VaporFi Beginner Starter Kit Bundle REVIEW + 12% off PROMO CODE!

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CHECK THIS OUT!! BRAND NEW at VaporFi! The Beginner Starter Kit Bundle is 12% off with our Coupon Code HERE (see below, at the bottom of this review for the photo of how it will look when you apply this exclusive promo code)

Are you thinking about becoming a vaper but not sure you would like to puff on a device that resembles your old analog? Mini cigs are mistaken for cigarettes by uninformed consumers all the time, which can be embarrassing. Maybe you won’t feel like you quit smoking if the pen in your hand is too much like the Marlboros you loved anyway. Try a Beginner Vaporizer Bundle instead and kick that old, smelly habit successfully. (Note: If you are looking for the EXPRESS Bundles, see the bottom of the page)*

What is in a Beginner Starter Bundle?

A starter kit contains pieces all related to one model of e cigarette. A bundle could contain items from assorted models which are compatible with each other or might contain something extra. Such is the case with VaporFi’s Beginner Starter Kit Bundle. It’s still cheaper than shopping for individual items but it comes with added bonuses vapers won’t find in any other kit they sell here. More than that: while the Custom Kit Builder is another option, this is already well-suited to a new vaper and at a better price than a customized set: $69.99 with e liquid (BEFORE our 12% Discount!).

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Did You Say E Liquid?

That’s right; here and only here will vapers discover a starter kit from VaporFi which comes with e juice, and they encourage you to select a personal blend too. Pick from up to three flavors and a nicotine level. E juice will be exactly what you hope for: sweet, mentholated, tobacco-like, or a blend of all three.

What Will VaporFi Send Besides E Liquid?

The technical spec on this bundle is pretty good for a new vaper, but not overwhelming. There’s the power of a 650mAh Pro battery plus a 1.5-ohm atomizer made with organic cotton coil. It’s the 1.5-ml Pro-L II tank, not the newer Pro 3, but value is what you came for, not fancy new features or even colors. VaporFi’s beginner set comes in black only.

That’s what vapers get. A USB cable is included for recharging the battery plus a charging adapter for times when you don’t have a USB outlet and have to plug into a wall for power. Another 8 atomizers are included to provide you with many weeks of vaping before you need to replenish that stock, and they are all 1.5-ohm or low-resistance atomizers. Between the 650mAh battery and those coils, you should be impressed by the vapor you can produce. VaporFi adds a black drip tip insulated with Teflon as well as a green lanyard made from leather.

Together, the top and bottom parts measure over 8 inches, but this is still a pen-style device, light and portable.

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VaporFi Beginner Starter Kit Bundle Coupon Code

VaporFi Beginner Starter Kit Bundle Coupon Code

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