SAVE 12% on VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit!

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Coupon Details

SAVE 12% on the VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit while supplies last! After 365 customer reviews on the VaporFi website alone and a great run, the Vaporfi Rocket Starter Kit is soon to be “no more.” VaporFi is clearing it out, but don’t worry: they upgraded to the Rocket 3, so a better version is available. It’s a higher-priced item, too, and no one likes to hear those words, especially a new vaper.

Although this is probably not a person’s best choice of first e cig, beginners won’t find it hard to operate the Rocket after watching the video online and following instructions carefully. It’s just big compared with a Pro or an Express and offers some advanced features.

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Rocket Deal

VaporFi took 25% off the price of their 1600mAh Rocket starter set and off of replacement accessories like the battery and tank. If you already own a Platinum Tank or Vice Battery, these are compatible with the system too although Vice Batteries are no longer available outside of the kit which is also selling out at a clearance price. With a coupon code or loyalty points, you could discount even more money from the cost of your Rocket starter kit. New vapers or those new to VaporFi can take advantage of a 10% discount for signing up to their e-newsletter. Do a friend a favor: cite her as a reference when making your first purchase so she can take advantage of a bonus for making the referral.

Rocket Details

This is a high-powered variable voltage system. You turn a dial at the base and enjoy consistent voltage 100% of the time. Set voltage between 3.6V and 3.2V. Operating with the lowest voltage available extends your battery’s life per charge but that is not what matters most; what you want is the best vapor production you can get and excellent flavor. With that powerful 1600mAh battery heating your coils, vapor is going to be pretty thick, even at 1.8 ohms.

The 2.5-ml tank features a simple airflow system: adjust to open more or fewer holes in the base. Refill by unscrewing the tank and tipping it upside down to drip into the bottom. Put the parts together again and you have a pen-style e cig measuring 6.75 inches.

Rocket Starter Kit Contents

This product, now priced $67.49, contains the 1600mAh Variable Voltage battery and a tank with adjustable airflow. It also comes with a USB cable and an AC wall adapter for taking advantage of mains power when you aren’t near a USB outlet. The set also comes with 5 more atomizers. When you buy replacements, choose 1.5 ohms or 1.8 ohms. Sets of 5 cost $14.99.

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