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Save 10% at Spicely! Do you LOVE Organic Spices, Teas and Chocolates? And saving money as well? Thought so! 🙂 We do too! We just discovered – and are enthralled with them. If you sign up for their newsletter – which we think is an excellent idea – you’ll save 10% off your order!

This forward-thinking company has something for all of us – the teas were mind-boggling! I love different teas, and saw that they have some varieties and categories that I have NOT seen on any grocer’s shelves – at least where I live. For example, sure, anyone can go out and buy some green tea, right?

Spicely.comBut where are you going to find a blend like Green Chai or Green Citrus (I VERY much enjoy a green citrus blend)? I can’t even begin to tell you all the blends of teas that they have – I mean… really! SWEET TURMERIC TEA??? The ingredients in this blend include organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic pure vanilla powder, organic cinnamon true, and organic stevia leaf!

Spicely’s tea blends are far, far beyond anything I initially expected – and I’m not alone in my accolades. has fabulous reviews – and you can see those for yourself.

And then there are the chocolates. WHERE are you going to find Saffron White Chocolate?

Finally, the spices. Because I cook lots of Indian-inspired meals, I use a lot of spices such as cardomom, turmeric, fennel, fennugreek, and others – and I prefer them to be organic. Interestingly, they even had LONG PEPPER – something I almost NEVER find (I cannot describe the flavor, but I’ll tell you this: when my husband makes cole slaw, he used a grind or so of long pepper, and everyone loves it, and no one can tell what that “certain something” is in the mix! ha ha)

The saffron is a fair price in my opinion (saffron is noted as the most expensive spice in the world, and I go through a pretty good amount when I make Saffron Chicken – and a little goes a LONG way!).

I’m also loving the recipes section! I just happened upon a lacto-fermented sauerkraut recipe at Spicely, and want to give that a try. They’ve also started a forum section,

Anyway, I’ve probably rambled on long enough – Please give a try – I think that ONE visit to their website will convince you that this is one company that is doing all the right things, and for all the right reasons.



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