NEW!!! Bonus 12% OFF! VaporFi Express Starter Kit Bundle REVIEW

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This is so new, and yet here we are with your EXCLUSIVE 12% off w/ our VaporFi Express Starter Kit Bundle coupon code! Very cool… CLICK HERE to check it out, and if you look below our review, you’ll see that the promo code is built in, and automatically applied!  Ok, on with the Express Starter Kit Bundle review…

Anyway, if you have bought the new VaporFi Express Starter Kit Bundle already, VaporFi wants to hear from you. They are eager for customers to write reviews; so eager they offer points for such an effort, and isn’t it worth doing if you get something for nothing? Hardly anything is free these days, but points help you to buy goodies from VaporFi like more e juice for their Express Starter Kit Bundle priced $64.99 (before our special 12% off of course!).

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What is in the Beginner Bundle?

VaporFi refers to one of their newest kits as a “Beginner Bundle” because it’s perfect for someone brand new to vaping; a smoker who has recently made the choice to cross over to the vaping side. They say “if you’re beginning your journey into vaping, this bundle was designed with you in mind,” and it really was.

Firstly, it contains small Express batteries, hence the bundle’s name. These cells mimic real cigarettes in terms of size and weight, but that’s where similarities end. Everything else about them is different including the fact that you won’t produce smoke: just vapor.

E Cig Starter Kit with 2 Batteries

The Express Starter Kit Bundle contains a standard 180mAh rechargeable battery and a High-Drain 280mAh rechargeable battery, providing you with almost a day of vaping between them. They don’t put out the sort of power that advanced e cigs are capable of, but they give you the chance to get used to vaping without carrying around something big and bold that might make you self-conscious. Rechargeable systems are more economical than disposable ones and better for the environment: well done you.

Flavor System

Another thing the kit comes with is a set of 3 clearomizers which must be filled with e liquid. VaporFi stopped making pre-filled cartomizers a while ago, a wise move, and now customers are encouraged to try this more economical and varied way of obtaining their desired flavor whether that’s an Eastern Tobacco-style, basic menthol, or cotton candy. In fact, make your own e juice without getting your hands dirty.

Custom E Juice

One of VaporFi’s best-loved products is their customizable e juice. Clients pick up to 3 flavors, VaporFi blends them in their regulated facility, and this makes your starter kit unique from any other. Refillable clearomizers are much better value than pre-filled cartomizers too.

Also in the Kit

Customers receive a charging system which consists of a USB charger in case you are near a computer or other USB outlet, and an AC wall adapter in case you are not. A case is thrown in as well to keep everything organized.

We think this one’s going to be a sure winner! Click the link below, or the image below to go to the product page.

Buy the Bundle:

VaporFi Express Starter Kit Bundle Coupon Code

VaporFi Express Starter Kit Bundle Coupon Code


(PS: If you’re looking for JUST the original Kit coupon & review – and not the Bundle, Click here to see our Original Express Starter Kit review.)

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