 60 TC. The Pro comes in numerous colors, more than any other battery listed here.

Add a Tank

When you know which battery you are going to start with, pick a tank that fits with it. VaporFi does not let you select the tank first because each one is only compatible with certain bases due to threading or power specifications. Applicable coils, for instance, are designed for high output or low output, so you wouldn’t want to match a beginner’s Pro tank with a Vox 60W TC, for instance. Atomizer replacements wouldn’t cope with that sort of output. With the Vox TC ($129.99), one gets to pick one of several tanks. These are the Rocket 3, Vice Sub Ohm, Edge, Volt Hybrid, VShock, and VSix.

After the Tank

Now that you have elected to create a Vox TC set with the Rocket 3 in purple, just as an example, you are given more choices. Accessories include atomizers, drip tips, and additional chargers. On the right your vaporizer has been built; you can see what it will look like and, if you opted to add an extra mouthpiece, you can see the whole thing from tip to tail. With the full kit formed, you now see the price too. This does not include e juice; VaporFi does not throw that in as a bonus. That’s something to add independently though and the company charges a reasonable price for e liquid.

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