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Impact Of The Hybrid & Electric Bicycle

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Electric powered travel is not as new as we think it is. For more than a hundred years, inventors have been trying to develop systems which allow consumers to use electricity to power their vehicles and even bicycles rather than burning fossil fuels. This has meant developing batteries that can last long enough for extended journeys without being huge and too expensive. Electric and hybrid bicycles have been around for more than a century, so why are consumers only hearing a lot about them right now?

Hybrid & Electric Bicycle Absence

Technology was not quite ready to meet the needs of consumers a hundred-plus years ago; even a decade ago. Low-tech batteries were very large. The e-bike, as it would later be known, was slow and expensive. The battery was capable of only short journeys, just like an electric car battery. Battery chemistry has been subject to extensive research and funding in recent years, thanks to demands for electric cars, so technology has been leaping forward at a fast rate than ever. This is also partly due to the desire for wireless electronics among consumers.

UPDATE! We now have some great electric bikes listed!

Check our sections onElectric and Hybrid Bicycles” and “Electric Bicycles on Amazon

Why Go Electric

With a regular bike, a person’s body is responsible for doing all the work. This makes it impractical for consumers to make regular journeys by bicycle if they travel many kilometers to work, church, school, etc. Time constraints are an issue as is the uncomfortable reality that you sweat when you work like this. Bosses tend to frown on sweaty employees. Then again, traffic and parking prices plus the cost of purchasing, maintaining, and insuring a vehicle make cars poor options as well. Even if you can afford the price of running your car and taking it to work every day, there is the unfortunate environmental cost to be weighed up.

Ecological Issues

X-Treme Bike Newport Cruiser Electric Bicycle Amazon

X-Treme Bike Newport Cruiser Electric Bicycle Amazon

Think of a traffic jam, where cars are spewing toxins into the air without going anywhere. Bicycles can get between the vehicles, however, allowing individuals to travel more freely at times. Of course, that is not the case on a high-speed highway or where cars are able to move freely; when climbing hills, a car will go faster. Ultimately, the efficiency and usefulness of an electric bike is not as important as environmental factors.

Hybrid vs. Electric

There are two types of electric bike. The hybrid requires consumers to do some of the pedaling and might take some power back into the battery as a result of a person’s cycling efforts or while coasting downhill. An electric bike can be pedalled but the motor will handle everything if you wish. The line between them is a very fine one; more to do with battery power and duration; wattage and speed than anything else. Designs resemble all types of bicycles and they are made for city or off-road use specifically.

Who is the Electric Bike for?

Little has been said about electric bikes in North America until recently. The success of electric cars has prompted greater interest, however. Like Tesla and Nissan, e-bike inventors and manufacturers are responding to environmental needs. Finally, the technology is becoming affordable enough for average people to purchase it.

But will the average person buy one? Right now, that depends on where you live. In places where cycling is the normal way to travel, these devices are very big business. Holland and China are two examples. If your destination is further than 60 miles, a car is the better choice, and this is only with the top bike motors installed. For short journeys of 20 miles or less, electric bikes are excellent if there is somewhere to plug the battery in and charge it up.

The senior/disabled market could benefit significantly. If you can’t ride a regular bicycle comfortably because of injury or poor health, motorized assistance offers a compromise. You might have to pedal a little bit and at least get some exercise, but age and infirmity don’t keep you off of two wheels anymore. Spouses and kids can’t complain that a loved one is riding a dangerous, noisy motorbike; bicycles with motors are permitted on paths, are quiet, and they don’t reach nearly high enough speeds to make for a risky ride.

Young people are also discovering the allure of riding a bike with a motor. Battery operated technology and green attitudes are trendy. Teens and 20-somethings are more assertive about environmental issues than the previous generations have been, so they are choosing this bike versus a car. Moreover, since a good once can be purchased for around $1,500, a young person on a budget can afford this sort of transportation far more easily than he can afford to buy a car, fill it with gas, and keep it insured.


Generally, the electric bicycle is not fast enough or capable of high enough wattage to require registration or licensing. Anyone can ride them down city streets. Cars enhance one’s feeling of independence, but an electric bike is a compromise between that desire for freedom and budgetary realities.

Make A Plan With – E-Juice Vendor Extraordinaire!

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America’s e juice subscription programs have been highly popular with vapers. They provide a way to try new top shelf, American-made products while paying less per/ml. A subscription tends to yield surprises and pushes consumers out of their comfort zones. But most companies, such as, also give consumers the choice to purchase products individually outside of a subscription.

Breazy Box DeluxeWhat is an E Juice Subscription?

When consumers join a plan, they receive a certain number of bottles of e juice monthly. Although they specify the sorts of flavors they do and do not wish to receive, bottles are usually a surprise.

The customer doesn’t know which brand or style he or she will find in the mail each month. Vapers love the anticipation and frequently discover new, favorite products they would have otherwise overlooked. Sells E Juice Membership Plans

Customers at can sign up for one of two sizes of subscription using the regular formula. Pick a nicotine level and flavor boundaries. Select the larger or smaller order size (2 to 4 or 4 to 8 bottles, depending on volume) and wait for the new month to roll around.

Your box could contain e juices by BLAQ Vapor, Drippy Lee, 2 Cousins, or even Breazy. There is a very long list which is full of names, some familiar, some not so familiar. E Juices

Since there are so many products one could highlight, let’s begin by looking at Breazy’s own selection of breakfast styles. In fact, that is the name of their series: Breazy Breakfast. Why not specialize? Every other category is amply covered by the dozens of other brands available from the website.

Breazy makes an assortment of five vaping breakfast dishes. These are Toucan Cereal, Caramel Cinnamon Bun, Blueberry Donut, Honey Nut Cereal, and Strawberry Milk. They are not necessarily original, but the company guarantees quality and American-made standards.

Bottles come in 30 ml, 60 ml, or 120 ml sizes, always glass, with 0, 3, 6, or 12 mg of nicotine. Theirs is a small business, so there is always the possibility of stock issues. For instance, your chosen nicotine level or the bottle size you want might be sold out for a short time.

E Juice Promises

Without preamble regarding their specific line of e liquids, I can’t tell you much except what the company tells their customers on the “About Us” page. Information regarding e liquids pertains to every brand, theirs included.

Clients can expect to find only bottles with childproof caps so as to ensure the safety of their customers’ youngsters. Every product is US-made to top-shelf standards. I’m afraid that, since most top-shelf companies give almost nothing away regarding their ingredients or facilities, this can mean anything and is a purposely vague statement.

Company Policies

But, being a small firm in a big industry full of little guys, will have to fall in line with all the other businesses. The FDA has established guidelines about e juice bottling and ingredients, so I would look at their website again in 6 months.

A few things should have changed. Some e juices will have been removed as they go out of business or chooses not to be associated with them for the sake of their reputation. Their house brew will be more thoroughly described online I hope.

The firm provides several compelling reasons to shop with them. Firstly, they donate 1% of proceeds from sales to charity. I would love to see which charities these are and hope they aren’t just vaping associations.

Smoking-cessation programs and child-centered organizations are always good. Breazy’s employees “live for their customers,” so there’s a good chance clients get informed on decisions about where to channel this 1%.

The firm’s foundation is customer service but their roots go deeper; to a loathing of cigarettes and what these poisonous sticks can do to a smoker and a smoker’s family. Thanks to these strong feelings about cigarettes, does not associate with Big Tobacco.

No cig firms supply funding or partnership in any way. What the people at Breazy want for vapers is the simple freedom to find a way to give up smoking. To them, vaping is a healthier option.

E Juice Offer

With that in mind, Breazy is offering customers a special deal. If they spend more than $30 at this online store, they will receive a free sample of e juice. The people at Breazy will select a flavor the customer hasn’t ordered before in the hope of introducing something the client finds unexpectedly pleasing. Freedom tastes sweeter when you have more choices.

Protecting Kids

Breazy promises to never advertise to kids or to sell goods to children knowingly. They can’t vouch for the companies whose products they sell. As you can see by the list, even some of the brand names could catch the younger consumer’s imagination as will certain flavors, and then again, there is a vast majority of adult vapers who lean towards these flavors.

The website, however, doesn’t attract children. It’s clean and “breezy” but not bright and animated. This is a user-friendly portal for adult shoppers online.

Elby Bike

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You knew it was coming; stationary bikes already provided the option: I’m talking about the hybrid electric bike. Museums and dams put out bicycles anyone can ride for real so as to determine what it takes to provide energy enough to light a light bulb.

It’s quite a lot, but you also see what it takes for an electrical current supplied by a utility company to do the same thing. Like any hybrid device, the Elby can be pedaled by the rider or ridden like a scooter, allowing body power or electronics to do all the work. Meet the future of biking in cities, small towns, and wild country around the USA.

Explore on the Elby Bike

Elby Bike Single Speed

Image Credit:

The Elby was designed with explorers in mind. You want to go far, taking tracks that cars can’t travel on but without making a lot of noise or leaving a considerable footprint. ATVs, dirt bikes, and other leisure vehicles chew up the wilderness, disturbing natural inhabitants and nature lovers along the way. This quiet bike won’t do such dreadful things to the open spaces you love.

Hybrid Sophistication

At the same time, the Elby takes some of the hard work off of a rider’s hands. Pedal a little, then coast on the engine’s power. Pedal faster to create speeds of 20 mph and more. The more work you do, the less battery output is required and the longer it will last every time you charge it. Longer-lasting battery power provides a longer range of travel without an excessive amount of effort from the owner.

Battery Life

Battery realities dictate that you can only go so far and then it is necessary to plug in. Makers of this highly-anticipated invention recommend replenishing the cell every night because this takes about 5 hours. You do not want to be waiting for the battery to restore itself while you could be out on a mission to find nearby wineries and new varietals; take in some artisan shops or great cafes; head to work or for a visit with friends.

If you don’t ride the Elby very often, what is stopping you? Meanwhile, your cell goes into something known as deep sleep circuit protection so it does not go completely flat in 8 weeks after being neglected. Recharge it at least every 6 months so as not to lose the battery.

Your cell could, of course, last 5 years because demands on it are low. An active user of the Elby could get 2 or 3 years out of this product depending on how often he recharges it and the distance he pedals himself. There is also a special feature, common to hybrid bikes and cars, whereby excess energy is returned to the battery. Coast down hills and let the cell eat up this energy no one is using.

BionX System

The Elby’s electronics are run by something known as the BionX System which is its brain. This control center does all the physics and math thinking related to how fast you pedal vs. electronically-determined speed. It runs lights front and back which keep riders safe when they go out by day or by night. A control panel is detachable for security on the road.

Few Regulations

Cyclists have to follow the rules of the road like everyone else, but they do not have to carry a license, registration, proof of insurance, and so on. Ride the Elby without carrying all that weight on your shoulders.

Carry it to every off-road spot with a reasonable pathway, hoisted onto your bike rack in the usual way. A sealed motor is resistant to the weather too, so don’t be afraid of riding in the rain.

Those responsible for its design also decided to keep the center of gravity low so as to enhance the rider’s confidence and attract consumers who otherwise feel unequal to the skill of high-speed bike riding.

So far we haven’t seen this on Amazon, but if we do, we’ll be including it in our category of Electric Bicycles on Amazon! Right now, it looks like they’re only being discussed (not offered yet) at their site, – my hope is that once it’s released, it’ll be on Amazon.

ASUS ZenPad Z8

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Have you seen pictures of the new ASUS ZenPad Z8? If images can be believed, this is a visual stunner for those who spend a lot of time in the virtual world or use their pads to take pictures. Grandparents, artists, and visual learners will have to get one of these new small computers which looks like a bigger version of your Android Smartphone.

Measurements of the ASUS ZenPad

ASUS ZenPad Z8

This is not a phone or a “Pod” but a pad, so it’s larger, though not as big as a notebook or a laptop. It measures just over 8 inches high and about 5.4 inches wide, weighing in at less than a pound. The battery provides 4680mAh of power.

In real terms, that means it holds a charge for a long time (up to 13 hours) as long as you don’t waste the battery. A large battery is important on any sort of visual-display item because memory (stored pictures and videos, particularly) uses up a lot of power, even on stand-by.

If you’re just streaming stuff or using Skype, that’s not necessarily the case. Memory can be expanded with the use of a MicroSD card which brings you up to 128 GB, but this is not included with the ASUS ZenPad Z8.

Motion and Music

The ZenPad Z8 is being touted for its entertainment value. If you are looking for clearer pictures and better sound, this could be the tablet you have been waiting for. Watch fast-moving scenes from action movies or while playing video games.

Since it’s bigger than a Moto G or an iPod, you won’t have to squint to see images. That’s thanks to the bigger screen but also VisualMaster technology. This supplies a High-Def image so you can even watch TV shows and movies on the go.

If you can trust them with your precious tablet, give kids the Z8 to watch programs on the backseat of the car on long drives. Yes, the crisp definition is wasted on cartoons, but you’ll know the difference when viewing a car-chase flick or catching a musical performance from a distance.

Dual speakers at the front let you catch the definition in sound; individual instruments, dynamics, and so on. The clarity, offered by SonicMaster, is equal to that of the large speakers of a few years ago that sit in your living room to listen to music.

Now, all you need are these far tinier examples to accomplish professional sound and an impressive volume range too. Small speakers belie the capacity to bring music to life.

Pixels are livelier than ever. Photographs will look as though they were taken on a proper camera, not even a cheap digital but a real piece of photographic equipment. Select the mode for low light to brighten a dark setting and ensure contrast is sharp.

Top Performer

ASUS makes a good machine. They have become one of the primary competitors in handheld technology this past half-decade. ASUS continues this trend with the Snapdragon Hexa-Core processor which removes lag, makes for smooth-moving imagery, and speeds users through the internet as though they were surfing on a wave.

At the same time, technology is paired with a comfortable and stylish design. The Z8 will sit comfortably in one’s hand, is thin, minimal-looking, and light. Friends will all be asking where you got your new toy and you can tell them it’s no toy; this is pro-quality technology with a battery worth many hours of constant run time, an 8MP camera, and a maximum of almost 4-weeks standby power.

Many Bands

ASUS’s new pad works with numerous LTE network bands. These include B2, B4, B13, and more. It’s inclusive, affordably priced, and one of those items that the kids will feel they really need for school. Keep your college students in mind, especially as September rolls around once more.

The Best Article Writing Services for 2018

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If you own a business, then you know the importance of having a strong online presence that is supported by regular content updates. And, like many others, you likely do not have the time, skill nor interest in creating your company updates. This is where article writing services come into play. There are several of them out there for you to choose from.

Here are a few places that you can check to find the best article writing services for 2018:

With this article writing service, you can select from four different levels for basic articles. At the least expensive level, your article will be seen by all of the writers using the site. The higher pay restricts the pool. You can also offer jobs directly to writers that have done a satisfactory job.

You receive no time guarantees with this site, which means your articles could sit there for days, weeks or even months before a writer chooses to write it. If you need content quickly, this could become problematic. The quality and style of work can vary tremendously from one article to the next.

Owned and operated by Jon Leger, an Internet marketing leader, is an excellent choice for all of your article needs. From basic SEO-based articles to expert-level prose, you can select from a variety of options to ensure you receive exactly what you need. Whether you need a quick, 100-word blog post or a 20,000 e-book, you will see an amazing return time on your INA orders.

The site also has a “Marketplace” which has completely original high-quality articles ready to purchase. This new feature covers a wide range of topics. Only the best writers on the site are allowed to post articles in the Marketplace and you will pay a premium price for the content.

You can also obtain premium content and service through the Niche Jet system.

Once in a while, a non-native English speaker gets through their system and you may have to request a refund. Another drawback is that the turn around time can be slow if you have a difficult topic or a large number of article requests are posted. However, paying for expedited services will help to prevent that.

I have personally used, and you can see my review here for additional insight on this service (which I have to say is one of the best I’ve ever used), or you can head directly over to their site to check it out yourself:

Article Bunny by Bunny, Inc.

This site launched last year and has quickly developed a reputation in line with the other Bunny, Inc. services. You can set up orders so that you can get a return quickly or audition a few writers prior to choosing one. With the contest option, applicants will submit an outline or other introduction as per your request regarding the topic. You can choose the person who best grasps your concept.

This site is more expensive than the previous two. One of the reasons is that the applicants get paid in the contests. The order request form is time-consuming, as is the process of reviewing submissions and tweaking the instructions if needed.

This site is great for inexpensive SEO style articles. If you need a large batch of articles related to your niche, you can get them from this site. You can sign up for additional services that will automatically post the SEO articles to various directories for you, simplifying your work.

This site has an amazingly fast turnover time and very low prices. On the other hand, there are no guarantees regarding the ability of writers on the site. Many are not native English speakers/writers. You may end up wasting time sifting through these poor quality articles or those that have been spun. Also, the writers can see if you have rejected articles but not why. If you get bad work in the beginning, it will harm your statistics and keep good writers from wanting to take a risk on their own statistical standing.

When you are looking for the best article writing services, you need to first consider what you need from the content. While the quality of articles for backlinks does not have to be incredibly high, anything associated directly with your business should be. Use the information about the pros and cons of each site to determine which one will best suit your article needs.

Best Ride On Mowers (IMHO)

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A lawn mower is a simple tool but aside from just making beautiful patterns, they can do much more. There are options out there than can help in mulching, decrease your mowing time, and minimize carbon footprint on the lawn. Various factors will determine the right tool for your individual needs. New technology makes it easier to deal with your lawn more efficiently.

You will work through the biggest to the smallest lawn in less time, using less energy, and more efficiency. You can choose from a wide variety of zero-turn, gas riding and commercial riding mowers that will keep your lawn decent throughout the seasons. On a lighter note, it is a good gift idea for Father’s Day.

Factors to Consider Before Acquiring a Riding Mower
The property matters. A small piece of land requires a smaller lawn mower that can maneuver easily. An larger yard, on the other hand, will require a mower with a wider deck size that can effectively get the job done. This accommodates maneuverability in tight spots. If, for example, the property has trees, a smaller deck will be able to fit in between with ease.

Your budget is also a crucial consideration. Depending on your financial abilities and needs, you can acquire one of these bad boys from a range of $250 to over $10,000.The determining factor here is the price, compared to the features they come with. Consider the availability and cost of spare parts for future repairs or maintenance too.

Speed makes a big difference too. The faster your machine cuts, the lesser time you spend on the mowing job. As a trained landscaper or professional, this will greatly increase efficiency and profits, naturally. The placement of the engine is of great importance too. If the engine is placed at the back, it offers less power as opposed to front-placed engines. Front-placed engines are more accommodating and improve control of the mower too.

Additional features are significant too. Features such as multi-blade cutting systems, automatic transmission, fuel optimized engines and/or automatic transmissions play a big role. To get more functionality from your machine, attachments can be added. These can be in the form of baggers, feed spreaders, aerators and cultivators.

After much research, here is a list of the five best sit down lawn mowers for your consideration. The models are the best in their particular fields considering terrain, size, power and taste.

Some of the Five Top Rated Lawn Mowers
Bad Boy MZ Magnum: It features an enormous 726cc Kawasaki engine that achieves up to 6 miles-per-hour. It has a 48-inch blade that is effective for large lawns. It is a zero-turn piece of machinery, meaning it can maneuver around any object by spinning on its wheels. Hydrostatic transmission ensures your can concentrate more on steering using both hands. For more precise mowing, the blades can be adjusted between the ranges of 1 inch to 4 inches. Additionally, you can use the foot-pedal to adjust the blade clearance height in case you come across an obstacle such as a rock. In short, it gets more work done better and in a shorter time.

Husqvarna YTH21K46: Carrying a 21 Horsepower engine and a 46-inch deck, this machine can comfortably make it through tight spots and wide yards. It has a large lever located near the steering wheel that simplifies disengaging and engaging the engine. Speed control is made less complicated by the forward and reverse right-foot pedals. This is important since it lets you concentrate on steering with your hands full in close proximity maneuvering. It is much cheaper that an average mower.

John Deer D110: This model is particularly recommended if you intend to use it in a hilly terrain, an area with roots, or a yard that has obstacles. This is because it has a power take off (PTO) lever and a hydrostatic foot-pedal drive allowing easier manipulation of the mower in rocky places.

Cub Cadet LTX 1045: If your land is small, then this is your best choice. A piece of land with many obstacles would also benefit from this mower. It has enlarged right foot-pedals that are hydrostatic with special emphasis on the reverse foot-pedal. Additionally, reverse mowing interlock is connected to the ignition switch, marked, and further connected to a push button. This is a plus for reverse mowing since not many models make it easy to make this move.

Craftsman YT 3000: Packing a 46-inch deck and a $1,740 price tag, this baby has a lever on the rear fender that shifts the mower into forward or reverse mode. It acts similar to a cruise control feature, especially in big areas. The rear tires have nine-inch treads, two-inches wider that those of other mowers, thereby reducing the carbon footprint all over your lawn.

Ride on mowers provide better handling especially if your choice is a zero-turn model. They have stronger steel blades that can cut even through long grass without risking clogging or jamming. They can handle terrain that is punishing and most of them have features to adjust accordingly. In contrast to a robotic or a push mower, riding mowers are time-saving and efficient, in turn, saving you money. The best advantage of these machines is the comfort they offer while you work on your lawn.

The best sit down mower will ultimately depend on your personal needs. If you wish to use a bagger to collect the cuttings or just let the cuttings mulch up your lawn, it is your prerogative when purchasing this machine. Different terrain and size of property will also make the difference on the type of the machine to buy. As a conscientious neighbor, also consider the levels of noise from one of these landscaping machines. Having a well-maintained lawn does not have to mean irritated neighbors. Environmentally friendly individuals should consider mowers with low pollution or none at all.

The best riding mower is one that will get the job done faster, effectively, comfortably and affordably. Make sure you have good protection against malfunctions and breakdowns by ensuring reasonable warranty from dealers. Technology moves in a fast pace. Always make sure to do thorough market research on these products to guarantee you get the best deal available. Increase your odds of getting a mower that will offer you the best service for many years.

Buying and Using 3D Printers

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We’ve recently become enthralled with 3D printers. I even had a dream about using one the other night where I was talking with someone about “making a tree” or something oddball like that, and he told me, “Okay, let’s do it now,” and (in my dream), he pressed a button and lo and behold, a “tree” just kind of “grew” on top of the desk. So… anyway, I have vivid dreams. (No gold coins were created though… haha!)

Anyway, there is no reason to feel limited by two-dimensional printing anymore. If you are struggling to convey a 3-dimensional idea to someone at the office, have it printed in three dimensions and show people what are you have been thinking about. This is really, truly possible right now and has been going on for longer than the average person might imagine.

How Does It Work?

With a conventional printer, you take something from your computer and copy it onto paper to share and to see. Information comes from software, files saved into your documents, and so on. With a 3D item, special software allows the user to create a model of something precisely. An example might be a figurine one would place on a shelf. It would be created without necessarily having any artistic skill thanks to an advanced, user-friendly software program. Reports say it can work with mechanical parts, jewelry, and much more.

Cost Effectiveness

In fact, for many years manufacturers have been using 3D printers to create items either to continue the process of creating a finished item, looking at a prototype and so on, or to create the finished item. Companies are saving money and time by spending big money on commercial 3D printers because, in spite of their cost (which is coming down), these machines allow commercial operations to create prototypes on the spot without having to send away for them. If a change has to be made, it is also created on the spot. There is no waiting and the cost is much less.

There are items which can be placed on a desktop at work and can be used even in a small office space. Bigger machines take up half of a room, but those are not the biggest. The biggest 3D printing machines are for manufacturing items for sale. These can be created, seemingly, out of any media.

One brand provides inexpensive versions of those printers specifically for making models. Insert the filament color you need and watch smoothly finished items pile up on your desk for sale to customers anywhere in the world.

For Personal Use

On the other hand, keep them and finish them to be added to a collection you are building, to give as gifts, or to put in your garden. You can even have a printer at home and use it to duplicate items for your hobbies such as model parts. The software you need is already available and some of it for free, but other items must be purchased. They give you the ability to print off things which you would ordinarily have to order, maybe wait weeks for, and then possibly return because of a fault or damage which occurred when the item was shipped. Imagine having that technology on your desk at home: it is possible and affordable.

Some machines are just a few hundred dollars to purchase. Of course, providing the materials to use them is not like buying paper and ink cartridges. This is where expenses will increase considerably.

Like any individual who wants to buy some technological gizmo and has to have the best, there are expensive models of personal printers too. They are getting cheaper but cost a few thousand dollars to own.

An Alternative

When VHS first came out, hardly anyone owned a video player. To watch a movie at home meant renting the machine and the movie. People did not own printers. They took floppy disks to special print shops and had items produced that way. Individuals still take their information to print and photocopy shops to save money on the costs of printing masses of material, especially in color or in particular styles of paper. This way they do not have to own the technology or find room for it when they can hardly ever see themselves using it.

The same is true for 3D printing. Shops providing this service are more common today than ever. If you are not sure about the uses you could find for 3D printing, try the software without buying a machine. (Of course you can buy them for home use.)

More Possibilities

Writers on the subject of 3D printing note that the possibilities continue to expand and change the world we live in. Once someone comes up with an idea, it seems only a short while before it is brought to fruition now that the technology exists. For instance, there are reports of using 3D bioprinters for testing medicines and for other medical purposes.

Who knows where it’s all going to lead? Right now, there are a number of desktop versions available, such as the one in this LulzBot Mini Desktop 3D printer review here at the site. People are having a blast learning this new technology, and I’m guessing it won’t be long before they’re seen in schools and homes everywhere!

Looking at Inflatable Pontoon Boats AND a Memory


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Lately, we’ve noticed that those cool 1-person and 2-person inflatable pontoon boats have become pretty popular. I see them on rivers and lakes frequently these days. The other day, I recognized this Classic Accessories Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat (With Transport Wheel & Motor Mount) that was purchased on Amazon and saw that it was about the highest rated rig in its category, and the more I checked it out, the more I thought the usual thought that I have when I see cool things to add to our site here – and that’s “Man, I WANT that!” Of course I do. 🙂

But, it brought back a memory that I thought I’d share with our readers here. I have to disguise the actual name of the resort since I didn’t actually have any kind of boating license whatsoever, but this story is from a far simpler time…

This is my personal experience with a pontoon boat – and the first time I “piloted” one.

So, back in the 1980s (seems like a long time ago all of a sudden when I say it that way), I worked at a resort in Colorado when, at some point I started taking people over Trail Ridge Road as did many of the resorts back then. We would load our guests in some big van, and then drive over to Grand Lake, and take a pontoon party type of boat and tool around and enjoy lunch on that beautiful lake.

Now, not only did I not have any type of commercial drivers licenses back then by the way, and I’d only actually been ON a pontoon boat once before, and never, ever actually piloted one.

But the guests didn’t know any of this.

I went to the marina at the adjacent lake or reservoir – whatever it was – to check out the boat for the day, and told them I had no idea what I was doing or how to navigate over to Grand Lake. They just said, “Steer to the left of those (whatever) buoys, and go so slow that you don’t make a wake. And when you get to the bridge, the pass-through is really narrow, so try not to bang the boat on the sides of the bridge. Then you’ll be on Grand Lake.”

That’s it! That was all the instruction I was given. I was able to navigate okay to the bridge, way in the distance – and then because I was nervous about whether or not I could navigate through the narrow opening, I told the guests on board, “Ok everyone, this is where we place our bets as to whether or not your tour guide can make it through the bridge without hitting the boat. Some days we can do it, and others we can’t! What will it be today? Please keep your hands INSIDE the boat in case we do hit the walls.”

They were all laughing – and SOMEHOW I got through clear – without hitting the walls. They were all applauding! They had NO idea I was terrified! Then, out on the open lake, I just cruised around and tried to keep the bridge in my site so I could get back later!

Then we had to go back THROUGH the bridge, which I managed, and then find the marina again – which I somehow did – there was more than one – and then park the darned thing – which I sort-of did – the dock hands were there to help tie me in.

THEN, back into the van and the long drive back OVER Trail Ridge Road (the highest continuous paved road in the US I think – complete with lots of great drop-offs… Oy…) Back to the resort in time for dinner.

The guests all thought I was a pro and more than one guest bought me a drink at the bar. They had an absolute blast, and after that I was much more confident.

Boy, those were some LOOOONG days.

But taking guests to their rafting float trips on the Colorado river were even LONGER days… I’d have to nap in the van when they’d be on the river – just so I could remain awake enough to drive them back (also over Trail Ridge Road).

I know people who still work there. I should ask sometime if they now have commercial driving and boating licenses. Haha!

But, anyway, it’s totally easy to see why these smaller (and much more manageable) inflatable pontoon boats are so popular. I think I could get into fishing or just floating around in these very, very easily. Thanks for reading! I’ll post more info on these boats soon!

PS: If I’ve inspired you to check out the Classic Accessories Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat, CLICK HERE!

European Car Rental Fees & Insurance Explained

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For our Canadian and USA readers, AutoEurope has provided a resource to help you understand car rental and car insurance fees. This has been a perplexing concept for me, personally in the past, so hopefully these links from them will be helpful to someone getting ready to rent a car in Europe!

The terms can be complicated, and there might be additional car rental fees… and of course varying laws by country all contribute to a gauntlet of options that leave many drivers worried about whether or not they’ll have proper coverage. has you covered!

Insurance Explained
•US Residents: Using your Credit Card for Car Rental Insurance

•CA Residents: Car Rental Insurance Guide

•US Residents: Car Rental Insurance Options in Europe

•US Residents: Car Rental Insurance & Waivers in Europe

Car Rental Costs: How to Avoid Hidden Car Rental Fees
•US Residents: Car Rental Costs: How to Avoid Hidden Car Rental Fees

•CA Residents: Car Rental Costs: How to Avoid Hidden Car Rental Fees

Sometimes Auto Europe has some pretty great discounts! When we get them, we put them in this section of the site: so have a look!

July 4 2016 Vape & E-Cig Coupon Codes, Discounts and Promotions


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We wanted to create this page for the vaping deals offered this July 4th weekend, 2016, as there are some serious deals going on this year, and a lot of them are for the whole Independence Day 2016 Weekend!

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