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Coupon Details

VaporFi’s team isn’t afraid of change – so use this special Pro II coupon and save 12% while they still have it! The code is automatically applied at Checkout! They make lots of changes to their catalog, all the time. Models are added; they are removed. While some brands hold onto many assorted types of e cigs for years creating a too-busy, outdated list, VaporFi prefers to stay current. It’s with this attitude that they say goodbye to their popular Platinum Pro II Starter Kit.

BUY IT NOW! www.vaporfi.com (Platinum Pro II Starter Kit Page)

vaporfi-platinum-pro-ii-starter-kit-coupon-codeWhy Does It Have to Go?

When the Pro III was released, the Platinum Pro II kit became obsolete. It’s really that simple. Numerous reviews have given the set high marks, so performance was not the issue in case you wonder if saving 25% is worthwhile just to buy a dud. You won’t be making a bad deal but will be saving money on a great kit.

Platinum Pro II Specifications

This starter kit mixes the Pro II battery with a Platinum tank. Together they form a top-heavy system some people have found irresistible. The bottom is a reliable EVOD-like battery with one flush steel button. The top is a 2.5-ml Pyrex tank with a narrow-shaped mouthpiece.

The battery offers 650mAh of power but you can also add a 1000mAh Pro II battery as an accessory. The two pieces are compatible with other VaporFi equipment like the Pro-L II tank, the Titanium Tank, Rocket, and Rebel II.

New Coils

VaporFi added organic cotton coils to specifications before OCC was cool. Taste the flavor of e juice, not dirty cotton. As this is a glass tank, even acidic juices are appropriate. Select 50/50 juice but nothing any thicker: 1.5-ohm atomizer coils won’t deal with sub-ohm liquid.

More Details

The Platinum set comes with a platinum-colored battery, so the whole thing is remarkably metallic. Only the glass tank breaks up all of that glistening metal. VaporFi provides extra O-rings, a USB cable, and an AC wall charger for times when you need mains power. Watch a video on VaporFi’s website to see how this thing was designed to operate. This is also your source for e liquid, replacement parts, and upgraded products in case you want to invest in a more advanced system as well. There are loads of those to choose from.


For example, VaporFi has released their third version of the Pro – and our exclusive 12% off automatic savings code will work for this as well! There are some slight changes to colors, for example; the tank is filled from the top instead of the bottom; and the Pro III tank window is bigger than before. There is only the 1000mAh cell with a Pro III while a discounted Platinum Pro still provides a smaller 650mAh cell and excellent value for money.

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