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I had a great conversation with some folks today, and they brought my attention to an item that they were looking for, and needed to get a good deal on it. I told them I’d search out some deals and post them on the site. So, it occurs to me that you may also be looking for certain deals, but all the searching online isn’t getting you what you need.

Of course we can’t find discounts and coupon codes for absolutely everything since not all companies offer them. However, we do have affiliate accounts with hundreds of companies in nearly every category you could need. If you’re looking for a certain deal in a product category, and you aren’t finding it here, drop a line in the comment box and let us know what you need, and if we can locate a deal, we’ll post it in our coupon section for you!

And that brings me to a tip for searching the site. You can use the search function at the top right hand of the page (see the screenshot below), and search by product name (e.g. Lost Empire Herbs Pine Pollen, PianoForAll – which is a great online piano course, Cake Stackers – which is a fabulous cake-support system, Livfree Dental Gel – which btw used to be known as Livionex – TrueFit Grass-Fed Protein, Moissanite engagement rings), or the store name (e.g. Lost Empire Herbs, Amazon, Direct Vapor, Kobelli – the jeweler known for their moissanite gems, etc.).

Or, if you want to see what is available in different categories, you can search that as well! It’s easy to find our categories, and you’ll likely find numerous products cross-categorized. For example, if you were looking for a stand up desk (e.g. VersaDesk or VariDesk), you might check the “office supplies” category, or “ergonomic” category. If you are looking for a certain tent or backpack you might check the “camping” or “hiking” categories. We do our best to cross-categorize as much as possible. Skin care products might be found in “anti-aging skin care,” “rosacea,” “beauty,” “cosmetics,” or “skin care.”

In the next screenshot, you’ll see where to find our categories section. Simply hover your mouse over the “Stores” tab at the top of the page, and then when you see “Categories” in the drop-down menu, click on that, and all the various categories from A-Z will appear below. From there, click any of the categories of interest.


We are always looking for new products to feature on the site, and you’ll also find product reviews here, especially when we find items that we really love! We’ve got great relationships with a lot of merchants as well, so once in a while you’ll see us feature specific merchants in interviews and reviews so that you can get to know them as well!

For example, we had a great opportunity to try out some delicious organic meal delivery plans, and between Martin and I, we came up with some great reviews – for example, check out these videos from when I purchased a few meals from Personal Chef to Go – just below! (Check out Personal Chef to Go HERE – and see our Personal Chef to Go coupons HERE

Note to Vendors: If you are interested in having us feature your products here on the site, please get in touch with us!


Keep Mealtime Neat And Fun With Ezpz Happy Mats

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Ok folks! Let’s get right to the point: the ezpz Happy Mat is a true winner in every way! As a reviewer, obviously I look for new products to investigate – and I sometimes find them in interesting ways. One of them is through television, and I don’t mean commercial advertisements. I have to admit that I’m a Shark Tank junkie and I love to promote products that have been on the show, such as the Squatty Potty – another total winner (not to mention their great “Unicorn Pooping” commercial).

ezpz Shark Tank Appearance

So, it was through Shark Tank I was introduced to www.ezpzfun.com when the program showcased the original ezpz Happy Mat, a child’s placemat that sticks to the surface of the table so a child can’t go hurling food and dish off as the meal progresses.

Lindsey Laurain, the founder of ezpz, shared on the show that the company netted $1.2 million in gross sales and $140, 00 in profit in their first year. Although two “sharks” offered her deals structured around her basic goals but not the one she requested, in the end she decided not to accept because in the end the fit just wasn’t quite right for her needs. The next year her sales climbed to $2 million and the company continues to grow in sales and add new products through today.

Watch ezpz on Shark Tank!

The Happy Mat, ezpz’s signature product, works through suction to keep its silicon placemat attached to the tabletop. It is made of 100 percent food-grade silicon, as are all the companies’ mats. All the placemat and dish combination products: the Happy Mat, Happy Bowl, Mini Mat, Flower Place Mat, Mini Bowl – and most recently the Care Bear Collection; are microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe (up to 350°).

They are BPA, BPS, PVC, phthalate, and latex free as well as hypo-allergenic. The products do not  harbor bacteria. They promote self-feeding and the development of fine motor skills.

Not only do they make mealtime easier for everyone, a genius idea all by itself, but they are colorful and fun! They have also become my go-to gift for baby showers and birthday gifts for all my friend’s babies, grandbabies, and toddlers.

ezpz Happy Mat Prices

The original ezpz Happy Mat retails online for $24.99 (less for the Mini Bowls, and just a few dollars for the Micro Mats) and is available in seven colors: coral, lime, gray, blue, blush, sage , and pewter. It is an all-in-one plate and placemat that captures all the dining mess of your infant/toddler and keeps it confined to one space. It suctions directly to the table, making it nearly impossible for tiny hands to lift up and tip over. Measuring 15 inches by ten inches by one inch, it fits most standard high chairs. Three to four mats can be stacked and carried with food in them. They are easy to store because of their flat bottoms and are built to last. They don’t corrode, fade, or deteriorate.

The portion sizes (in the “eyes” and “smiles” of the dish) are suited to toddlers at four ounces in the eyes and 10 ounces in the smile. These compartments encourage parents to serve a fruit, veggie, and protein plus carbohydrate for a balanced meal. Its smiley face design also encourages kids to be in a positive mealtime mood, promoting self-feeding. Reaching for fruit and veggie pieces also develops fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

The ezpz Happy Bowl

The Happy Bowl is the next evolution of the Happy Mat. It also suctions directly to the table, making it difficult to tip over and spill its contents. At its one and one half inch height, the bowl is perfect for a variety of foods, including soup, cereal, oatmeal, and pasta. This products is designed for infants/toddles from six months+ and retails at $19.99 It holds an eight ounce portion of food.

You can microwave food directly in the bowl to warm it. Made of the same material as the Happy Mat, it has all the same product qualities as well and is offered in the same colors. Its base size is slightly larger than the Happy Mat at 15 inches by ten inches.

The ezpz Mini Mat

The Mini Mat is another all- in-one- placemat. Like the larger ones, it suctions to the table and is ezpz’s solution for travelers. At ten and three quarter inches by seven and three quarter inches by one inch, the Mini Mat fits most high chair trays including “space saver” models. It caters to infants with two ounce portion sizes for the eyes and four once potions in the smile. It is perfect for traveling and dinners out because it is lightweight and compact.

Easy to carry, it comes packaged in a reusable bag that you can stow away in your diaper bag. It retails for $19.99. I think this would be especially helpful to have for a child who is used to the Happy Mat at home, so there is mealtime continuity in a strange place to help the child eat well.

In addition to these three mat/dish combinations, ezpz offers five specialty items for sale as well. One is the “bapron” – a bib/apron hybrid. They also have a combo Happy Bowl + Logan & Lenora Wet Bag. It seems like they come out with fun and new ideas pretty often from what I’ve been seeing.

Making Mealtime Ezpz Book

Another specialty item is their cookbook, “Making Mealtime Ezpz: Fun Ways to Fill the Happy Mat” is full of tips on healthy foods, dealing with picky eaters, and much more. It contains lots of recipes and fun food art to make that are ezpz for parents. It retails for $19.99. A good companion gift to pair with the cookbook is their Silly Billyz Bib, which retails for $8.99. This bandana bib is made from premium 100 percent cotton jersey that is machine washable and tumble-dry safe. It features a three position snap closure neck to assure a comfortable fit. It is great for not only mealtimes but all day drooling.

Flower Play Mat

The fourth specialty item is the Flower Play Mat. This mat is a fun change of pace since it can be used for more than just serving food. With the “flower” off to the side, it is designed to be used for art and fun too! Available in lemon and mint and retailing for less than $28, the Flower Play Mat is perfect for painting, bead working, necklace making, Lego sorting, and anything your imagination can devise.

The petal cup divisions of the flower are sized for the pincer grip of a child, which assists with the development of fine motor skills. The container’s higher lip captures beads, water and the other materials you place in them. The mat’s size (16.5 by 12.25 by one and one quarter inch) can hold a standard (eight and one half by 11 inch) sheet of paper.

The Micro Mat

The Micro Mat is the other specialty offering. Priced at $3.99 and made in blue or pink, this tiny mat (only three inches by two inches) is smaller than a crayon. And it’s the right size to serve your little one’s Legos and dolls. It is also just the right size for introducing a morsel of a new food. You can have it placed beside the regular Happy Mat during a meal!

ezpz Amazon Reviews

ezpz currently earns 4.5 stars out of well over 1500+ reviews on Amazon. 71% of these are 5 star ratings, with 12% at 4 stars. See the product page I’m referring to at Amazon HERE (basic ezpz Happy Mat). Their website, www.ezpzfun.com, offers many recipes posted from their customers with pictures and stories to enjoy. They also have their Mealtime Made ezpz Blog with great posts such as: “The Happy Mat and Child Development”, “How to Introduce Blueberries to Your Toddlers”, and “Language Activities on the Happy Mat”.

If you have infants and toddlers in your life or know someone who does, I highly recommend ezpz’s products! And I think this would be an awesome baby shower (or other gift-giving occasion) gift too!

ezpz Happy Mat Coupon Codes are Available

PS: Whenever ezpz Happy Mat coupon codes are available, you’ll find them in our ezpz section of MyFavDeals at: https://myfavdeals.org/store/ezpz-coupon-code/

The Cape Cod Bracelet Phenomenon

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Who is wearing what in the celebrity world today? Pay close attention: it is going to cause a stir in the fashion world whether you are looking at watches, fitness bands, earrings, bracelets, or clothes. While many of those trends will be traced back to a big design house, some will be connected to a small business and shocked artists who had no idea his creation would cause such a stir. The Cape Cod Bracelet has been around for years but what caused its popularity to soar was not the design so much as who was seen loving this design on the small screen.

John Carey’s Famous Fan
An actress from a popular TV show who graduated in the area where Carey’s shop is located was spotted wearing her own Cape Cod Bracelet. This article of jewelry became part of her on-screen outfit; an accessory she did not remove for a long time. When this was spotted by fans of the show, lots of them wanted to know where they could get a bracelet just like it. So what is the Cape Cod Bracelet?

A Simple Design

It is nothing flashy; just something John Carey came up with three decades ago and which met with modest success at the time. He made it for a child in such a way that it wouldn’t fall off the child’s wrist. His band is made from gold or silver, so its quality is indisputable. The two ends are held in place by a screwball and, in some versions, there is a second screwball. Nothing could be simpler, yet that’s what the current generation goes for. They love minimalism and find simplicity more sophisticated than complex designs.

Since its debut on television, this design has become a star in its own right. Carey’s star was also destined to rise. He went from small-business owner to an exhausted artisan struggling to keep up with demand. In an effort to satisfy respectful customers, this ordinary man with modest ambitions had to get help from those closest to him and also enlarge his premises.

What Happened as a Result of TV Fame?


Click this Amazon image of this Cape Cog Bracelet to see the product page at Amazon!

After the bracelet’s popularity started to increase, Eden Hand Arts, Carey’s shop, became a very busy place and too small for the bustle going on inside. Everyone wanted their own Cape Cod Bracelet which has also been called the Dennis bracelet named for the Massachusetts town where this shop can be found. Carey’s shop, opened nearly 50 years ago, always had an appeal of its own, like a lot of quirky art shops do with their unique pottery and other functional pieces.

The result of sudden fame, however, was to alter the gentle course of a part-time career. Eden Hand Arts turned into a tourist attraction, something it was never designed for and not what they really desired. Carey and his wife Eve don’t even advertise their store or its wares.

Trouble with the Locals

Their newfound popularity caused problems. Many local people were unhappy because of traffic issues and the police had to become involved. One can imagine how uncomfortable that would have been for the mild-mannered artists. There was no room to park at their old premises, before they moved, and even this newer shop is a little small, perhaps to discourage large numbers of customers from coming to visit.

It’s all a little bit much for a small town and inhabitants not accustomed to so much fame. Historic Dennis, part of Yarmouth, is known for its shipping past, its Museum of Art, interesting historic buildings, whale watching, and a love of the arts in general. This coastal location draws families and history buffs, but not crowds of fashion-minded shoppers.

Spreading the Load

John Carey went from making all of his own work to hiring someone to help him keep up with demand. Helpers make a bracelet in one hour, custom-fitted so that it will fit the individual without falling off. People line up for more than 2 hours to get theirs, especially on a Saturday, and the Cape Cod Bracelet has become a trendy “must-have” for visitors, locals, and locals’ friends.

Local Legend

This bracelet was once something that locals considered their own. It wasn’t known or purchased by foreigners. People didn’t come to Dennis to find this little shop in a garage over the owners’ home; their shop isn’t listed as a tourist attraction on the town’s website. Quality sells itself, however, and word has spread.

Continued Artistic Endeavors

Before their shop became so popular, Eden Hand Arts was just a small business where two teachers, now retired, could sell what they made. They operated the business until 2001 when a daughter took over. She and her mother are both potters. The daughter continues with her artistry while her husband makes those famous bracelets. Some customers own multiple bracelets and matching accessories. Meanwhile, John and Eve Carey still create items which are sold in the shop even though they are in their 80s.

Eden Hand Arts remains open from 10 to 5 but only from May until December. It’s a seasonal shop, a little quieter mid-week, but potentially nuts on Saturdays. It seems ironic that any business would eschew publicity, but that’s how they feel. Telling more people creates additional problems they just don’t want for themselves or the town. Whatever ambitions other jewelers and artisans have for their talents, these modest Massachusetts people really only want to do what they love.

Patent Pending

John Carey and his family have tried to secure a patent for his bracelet. Success has eluded them so far in this department though they continue. Meanwhile the business has spread further north and west, even to Vancouver Island, BC. One family member sells similar jewelry from a shop they call Eden Northwest with the family’s blessing. They learned from John Carey and now copy his methods for online customers. This is another way to obtain the style if not the experience.

Other stores near Dennis sell representations of the original. Inspired by Carey’s Cape Cod or Dennis Bracelet, they bear some resemblance and are fairly good quality. One day, the family believes cheap copies will inevitably appear.

Amazing FiberFix Fixes Everything

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Nutritionists tell everyone to eat enough fiber, but you didn’t know DIY experts were into the fiber trend, did you? This is not an edible fiber, though, and not the sort you find in a grocery store. We are talking about FiberFix and this review will reveal why every household needs some in their lives.

Caveat for Shoppers

Just a word of caution before we get too deeply into this review. There is a good chance that once you read the following article, you will want to rush out and buy some; not a bad idea. I recommend you treat this stuff with the sort of caution reserved for crazy glue and cigarette lighters. Children and FiberFix do not mix unless you really want them to stay put somewhere. When it hardens, no parent would want to be trying to get this material off of skin, trying to rip it from furniture, or attempting to unwrap it from around the cat. Read further and you will see what I mean.

First, a Little Bit of Background

FiberFix comes from a US team of engineers and innovators including Spencer Quinn. He was looking for materials that would work like medical tape but would be moisture proof and bond fully. This would involve finding a resin to make their tape many times stronger than duct tape. The team launched their product, took it to Shark Tank, and it became a huge hit. Investment money took them to the next level and they went from selling in over a thousand stores to getting their product into more than 30,000 locations.

This tape really is far more durable than duct tape; it has been subjected to testing under university conditions and the veracity of Quinn’s claims that it is “100 times stronger than duct tape” are revealed to be an understatement every time someone finds a new way to use it. Not every surface is suitable, especially flat surfaces, and shiny ones will have to be roughened first, but try everything from tools to the chassis of your car and see what Quinn’s project is capable of. Always wear gloves first, though; if the resin gets on your skin it has to be scrubbed off with an abrasive surface or you can wait for nature to have its way and for dead cells to take FiberFix with it.

Answers to Questions

One of the best resources for information is the FAQ section from the FiberFix website. Here you will find out how it works by exploring customer’s most common questions. For example, any adult can use this product. No tools are required but one should always apply a bit of common sense. Prepare the area ahead of time. Know what you want to fix and have someone around to help keep parts straight. For instance, if you are re-attaching the leg of a chair, you want the two parts to fit neatly together because the only way to break the bond once set is to break the chair leg.

Best Fiber Fixes

It is best used as a wrap, not as a hole patch. New products from the same company have been released to address those types of fixes, but we will get to those in a minute. The original stuff is best for curves and the product should form layers. Resin forms a solid bond.

How It Works

How does it work? Cut FiberFix from its roll. Get it wet and wrap the stuff around a pole, pipe, chair leg, etc. Let it dry. You can hasten the process by using a blow dryer. Also, warmer water speeds up the process compared with cold water. Temperature is important for speed only; FiberFix is resistant to extreme temperatures.

Back to Vinyl

A vinyl strip is included with FiberFix and people often wonder why they would need that if the product is so good. This strip is not used to augment a repair but to help you press layers, strengthening the bond. That is all it does. Your fix would work without it.

DIY Time Frame

How long should it take for FiberFix to harden? That depends again on temperature, how wet the tape was, and whether or not you use some method to hasten the drying/heating process. For instance, next to a furnace this product will not catch fire but will get lovely and warm. But if your item is going to be left outside, you might need a day for the repair to fully take effect.

Compared Against Duct Tape

Why is FiberFix so much better than duct tape? This is really almost like homage to that historic product Red Green so loves to use on anything. What would he do with a roll of FiberFix? He would find all the places where duct tape had started to peel off due to a shoddy application and dampness. Although proper duct tape is really tough stuff, it does not bond to things or its own material. Wrapping something forms layers of defense but does not create a bond the way FiberFix does. Commercials showing duct tape and FiberFix used to make roll cages are not exaggerating: duct tape is still flexible at several centimeters of thickness while FiberFix is like cement. Its not super expensive to buy in spite of its amazing properties either.

Exciting Worldwide Phenomenon

Now that FiberFix has traveled the country, its makers have decided to launch it to the world too. You can buy it directly from a Canadian website and you may also find it in many locations worldwide. The original product has been diversified and there are numerous items one can purchase. The best deals could be found on the FiberFix website where there are special bundles and a chance to watch a video of two cars showing what happens when one is wrapped in a roll cage made of FiberFix and the other cage is made from duct tape. Give your DIY enthusiast a new reason to go on a household fix-it mission and the following month could see every little job completed at a low cost to the relief of an entire household and its groaning budget.

FiberFix Products Online and Near You

Now that you know about the history of FiberFix and how it works, maybe it is a good time to become acquainted with their short product line up. The online store offers some deals, but you can buy certain items at this shop and others at another store; they’re spread around the retail world online and in stores. FiberFix comes in several sizes and there are more products from the company besides their tape. Moreover, there are multiple formats and one gets the impression they will be developing more FiberFix products in the future.

Rolls of Tape

Most items from FiberFix are sold as rolls, the way you would expect to encounter duct tape or medical tape. It has to be sealed, of course, because water activates the resin to form a bond. There are three widths available: 1 inch, 2 inches, and 4 inches. I recommend trying some out before ordering a bundle or a multi-pack, but once you know how and where to use it, order three 1-inch rolls at a time or two 2-inch rolls rather than one at a time. This is the easiest way to save money on a product which, let’s face it, reduces your repair bills by a considerable amount. In fact, your spouse might get a little frustrated that you never need to buy anything new. Every home and office should keep at least one roll in the drawer marked “miscellaneous” and every tool box should contain some too. Keep it stored in a moisture-proof environment.

Costs of FiberFix

So a roll of 1-inch tape costs $5.99. The triple pack, however, costs just $12.99 or roughly $4.33 per roll. With the 2-inch version, you pay $8.50 for one or $12.99 for 2 ($6.50 each). Try a four-inch tape for $9.99, not available in multi-packs.

Another product, released to address flat surface repairs, is the 10X Tape for $11.99. It is not as tough as FiberFix but reputedly ten times stronger than duct tape. A person cannot rip or tear it but 10X Tape is more flexible than FiberFix and does not harden like cement. It does not form a bond either. FiberFix supplies a small retractable razor so you can cut 10X Tape easily, but scissors are also useful in this case.

For Hot Places

A Heat Wrap is designed specifically for use in high heat settings, although the original FiberFix is resistant to extreme heat as well. Wraps are ideally suited to furnace fittings, hot water pipes, and car exhausts. Don’t forget: the FiberFix wrap is heat-resistant, but you are not. Make sure pipes are cool when you apply the tape.

More for Less

Bundles are excellent value. FiberFix is offering three bundle sizes online only and these come with multiple sizes of FiberFix rolls, patches, and pens. The patches are meant for flat repairs like holes in your car frame or in a wall perhaps. Reviews for this product are not as promising as testimonial about original FiberFix, but it’s part of the bundle anyway and not sold separately on their website. That could be a sign the patches have been removed or are currently back in the development stage.

Fix-it Pens

The pens are interesting. One holds 10g of resin. Use this to seal cracks in metal, glass, ceramics, etc. then turn the UV light onto a surface for the resin to harden like cement. A Flash Pen is similar, but you are spraying crazy glue into cracks and materials you choose for this purpose are porous, like wood. Turn the light onto a surface to heat it solid.

Wear Gloves

For readers with a latex allergy, it’s worth noting that the people at FiberFix were thinking of you. The gloves included with their rolls of FiberFix are made from plastic. Alternatively, you can buy your own, of course, just to keep the resin away from your skin. But it’s a nice touch to be sensitive to one of the most common skin allergies if you ask me.

Appearance of FiberFix

Left to form a basic repair without being enhanced aesthetically, FiberFix is no prettier than duct tape medical tape, electrical tape, etc. The advantage of this material, however, is that once hardened it can be sanded smooth without destroying the repair. Now you can paint an area. Of course, raised areas will remain; you have not bonded two pieces together on the inside as you would with crazy glue. At least a surface can be restored to its original color, however, and tidied up.

Manly Man Advertising

FiberFix has established an image for itself as a manly man’s product. Call them chauvinists if you like but FiberFix is appealing to a stereotypical audience – the handyman – that guy who refuses to call a plumber, carpenter, or mechanic until he has tried every form of adhesive known to man in order to stop that leak, fix that crack, or address that rust hole in his muffler. He doesn’t want to pay $100 an hour.

As a result, you will see many references to the “Manly Man” around their website. Don’t let it bother you, DIY women. There are lots of handy females out there, but they can rise above the bias. It is undoubtedly a male tradition to try and look after everything without asking for help and an accurate stereotype. Not only is it accurate, but that guy with a roll of FiberFix around his arm wandering around the house and yard isn’t drinking or gambling, so let him have his hobby and feel technically gifted if only for a little while. If he gets out a hacksaw, though, maybe ask a few questions.

Testimonials from Happy Customers

Finally, if you do not believe all that you have read here today, take a look at what real people have done with FiberFix. This amazing adhesive is all over YouTube, Amazon, and the FiberFix website. Videos, pictures, and articles demonstrate how versatile and simple the subject is. You don’t need a degree in engineering or a gifted mechanical mind to figure out how to use it and the fix will be effective for a long time.

Full Face Snorkel Mask Trend

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Why doesn’t everyone who lives near the sea try snorkeling? It looks so simple, but there are a few hurdles to overcome. Unless you are fanatical about everything to do with water, you and your kids could be put off by the two-piece format: mouthpiece and mask. Salt water gets into the snorkel and the mask leaks. Plus, the mask is usually secured by a tight band, like the ones on goggles, and that pulls at your hair. It’s even worse when hair is wet. Putting a big breathing piece into one’s mouth isn’t very comfortable either.

New Idea

Why not combine both parts of a snorkeling system into one mask? The immediate objection would be that breathing into a mask would cause it to fog up so you can’t see anything anyway. As for leaking, how would a mask solve that problem, or the issue of water getting through the tube? Salt water makes you gag and it gets up your nose. If a child was too comfortable, he would venture far out in the water anyway and be hard to keep track of.

Changing Expectations of Snorkeling Comfort

As of right now, all of those objections appear to have been overcome by the makers of several full face snorkel masks. They cost anywhere from $60 and up, come in sizes for all ages, and feature numerous colors. You might look like a space man dipping below the surface, but your experience of the ocean and its wildlife close to the shore will be far more enjoyable than it was when you were still using the uncomfortable two-piece system. Although the trend is relatively new, it’s taking off quickly anywhere snorkeling is a common activity. Copy-cats are already taking advantage of the popularity of full face snorkel masks so check for authenticity, quality, and warranty.

What Has Changed?

Now that the full face snorkel mask has been released, and by so many companies, customers are discovering that it’s actually easy to see through the visor. There is no fog, thanks to a simple design tweak which draws air away from the visor. A snorkeler doesn’t even have to put a mouthpiece between his teeth; the mask enables him to breathe without it the way he would above water. Okay, that’s an exaggeration; it’s going to feel weird, but not as strange as before.

A number of companies proclaim the wonders of their new snorkeling top pieces, the parts that stick out of the water. They talk about excellent visibility from the shore, an accurate tube length to prevent water getting inside, and some systems will even prevent water entering the tube if it drops below the surface.

Manufacturers of the new full face snorkel masks you can find online and at sporting good stores come with a number of features that will be attractive to individuals and families who would like to spend more time under the water exploring wildlife and talking about nature but haven’t been able to locate a comfortable system. You can go crazy with the cost, but even the most affordable ones are a big improvement over old-fashioned snorkeling equipment.

Brands of Snorkel Mask

Some of the brands you will see include Tribord, SeaFun, and Das Leben. I’ll talk about each one in a second. They mostly come with the same features except that several masks are either GoPro compatible or even come with a GoPro camera attached. In other words, they can be used to take underwater video and pictures. The small amount of research associated with this product so far suggests that people snorkel more with a mask than traditional equipment. More people try the sport and they stay in longer. You will likely see an increase in underwater video in your personal experience too.

These items are still secured to the face by a band, but it’s a three-part band rather than the sort that tugs, so it stays in place better too.

Seaview 180°

Enjoy the hassle-free design and several color choices plus something called “Dry Tech.” Dry Tech keeps salt water out of your mouth, plus the Seaview 180° is leak-resistant. Saying that, if the mask lets in any water, it is easy to release from around the pointed chin area without removing the mask. The breathing chamber is separate from your visor to prevent fogging.

Tribord EasyBreathe

Again, kids and adults alike will love this mask and can select from assorted shades so everyone knows which mask belongs to whom. The snorkel top was designed to be highly visible by parents watching their kids from the beach. The visor is made from polycarbonate, a durable synthetic material which will not shatter but provides superior visibility. Breathing is supposed to feel natural.

Sea Fun GoPro Compatible Mask

Maybe you don’t have a GoPro yet or you do not want to use it all the time, but it’s good to have the option. Choose the Sea Fun Snorkel Mask, buy your camera separately then decide whether you want to take pictures or not. The Sea Fun mask features a Dry Top Seal and Draw function which lets water out without taking the mask off. The visor is made from polycarbonate.

Das Leben 2nd Generation 180°

This is another GoPro compatible system in all sizes and several colors. The tube length is perfect for preventing water from getting inside at shallow depths. Air is drawn down and away from the mask to prevent fogging. Attach your GoPro if you like and capture images of a beautiful underwater world. Visibility is supposed to be at least as good if not superior to that provided by other models. The rest of the mask is made from tough plastic and the lining/seal is silicone.

H2O Ninja Mask

Breathe the same way you always do without a mouthpiece and without fogging using this stylish mask. The makers say it is easy to put on and use and comes apart so you can use the mask alone. With Dry Tech, as above, you won’t get salt water coming through the tube or seals around your face. This mask is particularly spacious, but also more expensive than most.


Meal Time Box: The Timely Choice

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Add up the expense of eating out on a regular basis or buying take-away and frozen dinners. Financially, there are costs associated with the inflated price of eating out. There is the cost of getting to a restaurant, even if you drive, plus an ever-present temptation to eat badly.

meal-time-box-dinnersMost fast-food is sugar and fat-laden, nutritionally lacking, and leaves you feeling hungry minutes after you finish, so it is expensive to your wallet and your health. Frozen dinners are often no better; full of preservatives such as sugar, salt, and chemicals. It’s not diet food you need to stave off health problems like Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease; real food will do. What other options are available to busy families or to people who are dining alone and can’t be bothered to eat sensibly besides eating out?

Meal Time Box Remedy for Hunger

Here is the answer you have been waiting for: professionally cooked meals prepared that arrive at your door, ready to heat and eat. There are almost 40 of them featuring US and international recipes plus protein that covers the gamut. Meal Time Box chefs use fish, chicken, beef, and pork. There are recipes from Asia, Europe, and South America, some of them household favorites or childhood classics; others trendy additions from food trucks and modern restaurants. Right now, there is no nutritional information available, but this young company is working on the details and you will soon know the fiber count, sodium, sugars, protein, and other details relating to your meal.

Many Mouth-watering Menu Choices

Picking out just a few of the options, the variety is impressive though it lacks one thing: vegetarian food. If you are a vegetarian, there is only one source of protein and that is tofu. Also, menu pictures suggest a meal will lack the appropriate amount of vegetables. If you are going to add a salad, these meals could feed two people or last for two meals if images are accurate. Stretch one out to cover lunch and dinner. Some entries include Jambalaya, Bacon Mac N’ Cheese, Beef Cabbage Rolls, Chili Potato, and Roast Beef.

How It Works

Customers have two choices: order a set number of boxes or arrange for a subscription. When you buy a box of 5 or 10 meals these come just once until you order again. Arrange a 10 or 20 box subscription and they arrive every month. The largest subscription is the cheapest and also arrives with free desserts, although no menu choices are indicated in that regard. This could be a hit-and-miss feature, but remember: the desserts are free. Who would complain about free sweets?

Although dessert is a bonus in its own right, the fact this feature is made by a company in Brooklyn sweetens the deal. Consumers these days are keenly aware of the value of sticking with local companies when they can and since New York is home for Meal Time Box, Brooklyn is close to home. Deliveries can be fulfilled in many states but not all; check to see if yours is on the list. I don’t see anywhere on the Pacific Coast listed so perhaps Meal Time Box will branch further west and north soon. They deliver to states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New Hampshire at the present time.

Ready Upon Arrival

An obvious concern is what state food will be in when it arrives. Will it have spoiled in transit? How long will it last? What if a client is not home to receive the box? All of these are sensible questions and Meal Time Box answers them. Food arrives packaged according to FDA-approved and BPA-free methods. Break the vacuum seal to microwave a dish, pop it on the stove, or stick it in the oven according to directions. You will have to take food out of its package if you aren’t using a microwave.

Arrange a place for the courier to leave food when he comes if you can’t be there. You might ask him to drop it with a neighbor, leave food in a cool area under the carport, or even supply a large cooler outside the door. Get food into the fridge or freezer as soon as you can and don’t fret if deliveries are a little late since 8pm is the latest delivery time. Meals last in the refrigerator for a few days but can also be frozen for up to 6 months.

Is This a Diet?

Meal Time Box is not a diet company. They don’t supply low-calorie meals or foods that follow a trendy meal plan. If you are trying watch your weight or avoid certain foods, select dishes carefully. Meal Time Box asks clients what sorts of proteins they want and allergy/restriction information. For example, if you can’t eat wheat, dairy, or egg, let them know. These foods will be avoided. Eventually, each client develops a profile which the company follows carefully as they package each monthly box. You won’t know exactly what is coming each month unless your diet is extremely restricted. At the subscription station online viewers can see what common allergens can be found in each dish so they are easy to avoid.

This Is Expensive; or Is It?

How much are you currently spending at restaurants and burger places to dine out? Does it work out to about $10 per person? If so, then you are spending too much. The cost per meal with Meal Time Box could be less than $8 per time and there is no shipping fee either. You didn’t drive somewhere and were not tempted to buy food you didn’t come out for. Plus, add a few raw veggies or a bagged salad and you have supper for two. Really, this is not as costly as you think. Only someone who makes food from scratch would consider the Meal Time Box poor value, and she would not need to sign up anyway. If you’re not convinced and would rather not spend $60 trying something new, order a 5-meal one-time kit but sign up for Meal Time Box’s electronic newsletter and receive 15% off. You aren’t obligated to continue ordering after that time.

Introducing MouthMonsters Oil Pulling for Children

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MouthMonsters children’s mouthwash is an interesting new oil pulling product for children, made from organic coconut oil and other ingredients. The company has offices in both the UK and Australia.

Oil pulling has its roots in Ayurvedic medicine (3000 years old) and is well-regarded for the potency it offers. Tooth decay is not a new problem and has been around for centuries which is oil pulling has often been used to resolve this issue and enhance protective measures.

This process entails the use of natural oils to rinse the mouth of underlying toxins. It draws them out and eradicates any harmful bacteria.

Naturally whiten children's teeth!MouthMonsters is a new product providing a modernized oil pulling wash children can use to rinse their mouths and eliminate toxins.

Key Features

1) Mild Oil Pulling Wash For Kids
2) 100% Organic
3) Centuries Of Proven Testing
4) Includes Vitalock Virgin Coconut Oil
5) Flavored With Natural Mint And Strawberry
6) World’s Only Safe Children’s Mouthwash
7) Provide Worldwide Shipping
8) Comes In Sachet Form For Easy Use And Disposal

This is a power-packed mouthwash children can use to have squeaky clean mouths. It is time to brighten their smile and encourage the utilization of this high-grade mouthwash proven to deliver results.


What are the advantages of using this oil pulling wash? What does it bring to the table for a child? Numerous scientific benefits are making it a necessity for appropriate oral hygiene.

Here are the main advantages:

1) Removes Sugars From Oral Cavity
2) Protects And Strengthens Baby Teeth
3) Helps Prevent Toothaches
4) Removes Plaque Build Up
5) Fresh Breath
6) Eliminates Parasites And Bacteria In Mouth
7) Whitens Teeth
8) Reduces Toxic Load On Teeth

These are some of the main advantages associated with MouthMonsters and what is provided using this solution. It is a must to include this in a child’s routine to better their smile and increase the health of their teeth.

Why not include this as soon as possible to provide a meaningful solution that works in the long-term?

Buy MouthMonsters HERE!

Simple Use

How does one go about using this mouthwash? It comes in sachet form and is easy to pull out and use.

It is a four-step process for a child who is going to be using this mouthwash. These steps are going to include:

1) Pour Warm Water Over Sachet (Closed)
2) Tear Off Top Of Sachet
3) Pour Contents Into Mouth And Swish For 5-15 Minutes
4) Spit Into Bin And Brush Teeth

It is something a child can do without having to think long and hard. It is easy and adds tremendous value to their long-term health.

Vitalock Method

This is a patented method used for extracting coconut oil. It maximizes the quality of MouthMonster’s ingredients.

The best oil pulling product can only provide results when its core ingredients are organic and of the highest quality. With the “Vitalock” process engaged, MouthMonsters can maximize its ingredients and provide full value with every sachet.

It ensures consistency and enables adults to understand what they are providing children when putting in front of them.

This is a well-tested process and provides 100% organic results every single time. Only the best ingredients are used, and it begins with this patented process.

Adults Can Use It Too

What about adults? Is this reserved for children only? No, it can be used by everyone!

This is the magic of a natural solution such as this. It is made for all humans who want natural, high-quality teeth.

This is mouthwash that can replace any solution on the market and provide excellent results. The flavor is excellent and can provide a new twist to what is being done for oral hygiene purposes. It is safe enough for pregnant women to use as well.

This is the perfect compliment to any brushing routine a person has during the day.mouthmonsters-mintycoco-oil-pulling

The company also sells an “adult” version which is stronger named MintyCoco. More on this below…

Coconut Oil From Sri Lanka

Where does the coconut oil come from? It is harvested in Sri Lanka from the best farmers in the world. World-class processes are employed to make sure things run in a consistent manner, and the oil pulling remains efficient every single time.

There are regular tests done ensuring quality control.

Combined with the “Vitalock” method, this is a powerful ingredient which is not only authentic but potent at the same time. It is the number one oil pulling solution for those who are expecting nothing but the best.


What else does this brand have to offer those who are looking to maximize natural ingredients? The company has also released a product named “MintyCoco”.

This is an excellent product, which goes along with all other oral hygiene products. This is made for the purpose of adults. It is a stronger mouthwash using the same methods employed for MouthMonsters.

MintyCoco is a great addition to one’s routine and will prove to be equally effective. No additional ingredients are added to this mouthwash ensuring optimal results every single time. Adults who want quality will know this is the mouthwash to go with.

Buy MintyCoco HERE.

The Rainbow Centre In Sri Lanka

What makes this company unique? Is it the products alone? No, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes ensuring the world is a better place for everyone.

The company has donated its time and money to improving “The Rainbow Centre” in Sri Lanka, which is a registered charity supporting children living in extreme poverty. The charity helps children receive food, shelter, clothing, and educational resources.

The company prides itself on going the extra mile to assist those who provide it some of the finest coconut oil in the world.

If it is time to change an oral hygiene routine for children and adults, this is the option to go with. It is a power-packed mouthwash and provides world-class protection against plaque and bacteria. Why let these things fester on for long periods, when corrective measures can be taken?

A simple 5-10 minutes with this mouthwash is going to be significant in the long-term. It will provide meaningful value to those who want to have healthier, beautiful teeth. This is the option to go with for children and adults alike because it is safe, organic, and proven.

See our listings and any MouthMonsters coupon codes HERE!

What The Heck Are Nootropics?

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Say what? You haven’t heard of “Nootropics?” Don’t worry – neither did I until fairly recently! Nootropics is the title being given to a few drugs and supplements that are supposed help to improve cognitive motor function and perhaps more importantly, contribute to easing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s as well as ADHD. In spite of inconclusive research, they are becoming more of an option for easing such symptoms mentioned above.


There are a variety of nootropic supplements at Amazon – Click the image to see the choices!

The actual word Nootropic is a term that is frequently used for any supplement that a person takes to work for the brain function and cognitive ability.

If a product helps the person to focus or improve their alertness and relax, it is considered to be a nootropic.

The actual word Nootropic is Greek for “Toward the Mind.” As supplements are taken the goal is to improve the memory and function of the mind.

As more research is being done constantly, many are jumping on board in hopes of finding ways to reduce such symptoms with minimal side effects. Unfortunately, many of these supplements have serious side effects so more research is underway to help find how these drugs can be improved to help increase the good of the supplements and reduce the bad side effects.

What Are Nootropics?

In the United States, there are many dietary supplements that are safe and reliable for treating cognitive motor function as well as memory. There are also drugs that are stimulants that are believed to help improve the memory as a side effect.

According to a new law in the United States, if such supplements contain any drugs that claim to prevent or treat such conditions, they are now illegal. This leaves a lot of the information open to interpretation by the user which can be a dangerous way to determine if a supplement is safe to use for specific conditions.

Used to help alleviate cognitive motor conditions, these nootropics come in a wide array of forms and potencies that are believed by many to help such conditions. However, without the proper research, these supplements may or may not be helpful in treating these patients.

The Research on Nootropics

According to research, supplements may help mental/cognitive function, focus, memory, and other symptoms that frequent patients who struggle with Alzheimer’s, ADHD, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease.

They may improve how the brain functions and they may help to stall symptoms from worsening in patients of the above-mentioned conditions.

Other pharmaceuticals such as Adderall, lisdexamfetamine, and other amphetamine classified drugs may also be of benefit for such conditions. Interestingly, such drugs are frequently used for those with ADHD symptoms.

Researchers are always trying new drugs and combinations of drugs to help reduce symptoms and alleviate what they can in patients who are struggling with these health issues.

Some drugs and supplements can cause a myriad of serious side effects, others may not work as well on one patient as they do on others. Just as every disease and condition progress differently, every drug and supplement may have different results in patients.

Researchers want to find out why something works well for one patient and doesn’t work at all for another patient so more research is constantly underway to try and help them understand how these drugs and supplements are metabolized in the body.

Top Nootropics Brands

when it comes to supplements and drugs there are many to choose from. Some are old and very traditional while others are new or hybrids of other drugs or supplements that we’ve known about for decades.

Brite Focus

Brite Focus is unique in that not only does it comes in three formulas: BriteSMART, BriteSHIELF and BrightSHOT, but also because real doctors are recommending it to patients.

Not only that, but the company is using real clinical trials, including double-blind, placebo controlled studies to determine if Ceretrophin™ (the technical name for BriteSMART) is effective, and the results are very promising! You can see the information about this study for yourself here at the company’s page about the clinical trial.

BriteSMART is believed to help with your memory, focus, and concentration. Taken daily, this all natural formula has been available on the market for over 20 years.

BriteSHIELD protects, detoxes and restores the brain. It protects it from the daily stressors that can affect how a person perceives and deals with whatever life throws at them.

BriteSHOT works much like energy drinks work in that it helps to boost your energy midway through the day when you’re starting to lag. It protects the brain from neurotoxins, free radicals, and inflammation.

All three formulas may be used together or patients may choose to use one product over the others as a stand alone product.

Either way, the product is said to improve the brain function and the person’s ability to recall and remember things that once were evasive.

Click Here to See BriteFocus Coupon Codes and Specials


Lumonol is designed to raise the cognitive performance and enhance the memory. It helps to improve focus and speed up the time it takes the brain to remember and recall things.

The company emphasizes the ingredient Noopept (N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester), which they say is not only promotes stress relief, but also better cognitive health and memory – which is one of the primary reasons consumers are looking for these formulations.

For those who are struggling with issues of being able to focus, if they are easily distracted or struggle with poor memory or nervousness. If they struggle with fear or slowing down their thought process, if they are feeling as if their brain won’t stop and the thoughts keep coming, this product can help to reduce these feelings and more.

Lumonol allows the patient to relax and slow these thoughts and manage their anxiety. Lumonol is also designed with three specific formula’s.

Choose the formula that is tailored to meet specific needs. There is the Nootropic formula that is believed to help improve the mental abilities of those who take this supplement.

There is a formula called Lumonol prep for ages 8 to teens. This is to help them to focus and improve their cognitive abilities.

Lastly, there is the Lumonol Wisdom formula for those 60 and over. It helps to improve memory, energy, and clarity.

Click Here to see any Lumonol Coupon Codes and Specials



Click the Image to see OptiMind Nootropics at Amazon

For those wishing to boost energy and their mind, Optimind is believed to help them achieve focus and clarity.

Being able to focus helps a person to function at their prime regardless of the hour of the day. Whether a person is a night owl or an early bird, Optimind can help them to achieve their highest level of ability regardless of the time of day.

Taken as a supplement this can help to boost energy and the ability to recall and remember what is going on.

Note that caffeine is common to formulations such as this, so take note of this if you are sensitive to caffeine.

New IQ2 Nootropic Stack: Some Real Good Brain Food

As we’ve been seeing, nootropics are big business, and the subject places focus on healthy cognitive function after many years of hearing about obesity and heart disease. The iQ2 nootropic breakthrough proves that a much-loved substance is good for the brain and the whole body.

  • Raw, Unprocessed Cacao

Raw cacao contains numerous nutrients which perform a host of functions. Medical studies have uncovered the way this food, known and used for centuries in its native lands, acts as a natural stimulant.#1 rated nootropic

We also know why women often eat chocolate during their menstrual periods: raw cocoa is a mood enhancer and regulator. In other words, if your moods are out of balance, raw cocoa can help to stabilize them.

Antioxidants fight free radicals and raw cocoa is full of them too; more than other foods and drinks associated with polyphenols such as red wine.

Raw cacao inhibits bad cholesterol; thus, eating a little bit of it every day is an excellent way to protect the heart. Polyphenol supplements also contribute to the prevention of Type Two Diabetes and stroke.

  • Science and Society

We see the proof of these things in daily life, especially the mood-enhancing power of chocolate, but science stands behind the claims made above. Using nootropics which contain raw cacao powder has been shown to improve mental health, provide additional energy, and fight off disease.

  • An iQ2 No-brainer

There was no question that iQ2 would include raw cacao powder given what their research uncovered. It works with other essential ingredients to create a highly bioavailable supplement, reaching the brain rapidly. Use this supplement and expect to feel energized and focused.

  • What else is in the iQ2 nootropic stack?

This is the ingredient panel showing what’s in the iQ2 Nootropic Stack

The iQ2 nootropic supplement contains extracts which can be found naturally in salmon, eggs, bananas, apples, avocados, oranges, and more.

Some substances would normally only be taken as vitamins, such as vinpocetine for improved blood flow.

DMAE, found in fish, improves mental endurance. Choline — present in eggs — enhances memory, learning, and prevents memory loss due to age.

Most of the other ingredients also promote improved energy, concentration, and memory such as guarana, B-complex, and acetyl-L-carnitine found in dairy products.


  • How much does iQ2 cost?

Before applying any iQ2 coupon codes, a bottle of iQ2 Nootropic supplements will cost $59.95 for one or $49.95 on automatic delivery (plus free delivery in the US and Canada, which is a great value added service). We do know that the iQ2 Labs DOES offer occasional iQ2 coupon codes, and we place all active codes that are currently available for this product in its own spot here on the site!

CLICK HERE to see and iQ2 Coupon Codes and Specials


Readily available without a prescription, this product by Neuro Laboratories is believed to help patients focus and hold their attention.

Seven years ago, Archie Marks created this original formula. He designed it to help boost his neurotransmitter function, improve his memory and help improve his memory. As he worked on this product, it was also noted that it helped to improve anxiety, improve concentration and restore feelings of confidence.

NITROvit has quickly become a favorite among others who are trying to improve their memories as well as their cognitive function. Another reason that may be attributed to NITROvit’s popularity if that  Neuro Laboratories is proud to announce exactly what is in the product, and they refuse to hide behind the term “proprietary formula.”

Consumers know exactly what is in the product – and this is certain to engender a sense of confidence and trust. Read more about this and their other policies at the nitrovit.com site.

According to research, it shows that the supplement helps to improve ADHD symptoms, reduce the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s and it helps to balance the brain nutrients that affect the aging process.

For those who are struggling with memory retention, this product is said to help to restore that function. It improves blood flow to the brain and restores most function to the brain.

What might be in a typical nootropic stack?

In many of the supplements we have talked about, you might see something that is often referred to as a “nootropic stack,” and some of the following ingredients will be bundled together:

Ginkgo Biloba
Panax Ginseng
Alpha GPC
Acetyl L-Carnitine
Phosphatidyl Serine
Vitamin B12

In a Lumonol “Energy Blend,” for example, you’ll see Guarana, Hordenine, Vitamin B12 and Panax Ginseng.

In their “Focus Blend,” you will see “Noopept” (N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester), L-Tyrosine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, and Phosphatidyl Serine.

In their “Memory Blend,” you’ll see Alpha GPC and Ginkgo Biloba.

Visit the site –> www.NITROvit.com

Is Solubility Important?

Some supplements are water soluble while others are fat soluble. If you’re unsure, you’ll want to find out.

Water solubles are perfect for taking or mixing with water. When they are in powdered form they will dissolve easily in water and mix well.

On the other hand, fat soluble products will not mix well with water. They will clump and not dissolve.

A solution for a fat soluble product would be to take it with a glass of milk or mix that powder into the glass of milk.

It will then dissolve and be able to mix and blend into the product so that it can be easily ingested and digested in the body.

Typically, most supplements are a fat soluble. An additional benefit to fat soluble products is that they will last longer in the body and thus provide a longer benefit to the body.

Should Nootropics Be Taken With Food?

Just as many of your medications should be taken on an empty stomach or with food, so should nootropics.

The trick is to remember that water soluble products should be taken on an empty stomach. This way they get into your system much more quickly to provide the benefits that your body needs.

On the other hand, fat soluble products should be taken with food. They will bind to the fats and process through the body much more quickly thus providing the nutrients that the body requires.

Another option for fat soluble products is to take a fish oil supplement about 15 minutes after eating. This will help give the product something to bind to and provide the body with the extra boost that it requres to process the nootropic.

Sublingual vs Ingesting

Some products might be taken sublingually. Sublingual simply means that you place the substance underneath of the tongue and allow it to dissolve or absorb.

Sublingual products pass directly into the bloodstream avoiding the liver as well as the stomach. This means that they enter the system much more quickly and will begin to work faster.

If a product must first pass through the liver or the stomach, it is going to take longer for it to process through the body. It must first pass through the stomach and be digested before it can begin to work as it should in the body.

This time frame can take a few hours in some individuals. If taking products like this it’s wise to factor the digestion time in prior to ingesting so that the product is taken in plenty of time before it is required by the body.

With so many options on the market today, it’s no wonder that people struggle to understand which nootropic supplement is best for their specific needs.

Trial and Error

For others, it will take a bit more of trial and error to completely determine which product is best and which one will fit their needs most closely.

Other products and supplements tout their ability to help improve the memory but they have little scientific evidence to back it up. Without hard concrete scientific evidence, there is minimal chance that these supplements can actually improve the memory, help people to focus and relax.

With commercial prescribed medications such as these, many patients find that they are misusing them. Not all of this misuse is intentional, some patients don’t realize how potent these medications and drugs are.

They feel as if the medication isn’t working and in an attempt to make it work they inadvertently overdose. Other times, they take their prescriptions incorrectly and thus bring other issues on to their health.

Often, patients are on the path of discovery for what will work for their needs. Some medications and supplements shouldn’t be taken together.

Every effort should be taken to understand how the supplement and medications will interact. It’s important that patients tell their doctor if they are taking any supplements in addition to the prescribed medications that they are taking.

Although many of the nootropics have had limited studies done in humans, they are believed to provide improved brain function.

The brain is an organ in the body that is largely unknown. It helps to manage how everything else in the body functions. From language to motion, the brain is always at work, even when people are asleep.

By providing the brain with supplemental support, the cognitive function, as well as the memory are improved.

Clearly nootropics have a lot of responsibility to the body and to the brain. Helping to clarify and maintain focus as well as improve energy and overall well being, many are turning to this supplement as a way to improve their brain function as well as their cognitive abilities and many medical conditions.

Our Fun Sunbasket Review – YUM! Best Organic Meal Delivery Service

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sun-basket-review-the-unboxing-of-gourmet-organic-meal-delivery-serviceHi! It’s Kathy and Martin from MyFavDeals.org, and we just had a wonderful opportunity to review the popular Sunbasket meal delivery service. This is something we hadn’t been able to do earlier since they weren’t yet on the east coast (at the time we originally wrote this review).

But the great news, as you may have read about elsewhere on MyFavDeals.org, is that Sunbasket expanded a couple of months ago and now DOES serve the eastern seaboard! (Here’s our post about their expansion: https://myfavdeals.org/sun-basket-meal-delivery-has-expanded-to-the-eastern-u-s/)

What is Sunbasket?

Sunbasket is an organic food delivery service that packages everything you need to prepare a delicious, complete, healthful meal at home. All the ingredients are natural and organic, and are delivered to your home packed in ice. In each “basket” (or box, as you can see in the photo), you will find everything you need to create a gourmet and organic meal in your own kitchen (with the exception of utensils). The contents of the box includes:

  • All proteins/meats/fish
  • All the fruits and veggies (including garlic, onion, etc)
  • Sauces and/or spice blends and herbs (including fresh herbs like cilantro, parsely, etc)
  • Complete instructions on the Recipe Card, including a color photograph of how the meal should look

How much is Sunbasket?

Apart from any specials or promo codes, Sun Basket typically breaks down to approximately $11.49 per person per meal (plus $5.99 S/H for the week) – and you would get 3 meals. There are a variety of ways to order, including by subscription that you can pause (e.g. for vacation) or cancel anytime. You can also order as a gift for someone. So, it might look like this:

  • 1 Person: $40.46. Breaks down to $11.49 per person x 3 meals per week (+ $5.99 Shipping & Handling).
  • 2 People: $74.93  for 3 meals each (+ S/H) – Note that if you subscribe, S/H for the first week is free.
  • 4 People: $143.87 for 3 meals each (+ S/H) – Note that if you subscribe, S/H for the first week is free.

We are huge fans of organic foods, and when we were offered the opportunity to do a Sun Basket review, we jumped at the chance.

In this article, we’re comparing our notes as we’ve both now finished our respective “Baskets.” And, we are also able to provide a different point of view since I just LIKE to cook, and Martin actually IS a trained chef.

In this Sunbasket Review, we share our ENTIRE experience!

How We Chose Our Sunbasket Meals

Kathy: This will be interesting! So, for me and my husband, I ordered the Paleo Sunbasket to try, and they sent 3 meals. Each meal was definitely enough for the 2 of us. What about you?

Martin: I ordered the Chef’s Choice since I wanted to be surprised, and I’m not that picky. And yes, I have to agree that there was enough in each meal to feed 2 people. So, let’s compare notes: the 3 meals I got were Summer Vegetable Paella, Turkey Tacos with Roasted Red Pepper Salsa, and the Chicken wings with Barbacoa Salsa Verde. You?

Kathy: I also got the Chicken with Barbacoa Sauce, then I had a Brazilian Seafood Stew and a Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon meal – the Thai-Style Salmon with Peach-Cabbage Slaw. As it turns out, I wound up filming the entire unboxing, which I’ll upload to YouTube. Once I have a chance to do that, I’ll post the video here as well.

sun-basket-review-unboxing-proteins-on-bottom-on-top-of-iceBut my initial impression of the entire Sun Basket presentation was very positive. I loved how it even LOOKED when I opened it – the paper bags of all the non-protein ingredients looked perfect, and there was enough ice, too. Then, they had it well separated from the next layer with the ice and cardboard.

Sunbasket Overview: We are balancing Pros & Cons

Kathy: So, I only have a couple of teeny weenie “criticisms” about the packaging if that’s even the right word – because frankly, I’m having a tough time coming up with any “cons” since a balanced review is supposed to have both “pros” and “cons.”

The exterior of the box itself didn’t say “Perishable” or “Open and Refrigerate” anywhere on it. I had mentioned in my order that I live in bear country, and that the delivery driver would need to put the box inside my back vestibule to make sure it didn’t attract wildlife. He (the driver) said he didn’t see anything on the delivery about that. But nonetheless, they know me, and probably would have put it inside anyway if I hadn’t been home. How did the delivery and first impressions go on your end?

Martin: I came home around 10pm after a night at the dragway to find the box on my porch. I believe you told me the date Kathy, but I didn’t remember.

Kathy: Oh right – it was the 23rd… August 23rd.

Martin: Anyway, to my surprise, after sitting on my porch on a 90 degree day, for however many hours (I am guessing at least 6 hours), it was still good.

They did a nice job packing it all up, and it is in a very insulated box, with plenty of ice packs at the bottom. There was a bit leftover with packaging, yet there were simple instructions how to recycle everything, and it is suggested to keep and reuse the freezer bags.

Having an eye always on sanitation, with my culinary background, I would recommend rinsing off the ice packs if you keep them, since they are in direct contact with packaged raw food. Even though it is packaged, better to be safe than sorry.

sun-basket-review-brazilian-seafood-stew-recipe-card-and-ingredientsSunbasket Packaging

I liked how it was packed, in 3 brown bags, and with the raw stuff at the bottom. I hadn’t taken the time to research what exactly a Sunbasket box would look like ahead of time. So I was excited to see the extensive ingredients included, where literally everything besides things like cooking oil are included, with neat little cards telling you how to prepare each meal.

Sunbasket Recipes and Prep

Kathy: Oh my gosh… I love the cards! Here’s a photo of one of them… next to all the ingredients that I had pose for the picture. So, I guess it’s time to talk about the food! Want to go first?

Martin: Sure. Okay, first up was the Vegetable Paella. This was more than enough for two people. I had three decent sized portions of it, and it was very tasty.

It is a unique dish, as there is some creativity added (not your typical run of the mill type of meal – very much California-style; I have cooked in Napa Valley in the past so I know), and I saved the rest after my first meal, and it reheated beautifully. Even the rice wasn’t overcooked or soggy (they included a ‘Paella Rice’ which I have not seen before).


Sun Basket Vegetable Paella

It was a great meal, and simple to prep, though for someone who’s not experienced with knife skills etc., it will take them a few minutes to prep all the vegetables. I added salt and pepper, which they call for, and it was actually quite delicious.

I just needed to slice the pepper into strips, slice the shallot, and dice the tomato that was included. Then there is a bit more chopping for the finishing ingredients (olives, artichokes, parsley and almonds).

Quality and Quantity of Ingredients

They were reasonably fresh for having been shipped, so I assume they are at least 2 days old, and nothing was spoiled.

The Paella Spice had spilled inside the bag, but there was still a good amount left in the container. The spice was tasty, though it did get a bit all over everything, no huge deal though. I was grateful to have so much of the meal pre-thought out for me, and I understand what it takes to prepare and transport perishable foods.

Kathy: In one of our bags, the cumin spice also spilled, but there was plenty left in the container – So maybe one note that we can point out to the folks at Sun Basket is that the little containers with the snap-on lids might need to be taped shut. But like you said, it was no big deal.


Sunbasket – Brazilian Seafood Stew with Mashed Yucca

Choosing our first meal: For us, because I felt that the shrimp might not last long enough, the Brazilian Seafood Stew is what we made first. In that photo above, to the left, on my kitchen table – those are the ingredients for the Brazilian Seafood Stew.

We really enjoyed it – and what John really liked about it besides it being good was that he got to try a traditional international dish that there’s no way we could find in a restaurant up where we live. Now, if we were to go to a Brazilian restaurant and saw this on the menu, we’d know it’s something we like!

I’d never tried Yucca either, and that took on the flavor of the sauce in the stew. Just wonderful! And, I should note that John burns a ton of calories during the workday, and he felt there was enough… and trust me, he can eat a lot of food!

Tip on Maintaining Quality and Freshness of Ingredients

Martin: That sounds delicious, my kind of meal. BTW, shrimp doesn’t typically go bad too fast, for one because it is infused with a natural preservative – sea salt (not all fish is like that, but shrimp has an OK shelf life). And you can always poach it briefly in boiling water (like 20 seconds), and then drop it in ice water, to extend the life a little more 😉

Kathy: I knew I should have asked you! Thanks for that – TOTALLY noted for the future!

Martin: The next meal I tried was the Turkey Tacos with Roasted Red Pepper Salsa. This was even more unique of a meal than the Paella. It is definitely another Californian style meal, and definitely for those who enjoy creative, healthy meals.

Sun Basket - Turkey Tacos with Roasted Red Pepper Salsa

Sunbasket – Turkey Tacos with Roasted Red Pepper Salsa

As was the case with the first meal, I was again very pleased with the overall flavor, and the cool choices of ingredients. You essentially make turkey meat with black beans for the inside of the tortillas, a tomato-cucumber salsa on the side, and have Queso Fresco cheese, a Mexican/South American cheese similar to a mix of Feta and Goat’s cheese. It is a nice subtle cheese for a dish like this.

For prep, it was probably 5 minutes for me of actual prep, and I think I was eating it 20-30 minutes after starting to get it ready. Here’s my photo of the meal… (to the right)

Once again, very straight forward directions ( I love how they send the cards, which you can of course use again if you decide to make your own, or collect as recipe cards), and I very much enjoyed these as well.

The tortillas are corn tortillas, and they have that slightly pungent flavor that comes with an organic corn tortilla, so that definitely adds an additional flavor (unlike traditional flour tortillas).

They also had lime and cilantro to finish, which I love on these types of dishes. By the time I cooked this dish, it was maybe 2-3 days later, and the cilantro had gone bad, not a huge shock, and the rest of the ingredients were good.

Tip: Consider cooking those dishes with ingredients that are more perishable first.

I’m not sure if there could be a recommended order of cooking the dishes, for stuff like that, but my last meal had cilantro, and that bunch was useable.

sun-basket-review-thai-style-salmon-with-peach-cabbage-slawKathy: We had a few containers of cilantro too, but ours held up well. Actually, all our ingredients held up well. We totally had the “order” in mind, since 2 of our were seafood based.

Our next one was the Thai-Style Salmon and the Peach-Cabbage Slaw which was very tasty. The best part of this meal – and I think John agrees with me, is that the slaw was phenomenal! The flavors were absolutely perfect, and I actually went out and bought cashews so that I can make this again.

Of course, the fact that I have the recipe card now is great because I can just refer to that so I can make it again.

Okay – so the only thing about that meal is that there was SO MUCH cabbage that it made enough slaw to easily feed 4 people, which was fine because we both had it for lunch the next day. Man, that was good!

Oh – I have a note here about prepping the hot pepper for the Salmon meal – actually, probably for any of the meals that include hot pepper. We thought it would be a really good idea to chop those really finely so that you don’t get any “surprise” or large hot chunks of pepper – unless you like that.

The instructions were to thinly slice the Thai chile (if using it – it wasn’t required), but we found that chopping them really finely helps incorporate the flavors more so you don’t get a mouthful of heat.sun-basket-review-martin-quote-about-how-people-will-love-this

Anyway, that was a darned good meal too.

Martin: Ha ha! Yeah, I can see where that could be a surprise if you aren’t used to the heat. That salmon sounds tasty, I love salmon. That also goes to show that not only are people in for some very selectively picked ingredients (most of mine also had organic labels, which I like), but also, these are not your run of the mill typical meals.

So anyone looking for unique, tasty, organic, healthy meals will be in heaven, as everyone of mine were well thought out, and all ingredients went together well.

The ingredients held up over a few days…

Okay, so my next meal was the Chicken Wings Barbacoa with Salsa Verde. I believe I cooked this the following Thursday (6 days after having received the Sunbasket Box), and they were still good!

This meal could have served two people, although it may not have entirely filled up two famished individuals. The Paella would have made a nice side though, with the one portion left over 😉

As with all the meals, I cooked this exactly as instructed to get an authentic experience, as opposed to adding my own spin on any of the preparation techniques.

sun-basket-chicken-wings-with-barbacoa-salsa-verdeI very much enjoyed this dish. It was quite spicy, which is cool with me, but definitely on the spicy side!

Kathy, if I remember, you did something alternative with the Barbacoa sauce, as opposes to coating the wings with it. I actually did as suggested, and tossed the wings in it, with the sweet potatoes laid out on the same half-sheet pan, and roasted away.

I was rather hungry with this meal, and I ate almost all of it myself. It takes quite a few chicken wings to fill someone up. It was once again, quite unique, and I enjoyed the Salsa Verde drizzled all over everything. I used all the lime and cilantro and used all of that, which may have been a little too much, but I enjoyed it.

Prep for this once again probably took me around 5 minutes, and I would say for the untrained person, maybe 15 minutes of prep are needed, depending how they are with a knife. (All meals took around this long).

They recommend 20-25 minutes for this. You could perhaps go a little longer, and cooking time will also depend on your oven’s calibration, and also whether or not you use convection, so check the sweet potatoes and wings to see if they could use a little longer. I could have cooked this for another 5 minutes; it was cooked enough, though I would have enjoyed the wings just a bit crispier (you don’t have to worry about over cooking chicken wings too much either, as they can go a bit longer, and some people even prefer them that way).

Kathy: Incidentally, I like the way you served yourself – nice presentation!

For our final meal, we had the Chicken Wings Barbacoa with Salsa Verde too! Now, THIS was a combo I never would have thought of, but those sweet potatoes and red onions were delicious! And that salsa verde really did add to that.

I have to say though, that I thought the Barbacoa sauce was pretty spicy! I was able to eat it – and I absolutely loved the flavor – but I think it might be pretty spicy for some folks. What did you think, because you had this one too…sun-basket-review-sweet-potato-and-red-onion

Martin: Yeah that was tasty, and a bit spicy for sure! It may be a bit hot for some people. It was a great flavor also, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kathy: Martin, your photo of the meal was almost exactly how their photo showed it. We weren’t able to really prepare the meal exactly the way that the instructions called for because:

  1. our kitchen doesn’t have a sheet pan large enough (check out my photo of my largest sheet, which is a cookie sheet that was completely loaded with the veggies – so there was no room for chicken there), and
  2. I was squeamish about baking chicken in the same pan as the veggies.

What was your take on that?

Martin: I found they all did fit, but not lots of room to spare. Like I mentioned, I could have cooked mine a little longer, and actually, had I spaced put the sweet potatoes more, I think they would have cooked a little better. I slightly stacked them, and you don’t really want to stack something like sweet potatoes to roast them, at least not too much.

Kathy: Nonetheless, the flavors were amazing, and while we didn’t have any chicken left over – I can eat wings all day I think! – we did have veggies left over which we had for lunch the next day. I’ll be making that again, you can bet on that! I’d love to know how to make that Barbacoa sauce too…

Martin: Yeah, that was good for sure! And, from a professional perspective, one thing I really like and would definitely put in the “PROs” column here about Sun Basket is the way they package the sauces. No guesswork! And wow… they were all really tasty sauces.

Kathy: I totally agree. Now, there is a little more guesswork, in my opinion, about measuring a few ingredients – for example, with the cilantro-lime sauce for the Thai style salmon, the directions just say, “juice the lime,” and combine the sauce base with the juice – they don’t say how much juice. The lime we got was awesome!

But we had no idea whether or not to use the whole lime. It was huge – and so there was a lot of lime in that particular sauce. What if another Sun Basket meal gets shipped with a small lime? So, it might be helpful to say, “Add 1 tablespoon of lime juice,” or whatever the ideal measure is. What do you think about that, Martin, coming from your professional point of view?

sun-basket-review-thai-style-salmon-with-peach-cabbage-slaw-ingredientsMartin: Yeah good point, I used the whole thing because I am familiar with lime juice and similar dishes like this, but for someone uncertain, I think a rough portion size suggestion would be helpful, or just specify to use the whole lime. I was fine with it all, but someone with little cooking knowledge could use those tips so it is less confusing for them.

Kathy: I know what you mean, so it’s just something that people might want to keep in mind when they get their Sun Basket. In other recipes, they did specify, “chop enough garlic to measure 2 teaspoons,” for example.

But anyway, I was looking at my notes about the whole process – and I can see how Sun Basket is a really fun way to introduce organic and gourmet cooking to someone who may be a little nervous about trying something like this. It was so much fun!

If someone is looking for a very fast, pop-it-in-the-microwave meal, that’s not what you’re going to get with Sunbasket, because they aren’t about that. This is about preparing healthy, organic and gourmet meals at home with pretty much all the guesswork removed since they have done everything except send someone over to actually cook it for you.

But, even beyond that, the meals were truly healthful and nourishing, and you could FEEL how high quality every single ingredient was!

Martin: Yes this is definitely not for someone deciding whether to break out their Sunbasket meal, or head over to McDonald’s. It is for someone who enjoys a very thought out meal, with a very hand-picked feel, that wants to do a little of the preparation, and perhaps learn a few cooking ideas. Cooking skills are not absolutely essential, but a little cooking knowledge will help, and you will need to cut a few vegetables 🙂

Sunbasket Review: Wrapping it Up – Overall Summary

Kathy: At this point, if I had to give an overall summary, and do a star-rating, I’d honestly have to give it just about 5 stars across the board, with perhaps a 4 for clarity of instructions. 5-stars for quality, no doubt. 5-stars for ingenuity, too. And I’d have to say that because of how high quality the ingredients are, 5-stars for overall value too. One more thing I wanted to mention about how easy it is to order, is this: I noticed one of their meals this week included chick peas. While I love hummus and tahini, I’m not wild about whole chickpeas, so I can EASILY choose a different selection if I didn’t want that one!

So, that pretty much wraps it up. Martin, any final thoughts on this? Would you use the service again? I know I would…

Eat Clean $30.00 OffMartin: I absolutely would, and I just might. Going forward, I would want to prepare to cook 3 nights in a row, or at least 3 out of 5 nights. I may also glance through to see what may spoil fastest (like cilantro), and use that meal first.

It is very easy to see what is in each meal, so that would be very quick, but yeah otherwise, for someone looking for a unique, healthy meal delivery service with delicious meals, and a little bit of prep needed, I would highly recommend it (I am pretty sure all these types of things will need some prep anyways; this is my first experience of it, and I am a big fan.

It adds a whole level of convenience, as it is a bit of work, and time consuming, to shop for meals this specifically, and most of the time, you forget something.

Kathy: I’ll be leaving for the winter fairly soon, and already see another Sun Basket in my near future. To the folks at Sunbasket – if you’re reading this: Thank you SO MUCH for allowing us to try the service. We truly do appreciate it!

Martin: Oh, for sure! Thanks so much guys – it really was a lot of fun to try Sun Basket, and I have a feeling that a lot of our readers will agree that it’s got to be about the best organic meal and grocery delivery service out there.

To our readers, thank you so much for taking the time to read this Sun Basket review!

Impact Of The Hybrid & Electric Bicycle

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Electric powered travel is not as new as we think it is. For more than a hundred years, inventors have been trying to develop systems which allow consumers to use electricity to power their vehicles and even bicycles rather than burning fossil fuels. This has meant developing batteries that can last long enough for extended journeys without being huge and too expensive. Electric and hybrid bicycles have been around for more than a century, so why are consumers only hearing a lot about them right now?

Hybrid & Electric Bicycle Absence

Technology was not quite ready to meet the needs of consumers a hundred-plus years ago; even a decade ago. Low-tech batteries were very large. The e-bike, as it would later be known, was slow and expensive. The battery was capable of only short journeys, just like an electric car battery. Battery chemistry has been subject to extensive research and funding in recent years, thanks to demands for electric cars, so technology has been leaping forward at a fast rate than ever. This is also partly due to the desire for wireless electronics among consumers.

UPDATE! We now have some great electric bikes listed!

Check our sections onElectric and Hybrid Bicycles” and “Electric Bicycles on Amazon

Why Go Electric

With a regular bike, a person’s body is responsible for doing all the work. This makes it impractical for consumers to make regular journeys by bicycle if they travel many kilometers to work, church, school, etc. Time constraints are an issue as is the uncomfortable reality that you sweat when you work like this. Bosses tend to frown on sweaty employees. Then again, traffic and parking prices plus the cost of purchasing, maintaining, and insuring a vehicle make cars poor options as well. Even if you can afford the price of running your car and taking it to work every day, there is the unfortunate environmental cost to be weighed up.

Ecological Issues

X-Treme Bike Newport Cruiser Electric Bicycle Amazon

X-Treme Bike Newport Cruiser Electric Bicycle Amazon

Think of a traffic jam, where cars are spewing toxins into the air without going anywhere. Bicycles can get between the vehicles, however, allowing individuals to travel more freely at times. Of course, that is not the case on a high-speed highway or where cars are able to move freely; when climbing hills, a car will go faster. Ultimately, the efficiency and usefulness of an electric bike is not as important as environmental factors.

Hybrid vs. Electric

There are two types of electric bike. The hybrid requires consumers to do some of the pedaling and might take some power back into the battery as a result of a person’s cycling efforts or while coasting downhill. An electric bike can be pedalled but the motor will handle everything if you wish. The line between them is a very fine one; more to do with battery power and duration; wattage and speed than anything else. Designs resemble all types of bicycles and they are made for city or off-road use specifically.

Who is the Electric Bike for?

Little has been said about electric bikes in North America until recently. The success of electric cars has prompted greater interest, however. Like Tesla and Nissan, e-bike inventors and manufacturers are responding to environmental needs. Finally, the technology is becoming affordable enough for average people to purchase it.

But will the average person buy one? Right now, that depends on where you live. In places where cycling is the normal way to travel, these devices are very big business. Holland and China are two examples. If your destination is further than 60 miles, a car is the better choice, and this is only with the top bike motors installed. For short journeys of 20 miles or less, electric bikes are excellent if there is somewhere to plug the battery in and charge it up.

The senior/disabled market could benefit significantly. If you can’t ride a regular bicycle comfortably because of injury or poor health, motorized assistance offers a compromise. You might have to pedal a little bit and at least get some exercise, but age and infirmity don’t keep you off of two wheels anymore. Spouses and kids can’t complain that a loved one is riding a dangerous, noisy motorbike; bicycles with motors are permitted on paths, are quiet, and they don’t reach nearly high enough speeds to make for a risky ride.

Young people are also discovering the allure of riding a bike with a motor. Battery operated technology and green attitudes are trendy. Teens and 20-somethings are more assertive about environmental issues than the previous generations have been, so they are choosing this bike versus a car. Moreover, since a good once can be purchased for around $1,500, a young person on a budget can afford this sort of transportation far more easily than he can afford to buy a car, fill it with gas, and keep it insured.


Generally, the electric bicycle is not fast enough or capable of high enough wattage to require registration or licensing. Anyone can ride them down city streets. Cars enhance one’s feeling of independence, but an electric bike is a compromise between that desire for freedom and budgetary realities.

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