12% OFF! Vice Starter Kit On Sale + COUPON!

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Coupon Details

Our Exclusive Vaporfi coupon code saves you 12% on the Vice Starter Kit! It’s already on sale as we post this – So, take another 12% off! The code is automatically applied at checkout! GET IT NOW: www.vaporfi.com (Vice Starter Kit page)

vaporfi-vice-starter-kit-coupon-codeAnyway, trust VaporFi to always be looking for the new thrill; the next big mod. Their designers must drink a lot of coffee or something because they have a lot of energy. When a new device or an updated one is about to be released, you can see it in clearance pricing as VaporFi sweeps out the old to make room for the new.

Replacing Electronics

I would not call the Vice “old”; the Pro series and Express are older. Maybe this one did not sell too well for some reason. According to reviews, the Vice has been a good performer and gets 5 stars on the website. Perhaps there are some problems, however, and updates will result in a newer version being slated for later this year or a brand new model taking its place. Aesthetics might not have pleased consumers: this is a little bit dull. Whatever the case, the Vice Starter Kit is sure to be popular now that the price is 25% less at $74.99 as opposed to $99.99.

Starter Kit

A kit for this VaporFi e cig comes with the battery, tank, extra atomizers, and a charging set. Accessories can also be purchased separately until they’re gone and are listed at discounted prices shown in red.

Vice Battery

Restore power to the cell by using the USB charger directly or, if you are away from such an outlet but have access to mains power, connect the USB charger to an AC wall adapter (supplied with the set) and obtain power that way. There is no way to remove the 2200mAh battery, so you will have to wait for the cell to fill up before using it again, though 2200mAh should last the full day.

Tank Talk

VaporFi’s Vice Tank measures 2.5 ml, so it is not big. Nor is it exposed and vulnerable like a lot of tanks. Most of the glass is covered with stainless steel except for a large rectangular window showing how much e liquid remains in the tank. This is topped by a glass mouthpiece, the cleanest material but not the best-insulated. Not to worry though: minimum resistance is 0.5 ohms, but with the 1.2-ohm coil in place, vapor will not be unbearably hot. Change airflow on the tank too: this will affect how tight or loose the draw feels.

E Liquid

When you buy the kit, note that VaporFi rarely adds e juice to their sets. Purchase Grand Reserve flavors if you are using the 0.5-ohm coil. When you apply a 1.2-ohm coil, play it by ear. If this seems to clog coils, stick with 50/50 e juice.

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