SAVE 12% on the VaporFi Express Starter Kit That Started Everything

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Coupon Details

Yup… A moment in history! And you’ll save 12% with our Vaporfi Express Starter Kit coupon code! The code is automatically applied when you click our link, so don’t worry. You’ll see the discount at checkout! Click the image, or this link to go right to the product page:

vaporfi-express-starter-kit-coupon-codeBack in the early days at VaporFi, the Express was launched to acclaim and excitement. Here was another high-quality brand of e cig to compete with other models of varying quality. How would it complete in the profit department and in ratings? The VaporFi Express launched ahead, but has been overshadowed somewhat by the company’s focus on performance.

(UPDATE: VaporFi has JUST RELEASED the Express Starter Kit BUNDLE! Click HERE to see it and save 12%, or Click HERE to go to our Express Starter Kit Bundle Review!)

Express Spec

After all, this is a simple mini cig, not some technically advanced device. People had seen items like it before and VaporFi did not go to a lot of trouble to make their cigalike sparkly or pretty in 5 bold shades. In fact, if anything, they seem to sell it as the token “beginners’ mod.” Pre-filled cartridges are expensive at $14.99 for 5 ($3 each), there are only 6 flavors, and it is much cheaper to buy e liquid plus blank, refillable cartridges or clearomizers.

But the batteries on these mini cigs are among the best you can buy, especially their 280mAh High-Drain cell, but the 180mAh is no slouch either. With the smaller battery attached to a basic cartomizer, both of them colored cigarette-paper white, this device looks a lot like a regular cigarette and feels like one too. Vapers will surprise their friends when they reveal they aren’t smoking anymore even though in many ways this feels like their comforting old cigarettes and they retain many aspects of a habit they enjoyed.

Starter Kit Contents

The kit does not come with a set of pre-filled cartridges, empty cartomizers, or a set of clearomizers. Those are sold separately. Your single choice with the kit is whether to buy one or two of them for $29.99 each. A single set with two batteries and charging equipment is adequate because, if you keep the spare charged, a battery is always ready to go.


Add e liquid/cartomizers right away. You’ll eventually want accessories too. There is just one color of kit but 6 flavors of e juice: Sahara or Classic Tobacco, Mighty Menthol, Cherry Crush, Chocolate Dream, or Very Vanilla. Choose refillable items and the list seems to go on forever, thanks to their custom e juice offer or pre-made flavors at a price of $15.99 for 30 ml. Go for a beverage-type e liquid, a decadent dessert, childhood favorite candy, or a savory, nutty treat.

Replacement batteries come in the two sizes above as manual (button-operated) or automatic (puff-operated) cells. When you select clearomizers instead of cartomizers, the look isn’t as cigarette-like. Cartomizers match batteries but clearomizers show your e juice level and the removable, stylized black tip changes things up.

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