Direct Vapor “Rises” to the Occasion! Check out the Vapir Rise V2 Vaporizer

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Not long ago, vapers started to see vape stores adding vaporizers to their selection. These alternative devices use wax, oils, and/or herbs instead of e juice, and sometimes even e liquid. They operate using wall power or in the hand with a battery. One such device sold by Direct Vapor is the Vapir Rise V2, priced at $299.99. They don’t mention if this is going to be an on-going in-stock item, but get it while they have it!

Tall Vaporizer

As a desktop mod, Vapir’s device offers the benefit of constant, uniform power. Vapir designed this device to be used with a balloon or a whip and is compatible with either dry herbs or oils. Unlike the Volcano by Germany’s Storz & Bickel, its shape is more like that of an old-fashioned gaming control stick, only the stick is wider, but narrow in the middle. The base supplies control settings to increase your temperature or lower it, paying close attention to how a setting affects flavor. Arriving at your desired temperature will take just 60 seconds.

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What’s in the Kit

Vapir’s starter set comes with a power cord for the wall, an oil chamber and oil pads, a grabber for the hot chamber so you don’t burn your fingers, and three balloons. There are screens, a HEPA air filter, 40″ of silicone tubing, and a mouthpiece.

Using the Device

The balloon is for assisted airflow delivery. You don’t have to inhale; just fill the balloon then hold the opening to your mouth and let vapor flow into your lungs. This is ideal for people with breathing problems. A fan inflates the balloon. Use the system with as many as 4 people. The vapor pathway is made from medical-grade stainless steel so you know it is safe.

Even when the fan is deployed, operation is ridiculously quiet and you can opt for fan-free operation too. Set up on a dark evening with candles glowing and create a mood with no sound; just the soft light of a backlit LED colored blue.

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Alternative to the Vapir Rise V2

Active vapers who want the convenience of a dry-herb vaporizer they can use on the go or outdoors when away from their Vapir Rise V2 might like to select the Vapium Summit Plus Dry Herb Vaporizer device at Direct Vapor, HERE. This was designed for maximum functionality at high altitudes with numerous features to prevent loss and breakage while hiking. Also, it’s nice and light (don’t let the slim and light nature of this fool you – it’s rugged). It’s also only $149.99.

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Direct Vapor “Rises” to the Occasion! Check out the Vapir Rise V2 Vaporizer
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