WELL-LOVED!! Save 12% on the VaporFi Pro 3 Starter Kit! ONLY $43.99 w/ Discount!

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Coupon Details

ANOTHER Exclusive 12% off Deal! This one is to save 12% on the VaporFi Pro 3 Starter Kit! Regularly priced at $49.99, our built-in promo code brings it down to only $43.99! The discount is automatically applied as soon as you click the link –> “CLICK HERE and go to the Pro 3 Starter Kit Page Now!

vaporfi-pro-3-starter-kit-coupon-codeAnd now for the Pro 3 review: Why is the VaporFi Pro 3 such a popular item? It follows in the footsteps of a previous favorite, the original Pro, which took the world by vapor storm and is still offered as part of the Custom Vaporizer Builder program at VaporFi. We’re interested in version 3, though, so here are the specs.

Mouth to Lung for Beginners

Usually, new vapers inhale into the mouth then allow vapor to go into their lungs or come straight out their mouths. The Pro 3 was designed for this style of inhalation. It’s a pen-vape with a 1000mAh battery that’s efficient for use with 2-ohm coils.

In the Set

A Pro 3 Kit contains the battery, a tank with one atomizer installed, three extra atomizers of the same resistance rating, a USB charging cable, instructions, and four O-rings to ensure yours are always tight, thereby preventing leaks.

When you buy this kit for $49.99 (before any discounts), you also receive VaporFi’s 30-day Money Back Guarantee, access to excellent customer service, and the reassurance you picked well. That’s what a lot of other shoppers have to say about their purchase.

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Going Deeper

Let’s look more closely at the Pro 3, available in several vibrant colors. The tank will hold as much as 2.5 ml of e juice comfortably. Vapers can see it through a narrow window and will be aware when a top-up is needed. To do this, just unscrew the top and drip straight in, something you couldn’t do with earlier versions. The top-fill method has overtaken bottom-filling because you don’t have to disconnect the tank from its battery, turn it upside down, and potentially leak e liquid everywhere. Most consumers associate top-fill tanks with sub ohm systems, but that’s changing.

Upgraded Battery

Originally, batteries offered two power ratings of 650mAh and 1000mAh. VaporFi cut out the smaller battery and went straight for the big-power player. I guess that’s what most people want anyway. This battery is contained within a narrow base so you don’t have to take it out. Just plug the cell into a USB power outlet to recharge and this should take a little while, but that might be at the end of your vaping day anyway, so you aren’t needing the battery until tomorrow, thanks to that larger cell.


You can’t expect huge clouds with a 2-ohm atomizer coil, but these will be pretty good with your upgraded battery in place. Don’t go adding really thick e juice to the Pro 3 tank to make thicker vapor though; that could very well clog your coil. Choose a flavor from VaporFi’s basic but bountiful line.

Buy It: www.vaporfi.com

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