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Why People Love Amazon So Much


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I was pondering why people love Amazon so much after another product recommendation came across my desk. Now, one of the greatest joys of writing for is when my friends get all excited about a product and say, “Kath, I just got (this – that – or the other thing) from Amazon – it is awesome! You HAVE to feature it on your site! People will LOVE this!”

Such a thing happened this morning when one of my best friends emailed me that he had just picked up something that he had evidently been anticipating for a couple of months: Dunkin’ Donuts Bottled Iced Coffee. Yes. He got excited about iced coffee – but not just ANY iced coffee… it had to be Dunkin’ Donuts.

He’s loving this stuff and said, “You gotta write about this! It’s on Amazon! People are going to LOVE this!”

So, I got to thinking about it, and realized how many times I do something similar: I’ll find something I like and then write about it here on for others to find too.

Yes, of course it’s our business here at the website to promote products because that’s how we earn our living: by reviewing, writing about, and posting products.

Face it… We Love Amazon!

But it’s the excitement from others who oftentimes stop by and give us ideas based on their own experiences that raises the “fun level” a lot for us!

What we have found fascinating is our collective love of buying on Amazon. So, this same friend who just told me about the Dunkin’ Donuts Bottled Ice Coffee said to me that his favorite online shopping store was Amazon.

Now, we both buy stuff from other vendors, and because of how remote my own life is when I’m home in northern NH, I buy a LOT of stuff online. And Amazon has really become a primary source for a lot of the stuff that I buy.

You may notice that here on the site there is a pretty wide variety of Amazon products and listings. Again, people buy it, then they tell me about it (for example, this kiddie Nerf bike). Or, I buy it, and I have to tell others about it (case in point: my favorite tooth gel, Livionex).

But WHY? Why do people love Amazon?

We began to think about all the reasons why people love Amazon, and this is what we determined – in no particular order of importance:

Amazon = Convenience and Ease:

My friend said, “a lot of people, like myself, just like the convenience of Amazon, rather than yet another sign up where you end up on yet another email list.”

This is key, I think. For example, yes, you can buy a certain item from a vendor’s site, but they often begin emailing you over and over again – and for people who don’t want their email in-boxes clogged with another newsletter, buying from Amazon helps you avoid this entirely.

Then there is the trust factor:

Amazon has your back if you don’t like something and don’t want to have a hassle with returns. For example, I have seen some merchants who don’t offer money-back returns; however, Amazon does. If you are going to buy on Amazon, the odds are that you may be protected.

Amazon has been around well over 20 years. They are totally beast, and they aren’t going anywhere but everywhere.

Amazon Prime ROCKS

I love my Amazon Prime membership. My same buddy who inspired this post is the one who got me to try it. He said:

“Kath, you buy so much on Amazon, and you always have to wait until you have a huge bundle of stuff to buy so you meet the minimum purchase amount for free shipping. That’s ridiculous because with Amazon Prime you are gonna get free shipping for most everything you buy…”

He was right. I love Prime! Now when I’m running low on one of my staples I just click it, and it’s on its way. Boom. Just like that. Of course not every single item qualifies for free shipping, but mostly everything I buy does.

Then, there are the great add-ons with Prime! For example – and this barely scratches the surface, because I just saw a whole lot more a minute ago:

  • Video and music downloads,
  • free restaurant delivery if you live in an area where they have launched it (it’s still pretty new as of this writing, and primarily found in urban areas, but you can expect this trend to grow!),
  • lots of freebies for my Kindle,
  • tons of specials with the Deal of the Day (e.g. I saw a deal for 28% off 5 pounds of Healthworks Organic Cacao Nibs Raw!! Normally, that runs $41.99, but on the day I wrote this post, it was on sale for only $30.28! That’s only $6.26/pound, and ANYONE that buys raw organic cacao knows that this is very rare low price.)
  • Then, this – again from my friend, who just told me “Prime has tons of movies and shows included, literally 1000’s. and on top of that, Amazon has a massive video library. I watch shows and movies on there all the time :)”

Try Amazon Prime for FREE today: try Prime for Free

There are a few other reasons why I think people love Amazon so much.

Very Helpful Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews

Recently Amazon began moving “Verified Purchase” reviews up, so that fake or scammy or spammy reviews wouldn’t be showing up so much, wasting customers’ valuable time. When I am looking to buy something on Amazon, I want to see what REAL customers have to say about an item.

I’m not necessarily looking only for glowing, 5-star reports since I’ve purchased plenty of items that don’t have a 100% 5-star rating. What I’m looking for is information to fill in the blanks about what I’m buying.

For example, I recently restocked some raw Brazil Nuts that I’m fond of, and use daily to get a natural dose of selenium into my diet. There were only 9 reviews of the brand I bought (2 pounds of SUNBEST Whole, Raw, Shelled Brazil Nuts).

Click the image to go to the product page so you can see the reviews clearly.

The 2nd review was only a 3-star review, but the buyer’s complaint was a perceived lack of consistency in size and freshness. I did consider that – but because I’m only using 2 per day, I’m not really that concerned about the size.

All the other reviews stated that the nuts were all fresh.  Freshness has been an issue with some of my  Brazil nuts in the past – and my gut feeling is that this particular type of nut may just be prone to going “off” faster than some others. I refrigerate mine, and so I don’t really worry about this.

So, while that one review wasn’t 100% positive, I was able to weigh that one against the others, and made my decision.  I bought the SUNBEST nuts, and am completely happy with it. Typically I review my product purchases here at, but occasionally I will leave one on Amazon to add my 2-cents’ worth, because I do know that people value the Verified Purchase reviews there.

Amazon Customer Questions and Answers:

I’m the first to admit that sometimes I need advice. Recently, I purchased a replacement water filter for my Clearly Filtered water pitcher. It turns out that the more generic Seychelle water filter replacement fits the Clearly Filtered pitcher perfectly. Now, in order to prime the filter prior to use, you’re supposed to fit the nozzle of the priming piece over your faucet, and let water slowly run through the filter for about 7-8 minutes.

Last year this wasn’t a problem because our rental unit had a faucet that worked for this perfectly. This year we’re in a different unit, and none of the faucets fit – not even the shower nozzle when we removed the shower head.

So, off I went to Amazon to ask others if they had any suggestions. Within 24 hours, there were 3 responses. The best one for my purposes was someone saying to use a garden hose. Boom! The condo DOES have a water spigot outside that we hadn’t even thought of. Problem solved.

So, other Amazon customers are some of the best allies you’ll have when it comes to finding answers to questions you might have about products. No one else anywhere does this. Amazon has this wired.

Then, there is the SHEER CONVENIENCE

I mentioned earlier that I live in a fairly remote area for half the year. I also am hooked on Trader Joe’s Super Red Drink Powder. The problem is that the closest Trader Joe’s up north is a solid 2-3 hours away in areas I seldom visit.

And in Florida where I spend the other 6 months, the closest Trader Joe’s is in Orlando, which is a solid 1.5 hours on a very busy highway. I have zero reason to visit Orlando most of the time, and no matter where I live, I cannot justify driving that far just to visit a cool store.

So, I buy my Super Red Drink Powder on Amazon.  Now, I must tell you: Amazon prices are not always the lowest, and this product is one of those examples where it’s more expensive on line than at the store. At a Trader Joe’s store, this powder is only about $20 or so. On Amazon it’s about $30 or so (with free delivery since I’m an Amazon Prime member).

More expensive in this case, yes. But convenience and super-fast delivery wins out. It would cost me hundreds of dollars’ worth of my time, plus gas and mileage to drive to Orlando, FL or Portland, ME (not to mention that I’d just have to dine out at one of the jillion amazing restaurants in either of those places to make the trip complete).

I should say, however, that 95% of the time, I pay less for my purchases on Amazon than I would buying elsewhere.

Amazon Gift Cards

Almost everyone loves gift cards. They are the quintessential answer to the question of what to get for the person who has everything. I challenge someone who can’t find SOMETHING that they want on Amazon.

Of course they don’t have everything – as I discuss below – but they pretty much have something for everyone.

Amazon Gift Cards start at $25 and from there the sky’s the limit.

Get one! –> Amazon Gift Card HERE. <–

Amazon “Subscribe & Save” Option

While a lot of companies offer the option to subscribe for automatic, timed delivery of products that you are likely to use on a continual basis (think supplements and other consumables), Amazon jumped on this as well. It’s a great idea, and you are clearly given what your savings will be in such cases.

Let’s weigh some “Cons” against the “Pros”

There are so many things to love about Amazon. But, no “review” type of article would be complete without putting something on the “Cons” side of the “Pros & Cons” seesaw.

So, with that in mind, here goes:

What do you mean I can’t pay with PayPal???

Arghgh! I can’t use PayPal to pay on Amazon! I felt that surely there had to be a mistake. My husband & I also buy tons on Ebay, and use PayPal all the time. I also buy stuff on other websites, and almost every single one offers PayPal as a payment option.

But not Amazon. So I looked it up to find out why. In an article at they mention that their own “Amazon Payments” platform is “a direct competitor with PayPal and credit card companies like Visa which has its own online payment solution…”   (Source:

Ok. Fair enough. That makes sense from a corporate and shareholder point of view. I can live with that. I still wish they took PayPal. J

They don’t REALLY carry everything.

I can find almost everything I want and need on Amazon, but not absolutely everything.

Why is that? Simply put, it really is a merchant’s decision whether or not they want to sell their wares on Amazon. Amazon, like Ebay, charges merchants to sell on their platform. That’s how they make money.

I would be willing to bet that on items where profit margins are very slim, it may not be worth a manufacturer’s time and effort to offer their goods on a third party platform.

Because I’m in this business, I happen to know a number of people who sell on Amazon; and, of course my own husband has been an Ebay seller since 2000 – so I know all about seller’s fees, and the fees that merchant accounts (e.g. PayPal, Visa, MC, Amex, etc) charge. All these fees come out of the seller’s profits.

Potential Difficulties for Sellers

Also, remember what I said above about how Amazon has your back if you want to return something? That’s great for customers; however, from personal experience as the wife of a long-time Ebay seller, that very same “buyer protection” can become a seller’s nightmare.

This is just conjecture on my part, but I can base it in what I have seen in my own home.

I have watched my husband struggle with practically being forced to accept a return when a buyer simply changed his or her mind about what they bought. From our perspective, Ebay took on the Amazon strategy of pretty much always taking the buyer’s side, regardless of how hard the seller worked to ensure that the sale would succeed.

Because of the trend of sellers feeling as though they are being pressured (at least in our case on Ebay) to take returns, no matter what, it is easy to see that some sellers are not interested in feeling this pressure.

Playing by the Rules

But, we need to remember that platforms such as Amazon and Ebay don’t belong to the seller – even though, without sellers, neither platform would exist. But, at the end of the day, it’s their sandbox, and if sellers want to play in it, they need to play by the rules of the house.

Again, this last part about why not everything may be available on Amazon is simply my own gut feeling.

So, for that, and other reasons I no doubt am not yet aware, it makes sense that not everyone thinks selling on Amazon is in their best interests.

Regardless of how many pros and cons there are, Amazon is – and will likely continue to be – one of my first go-to places to shop.

See the great stuff that we’ve discovered on Amazon HERE!

Solar Cookware For A Green Kitchen

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Cooks don’t use the same sorts of dishes to heat food in a microwave as they do in a toaster oven or conventional oven. They wouldn’t choose identical cookware for a solar oven either. Solar cookware is specifically designed for use in situations where you are harnessing the sun’s power to bake, grill, or cook food.

Harnessing the Sun

There are three types of cookers generally speaking which, when combined, create a fully functional kitchen. The box or oven cooker is like your regular oven; a parabolic cooker directs sunlight onto a cooking pot; and a panel cooker is similar but not as hot, though its panels are adaptable.

These fold in various directions to capture the sun’s rays all day no matter the angle. A parabolic cooker adopts a shape and can be moved as a whole. Ovens are compared to slow cookers because they take a long time to heat up but, once hot, trap heat effectively.

They’re best used for times when you don’t want to supervise cooking. The parabolic cooker acts quickly and requires constant supervision, but doesn’t need a lot of thermal heat; uninterrupted sunlight, however, is imperative.

Heat vs. Light

When it comes to cooking with sunlight, you always have to determine if what you really need is heat or light. Solar power is harnessed in two ways: either the light is being directed onto a surface as with the photovoltaic panels that create electricity, or the sun’s heat is what you are looking for, similar to insulated tubes for heating water.

If you have a lot of time, then lots of heat is easier to ensure, to capture, and to maintain. Sunlight is trickier because you need unimpeded access to the rays themselves, not just an overall sunny day. Even if it’s 85°F outside and a sunny day with full blue skies, unless the sun is bearing down directly on a PV heating source, cooking isn’t going to take place.

Cookware for Solar Applications

Now that you have a sense of what you will be cooking in, it’s important to realize that your cooking vessel plays an important role. Some types of metal and ceramics capture heat well and for a long time; others are highly inefficient. Certain materials will buckle under considerably hot temperatures; others fail to let in enough light.

Select a type of cookware suitable for the food you are cooking and which sort of oven you are using, but almost anything in your current collection will probably be fine. Usually a sort of metal is recommended and some ceramics or pottery could be excellent too.

Cook with Pottery

Is your goal to set food cooking at 9 in the morning and come back at 6 for a meal of beans and rice? You will be using an insulated box oven to capture heat for a long time. Having chosen a place that gets very hot and stays that way, one can easily place a ceramic pot in this spot for many hours.

It’s always best if you can leave it completely so add all the water and seasoning you will need right from the start. Don’t disturb this setup or remove the lid. Bread and other baking also cook beautifully in this kind of oven if you have time to wait for your cake or biscotti.

Cooking with Metal

Aluminum is considered an excellent reflective material for quick heating with direct sunlight as the source of heat. It doesn’t absorb heat as much as allows it through, but aluminum isn’t sturdy like iron or steel.

Iron and steel, like ceramics, will retain heat better and heat slowly compared with aluminum. They aren’t as reflective but you still need to keep an eye on them. In most cases, experts recommend employing dark metals which are not very thick so they let the heat in quickly. You might not have all that much time; not on a day where clouds are variable.

Buying Solar Cookware

Your choices are to either work with what you already have or to buy specially constructed solar cookware from a specialty store. A lot of camp-related gear is already made from thin metal so as to be light and portable, but small dimensions are no good for a stew.

Specially-made solar items are designed very specifically for their purpose so as to endure for years, to resist high temperatures but conduct heat efficiently, and to be food-safe as well. Outdoor adventure stores stock crock pots in several sizes, grill pans, and even baking sheets to supply the needs of the solar gourmet.

The Dirt – Trace Mineral Tooth Brushing Powder

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Those of you who follow this website have likely seen that I (personally) have a “thing” about my teeth*. Seriously – I try a LOT of natural products, and so that’s where this Dirt Tooth Powder review comes in. Naturally, oral health and dental hygiene is one of the most important parts of our daily routine; not only is it important to keep our teeth clean and healthy to avoid the unpleasantness of toothache , but healthier teeth can help to cut down the cost of bills at the dentist.

This is something my family knows about first hand. I’ve had to rush hubby to the dentist for an emergency root canal in the past, and I can tell you that he says “NEEDING a root canal is a lot worse than HAVING one done.”

Modern chemical toothpastes may be effective at tackling problems like plaque and the bacteria that can lead to tooth decay and gum problems, but many of the ingredients in toothpastes can cause dental or health problems of their own.

Our teeth are actually very good at fixing themselves, as long as we give them a chance, but many of the ingredients of modern toothpastes, such as glycerin, actually stop the vital re-mineralization process that keeps our teeth naturally healthy, strong and gleaming white.

The Dirt is one of a number of new products on the market which are designed to support our teeth’s natural defenses, instead of preventing this vital process of re-mineralization from taking place.

The Dirt Natural Toothpaste

Great deal on The Dirt Natural Toothpaste on Amazon! Click this photo!

What Is The Dirt?

The Dirt is a tooth powder, rather than a toothpaste. You still need a regular toothbrush to use it and to apply the powder to your teeth, helping you to support your natural oral health. The Dirt has a pleasant spicy orange flavor, which tastes great and leaves your mouth feeling just as fresh as chemical, minty toothpastes.

This innovative product has none of the chemicals that you find in conventional toothpastes; no fluoride which has been linked to its own health scares, especially in towns where it has been added to the water supply. The Dirt is also ideal for those who have allergies or dietary requirements, as the product is free of soy, grain, corn and gluten.

The company behind the product don’t use any fillers, chemical or natural, or beeswax from factory-farmed bees. Of course, the toothpowder is cruelty-free and has not been tested on animals.

The Dirt Toothpaste Ingredients — All Natural for Natural Health

So, we have established that there are lot of chemical and harmful ingredients not in The Dirt; but what ingredients are included in their toothpowder? What makes it such a successful product and such an excellent alternative to toothpastes? The Dirt is rich in essential oils, including the spicy orange that gives the product its distinctive taste; fatty oils and butters high in nutrients; and a selection of clays and salts rich in minerals.

The creator of The Dirt invented the toothpowder when she realized that a lot of the beauty products she was buying didn’t adhere to her new paleo lifestyle; the paleo diet allows people to only eat the fruits, vegetables and meats that would have been eaten by prehistoric man. However, there are still lots of non-food products that contain a great deal of chemical and modern ingredients, not fitting to the paleo diet.

The Dirt Tooth Powder Reviews on Amazon

The reviews are stellar, overall. Coming in at over 1,300 of them – 73% of which are a solid 5-Star – you gotta love it.

One of the things I like about Amazon reviews (and frankly, one of the things I and others love about Amazon overall to begin with) is that you can see whether or not the writer actually purchased the product.

And, in this case, you can see for yourself that they are for real (click the following image, and it’ll take you directly over to the product page so you can read and peruse at your leisure).

The Dirt tooth powder reviews on Amazon

Try Out The Dirt for Yourself

The Dirt is a great way to keep your teeth naturally strong and healthy, as well as creating a great-tasting product which is suitable for everyone. In fact, the only downside to using The Dirt is that it can end up staining the bristles of ordinary toothbrushes!

Whether you are following a paleo lifestyle yourself or not, it is worth using The Dirt to see what a difference it can make to your dental health — and the appearance of your smile.

There are many advantages to using a natural toothpowder over normal toothpastes. Not only does The Dirt support your teeth’s own re-mineralization process, it is also better for your health and better for the environment. Buy The Dirt online HERE at Amazon, and you can see for yourself the difference it can make.

PS: It’s Amazon Prime eligible too!

* Check out my Livionex review and you’ll see what I mean!

The Dirt Tooth Powder Reviews are VERY good - buy it here on Amazon


The Legend Of Flyboard By Zapata Racing

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Zapata Racing started making PWC equipment 18 years ago, under the leadership of Franky Zapata, still CEO. He has a small team of executives working for him and branches around the world. PWC stands for Personal Water Craft, but if you’re thinking of regular boats and jet skis, think again. In 1999, Zapata brought PWC to international attention with a new way of hitting the water or, more accurately, hitting the air above the water.

They have since earned 6 titles in Europe and 2 in world championships using hydro-propulsion to rocket them to the top. The Flyboard represents several years of innovation and development which now brings the company and flyboards to an audience of leisure users as well as competitors. Watch their videos for some celebrity spotting.

New Flyboard Sport

This is a sport now in its own right; a new way to tackle the water and win. Other firms have made their own versions, but Zapata Racing is world-renowned. They brought their Flyboard to Qatar in 2012 and the 2014 Dubai competition with their Hoverboard by Zapata Racing.

The company continues to develop new machines employing advances in hydro-propulsion and promoting feats like those a viewer might expect to see in a James Bond movie. Q would be jealous. Movies of the Hoverboard and Flyboard in action have attracted fans in their own right, many of them added during a Super Bowl advertisement, a coveted spot.

Professional Flyboard Riders

Famous names in the industry might not sound familiar to the average individual more familiar with football figures, boxers, or soccer players, but Zapata’s pro riders are famous in the industry. From the USA, there are two: Caleb Gavic and Damone Rippy. Brody Wells and Adrian Boucher represent Canada. Suksan Tongthai comes from Thailand. Watch for the next races, sure to be shown on cable, and find out who is representing your home country.

The Flyboard Legend

A new legend has joined the team; a Flyboard Legend. Those who know these machines are not surprised by its legendary capacities: a turbine that lets riders lift, dive, jump, and perform tricks in the air.

An 18- or 23-meter hose connects to the Personal Water Craft redirecting water to nozzles on the side. The rider controls the device’s height and direction with a throttle to reach as much as 12 meters in the air depending on power.

Riding a Flyboard is like being suspended high atop a wave on a surfboard only the lift lasts longer and remains in mid-air. A wireless way to stay suspended above water is surely the next thing to come from Zapata Racing; the world watches and waits with breathless anticipation.

What Comes with the Flyboard Legend?

With this purchase, consumers receive a rotation system, specific bearings, a supply hose, U pipe for reverse PWC water movement, and a clip interface. The U pipe possesses a propulsion system so the PWC does not have to be towed. Propulsion makes it faster and more efficient.

The Venturi system is responsible for letting water out of the turbine. Special bindings for the boots work specifically with the Flyboard to protect a rider’s foot, ankle bones and joints while he or she is shot into the air at an astounding speed. Flexibility and strength combine to provide safety and support.

Miami Area Flyboard Experience

We have also found a way to try out a Flyboard, at the Bayside Flyboard Experience, if you are ever in the Miami area. They don’t mention whether it is the same one by Zapata Racing, but it looks fun nevertheless!

JetSuite: Private Jet Hire

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Have you ever wanted to hire a private Jet? You can with JetSuite. Their firm has operated successfully for 7 years as a private operator; an alternative to charter flights. The company is now one of the biggest in America: 4th largest, thanks to their top-of-the-range jets. You can go anywhere or sign up for regularly scheduled, luxury flights.

JetSuite Fleet

The range of planes at JetSuite includes a number of Phenom 100s and Edition CJ3 jets plus XL 30-seat Embraer 135 editions for bigger groups or simply to enjoy the latest in-air luxury.

The objective at JetSuite has been to make air travel as wonderful as it can be, so they are never satisfied. Owners and designers are always tweaking to accommodate different interests, changing demands, and new ideas in air travel.

The company is always trying to develop better jets while still making air travel of this kind a reality for a wider audience of consumers. Their fleet is more luxurious than charter planes, but prices are similar to those you would pay for flying with a familiar airline.

If you have the disposable income to pay full price for regular flights that are full of stress and hassle, choose JetSuite instead and forgo the long line-ups, aggressive security checks, and waiting-area boredom.

What Is JetSuiteX

This is a new service offering comfortable scheduled travel plus all the features of a commercial flight and more. It is just as safe, maybe safer, and far more enjoyable. Flight attendants look after your needs as you recline in leather seats, legs out as they would be in a business-class seat on a regular airline.

You won’t feel like a domestic animal anymore. Even head room has been extended so you can stand up and not get knocked out. If claustrophobia is what kept you away from flying before, that shouldn’t be a problem. Numbers of passengers are so small, everyone could get to know each other during their time in the air.

Relaxing interior décor includes leather seats you could sleep in with more soundproofing as not to disturb your rest and gentle color choices. Wi-Fi is free, in-flight entertainment costs nothing extra, there are power outlets for every passenger, and you will be served refreshments free of charge. Those include gourmet nibbles, soft drinks, and alcohol. Get comfortable, as though you were sitting in an easy chair at home. Drift off to the sound of your favorite music or an audio book.

Take Off

JetSuite customers rent an entire jet and choose where they wish to go. JetSuiteX is a public service for small crowds who still want to skip the waiting times and hassle of commercial flight. This is where JetSuite manages to create lower-priced services so that almost anyone who can afford to fly will be able to choose a more comfortable way to go about it. JetSuiteX provides regular service on popular routes. Get in touch to find out what routes they offer and their schedule of flights.

Cost of Luxury

A private jet costs about $8,000 for every hour in use. That works out to under $300 per hour for each person if the seats are filled. There are 30 on an E135. A three-hour domestic flight would cost $24,000 or about $900 per person for the same model, but check costs for the Phenom and CJ3. It pays to get your friends involved and travel as a group.

Scheduled American Routes

New jets are coming in 2017 but the existing line is already operating along oft-chosen routes. Their favored markets are Sacramento, Santa Barbara (both California) and Phoenix, Arizona. Carlsbad, CA will be part of their new route for the E-135 series. JetSuiteX serves passengers to the most common destinations such as Las Vegas, LA, San Francisco Bay, San Diego, San Jose, and Bozeman in Montana. Watch for more destinations as the company expands its jet fleet and pool of experience pilots, two per flight.

Make a Reservation

How do you get started on your flight from California to another US city? Give JetSuite your Departure and Arrival locations, dates, and times. Provide legal names for all passengers with birthdates and how much luggage you expect to load for the flight in bag numbers and pounds. You will need to supply an email address for each passenger and a phone number. Payment is the last piece.

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NEW! Review of AccuScore Sports – Accurate Data

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At AccuScore, the team uses software and math to calculate the likely outcome of a game or an event. More is riding on the outcome than accolades for teams, political opponents, and other competitors in their respective fields and professions. Fans participate in games where predictions are important, such as fantasy leagues. Where betting is legal, a friendly wager is riding on who wins and not just who, but by how many points. Who scored the goals? AccuScore sports simulation provides data one can use to make a sensible prediction as to the likely outcome of a match.

About AccuScore

Perhaps the founder of AccuScore was playing fantasy football with his friends when the idea came to him: what if he, and they, could stop making random guesses? Or, imagine they no longer had to compile statistics in booklets and could refer to a model online.

That would make life a lot less complicated and data would be available from any Wi-Fi connected device. Men take their sports very seriously and AccuScore helps them bring a measure of mathematical accuracy to fan activity and betting.

Maybe the founder and his buddies tried a prototype and discovered that they were accurate much of the time; enough to believe their service could be marketable and profitable. I imagine that is how AccuScore became a real product that went live online. Guys started talking; one of them experimented with some IT; and the rest is history.

This website simulates what is likely to happen on match day using an algorithm which incorporates past performance and factors such as weather, who the coach is, who is on the team, and the location of a game (home or away). Every game goes through calculations about 10,000 times. The program covers every major sport in the United States and world soccer’s top-ten leagues.

Predict the game based on these calculations or use analytical data to go about it the old-fashioned way; using your own foresight and judgment. Rank hockey players against each other for an outcome which, though not guaranteed, is highly reliable. Use AccuScore to predict the next major election.

Who Runs Accuscore?

Tuomas Kanervala, currently CEO, deals with management overall. He turns to the expertise of numerous individuals in order to develop this online product with the objective of entertaining sports fans, whether they love basketball, hockey, or football. His previous professional work included management and consultancy with a number of major firms.

Eero Mäki-Esko, a minority shareholder on the board, offers advice regarding how to find data and create software. His decision-making skills are extremely useful as well as computer science knowledge and experience with Nokia.

Riku Soininen is an AccuScore Partner/Advisor and co-founder of his own sports-related business, Global Sports Media. His technology degree places Soininen in a good position to understand the IT aspects of this job although he participates on other boards as well with various IT companies.

Behind the Scenes

Visit the FAQ section to determine if this really is a useful tool and one you would pay to subscribe to. Find out how to navigate and use data with some special tactics for making the very most of this site. Could this be the ideal Father’s Day present for dad, the guy who inspired your love of sports?

The Posting Schedule

Latest bannerWhen your and your friends get together with their fantasy league predictions, ready to see who had it right this weekend, you might be curious as to when AccuScore posts picks. How soon before the game do they state their final choices? Statistics about the score and player analysis is updated regularly as the season progresses and every game is predicted long before the whistle blows. Obviously, youwill want to view the last stated predictions before having to submit your choices for real to a bookie or whoever controls the money when you run a pool at work or with friends.

Injuries, changes to team format, and other last-minute alterations might not play any part in predictions if they come too late, but if there is time they will be factored into data. Critical players hold the key to a win or a loss, however, so unless one of these individuals takes a hit he can’t recover from in time for match day, AccuScore predicts little change if any to the results they forecast.

Changing Sim Percentage

Right before kick-off, games are re-simulated until it’s no longer viable or ethical to do so. Once the ball is first played, no more changes will be made.

Currencies Converted

AccuScore uses the metric system rather than dealing in currency which could become confusing with the number of countries involved. There are Canadian, Italian, English, and American teams on the various rosters, for instance. Imagine what confusion that would cause during the World Cup of Soccer. Instead of money, AccuScore uses “units” of out 100.

Learn more by visiting the AccuScore website HERE.

Membership Details: How much does AccuScore Cost?

As a new member, you would be entitled to try the service for 7 days, for free. Then, following the 7-day trial, costs are either $69 US per month (or 65.00 EUR or 55.00 GBP) – billed every 31 days, or $349.00 US (or 310 EUR or 285 GBP) on the annual plan. Your membership with AccuScore shows information and results for every game in the MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL plus Division 1A football and basketball.

Add the English Premier League (what they refer to as “football” in the UK), Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, and Spanish Primera Liga for a total of 1,446 games per season plus the UEFA Cup. Data starts with the regular season but continues to post-season games as well. Sometimes, the prompt reads “no pick” when the points are too close to choose. Again, you can sign up for a monthly or annual membership.

Not the Same as ESPN Insider

ESPN Insider lacks full box scores and they don’t offer final scores either. AccuScore provides all the data which is an advantage of membership. Find out all of the details which contribute to the likely outcome and use them as-is or employ data to come up with an educated selection; the choice is yours. No results are guaranteed, but their algorithm gets the outcome right more often than virtually any human being. View the home page for an idea of what is available to members of this exciting service; the types of data that guys get excited discussing over a case of beer and a bowl of potato chips.

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Boost Your Health With Dr. Schulze

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The Dr. Schulze range of natural supplements is the brainchild of Dr. Richard Schulze, who developed his brand and products in order to give ordinary Americans an alternative to spending their life savings on expensive medical treatments. His aim was to ensure that people remain healthy by taking the right supplements and eating the right foods.

Dr. Schulze himself was diagnosed with a serious medical condition in his youth, declining the expensive surgery that doctors told him was his only option, and instead began exploring the alternative remedies that are found in nature.

Training with some of the world’s foremost experts, Dr. Schulze learned all he could about natural medicine to improve his own health. He then used this information to open his own natural medicine clinic in the 1970s and to develop the Dr. Schulze range of natural supplements.

It wasn’t until the “early 2000’s” (already seems like a long time ago!) that I, personally discovered Dr. Schulze’s message. When someone with a level head (versus hype) explains various alternatives to the standard western ways of treating symptoms, it’s easier for me to listen and learn. I instantly felt like he was onto something, and soon purchased 2 of what have probably become known as flagship products for him:

Dr. Schulze’s supplements owe their success to the high standards their creator learned in treating himself and others, only using the purest herbs with no chemicals added to any of the products. By only using organic ingredients, Dr. Schulze has increased the potency of his supplements; organic food has been found to contain more nutritional benefit than the chemically farmed alternatives. There is no skimping on ingredients, and no short-cuts taken in the creation of remedies to ensure that users get the maximum benefit.

The supplements which have been created by Dr. Schulze after his lifetime of experience have been split into roughly four categories labeled nutrition, eliminate, detox and immune. The nutrition products include Dr. Schulze’s Superfood range, powders and tablets taken daily which contain 100% of recommended daily intake (RDI) of Vitamins A, B, C, E and Vitamin B12.

The Superfood range also includes bars which you can eat while on the go, in both Original and Apple and Cinnamon Crunch flavors. There are even superfood tablets for children which are smaller and easier to swallow, which contain all the vitamins in the adult version as well as being 40% protein.

In recent years, he has added the following to his product line as well:

As a quick note before I forget – in the past several years, I’ve noticed Dr. Schulze looking a lot more svelte than when I first began reading his books and newsletters. He was a bit more “portly” earlier on, and now he looks a lot slimmer! Perhaps he actually practices what he preaches.

Anyway, the “eliminate” category features bowel cleansers which you take every day in tablet or powder form. These help to expel toxins from the gut and to cleanse and detoxify your digestive system. They also stimulate the natural muscular movement of the intestine.

Dr. Schulze also produces a range of detox products, which can help users to get their system clear of toxins and working healthily and effectively once again. While you can get some of these on, others seem to only be available at his official site, – and here is his link to his “Author Page” at Amazon: page Richard Schulze

Detox plans range from the 24-hour bowel detox to the full 30-day detox plan, which features products to help cleanse your liver, kidneys and bowel. These detox products use a mixture of powders, capsules, Dr. Schulze’s own detox formula and tasty herbal teas to help your body get back on an even keel.

There is also a range of supplements available from Dr. Schulze to help boost your body’s own natural defenses against cold and flu germs and other infections. The Echinacea Plus, taken daily, helps to boost your body’s defenses but can also be taken to treat the symptoms of cold and flu and help your body fight off infections. Scientifically proven to increase the number of immune cells in the body, Echinacea Plus is an effective way to prevent and treat infections in one product.

Echinacea is the primary ingredient in Dr. Schulze’s Cold and Flu Shot, along with almost 20 other natural herbs and spices. Take it at the first sign of a cold and it will help your body to fight off the infection, helping you too feel better faster. Combine Echinacea Plus with Dr. Schulze Vitamin C supplements to give yourself the best possible chance of fighting off germs before they make you feel ill.

If you are just starting out on your bid to become more naturally healthy, the Dr. Schulze Starter Kit is the perfect way to begin. Containing everything you need to cleanse your body and restore yourself to good natural health, it is ideal for those who want to feel better but are not sure how to go about it.

If you have a more serious health condition, the Incurables Program features the whole range of Dr. Schulze detox products in one, as well as Superfood capsules and additional supplements to boost your body’s defenses and help you deal with whatever health problems you are facing.

This Program does not come cheaply, but it is impossible to put a price on good health — and it is certainly cheaper than the expensive medical bills that are the alternative if your condition becomes worse.

Nootromins: All In The Mind

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Nootromins crosses two things the modern shopper is familiar with: vitamins and nootropics. What you get is a pill to enhance mental performance in which the makers combine things they think work best together in order to produce higher cognitive function. The results can be seen in almost every aspect of a person’s life.

Nootropic Nootromins

FDA-approved ingredients are combined in the form of a pill you take every day as long as you want to feel more alive, alert, and have a great attitude. In under half an hour you should already start to feel your mind focus on what matters and your memory will lock and load.

Claims of Nootromins

Here is what the makers of Nootromins are saying*. It improves your ability to think and to concentrate for more than 6 hours at a time without crashing. You don’t peak and fall which is what happens with energy drinks.

That can lead to feeling stressed out, anxious, and tired. Then again, if you already feel that way, taking Nootromins will certainly help if the makers are to be trusted. You should find yourself less frustrated by mental walls; able to break through barriers that once held you back.

Consumers should feel calmer but perkier at the same time. Memory will also improve. Actually, your brain may be healthier overall.

Who Should Use Nootromins

Recommended users are students, professionals, and athletes: just about everyone. If you seek to enter a profession, want to get back to school, or are thinking of taking up sports but imagine you lack the discipline, stamina, and concentration, try Nootromins. Even if you are already there, doing what you love, do it better with a single pill made from natural ingredients.

Students First

In life, we are always students or we should be. That’s the humble, healthy way to keep learning. In the school room, however, or a college auditorium, there is a lot to take in. Lectures can be dull and long. You also feel the pressure of knowing a lot rests on how you do in these courses. Your entire career, a scholarship, dreams for the future: that’s a lot of pressure.

Professionals Who Passed

After passing university exams and finishing the studies you set out to complete, a professional life awaits you. The pressure is still there, maybe the bone-numbing fatigue of having to work and look after family. Get it all done and don’t feel exhausted: take a supplement that helps you do your job better and learn how to do new things quickly. Become a top producer in your field as well.

Sporting Attitude

What makes a great athlete: is it medals and trophies? In the real world, that’s right, but all you can be is your best self, performing at the top of your game. Do this by working harder. Enhance your ability to work and push yourself to new limits with a supplement that hits you where the BCAAs aren’t able to reach: your attitude. Push yourself; stay energized and focused on the goal.

How It Works

Nootromins improve your ability to absorb oxygen and to burn sugar as fuel. This helps you stay alert rather than feeling sluggish. That energy reaches right into your brain with micro-nutrients that fuel circulation. The brain is better able to repair itself, adapt, and to defend itself against neurological illnesses related to aging.

Quality Ingredients

After more than three quarters of a century, nutritional experts know what the brain needs to function at its best. FDA-approved, allergen-free nutrients go into every GMP-certified bottle. There are no eggs, wheat, or dairy ingredients to keep you from finding out what a healthier brain feels like.

Ingredients include Rhodiola Rosea and Bacopa Monnieri, herbs which make the brain function more quickly and fully. Caffeine activates the mind while other ingredients keep you feeling stimulated for hours.

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What The Heck Are Nootropics?

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**Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. According to the company,, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

SKINNERS: The Ultimate In Ultraportable Footwear

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Crowdfunding has brought a new product to fruition: SKINNERS, a very special make of sock. They were created by a small group of visionaries with a simple goal: provide socks that are good for every sort of adventure and which pamper your feet. They do more than pamper; these socks protect feet too.

SKINNERS: Socks for Adventurers

What’s wrong with ordinary socks? They don’t last. They fall down when you are in the middle of doing something active. They slip on the floor and provide zero protection.

Socks also smell bad, especially after an hour of roller blading or running. SKINNERS were designed to improve your athletic performance so you are not hindered by something as simple as a slipping sock.

Take your shoes off without embarrassment. They will help you do more and do it better, whatever “it” might be. At Indiegogo, where SKINNERS are listed, the makers say you can wear them to go rollerblading, running, climbing, hiking, cycling, and more.

A runner is pictured in the images on this Indiegogo page too and they mention yoga. Wear any kind of footwear such as soccer cleats or tough hiking boots; running shoes or cycling shoes. They will all fit comfortably with SKINNERS.

Sporting Advantages

When it comes to general fitness classes, yoga, Pilates, etc., socks can be a downer. You are not usually able to wear them as they slip on smooth surfaces. These new socks have grip, however, and also protect feet without need of shoes.

Heavy hiking boots offer excellent protection in the rocky, spiky, craggy areas where you go hiking. After the shoes come off, however, you can still wander around your immediate area wearing only socks and feel protected against stinging insects or spiky sticks. You do not need the protection of hiking boots anymore away from heavy rocks, but caution is still warranted at a public campground.

Run or train in other sports with a sock that protects and nurtures your foot. SKINNERS are comfortable and prevent strain in your feet which can cause pain and curtail your usual training season.

Sedentary Pursuits

You can’t always be moving around, but your feet will suffer if they are not protected when you are stuck in your seat on a train, airplane, or at the office. Their comfortable fit will promote better circulation than ordinary socks can provide. Wear them for long-distance traveling and for the office.

As an additional benefit, SKINNERS allow you to take your shoes off so that your feet breathe. They enable you to walk around without smelly feet bothering anyone because these are odor-preventing socks. Feet feel cozy, warm, but they do not become over-warm and sweaty.

Crowdfunding Success

After running a crowdfunding campaign, the makers of SKINNERS raised more than 6 times the capital they required to make and sell this product: over $1M. Customers can purchase these socks in various colors for $40 per pair, $75 for two, or $110 for three when you shop with Indiegogo.

Retail prices are marginally higher. Don’t forget to add shipping costs as well. Customers are already lining up, but delivery is not slated until March of 2017. Anyone living in the Northern Hemisphere will be supplied their high-tech socks before the running and hiking seasons are in full swing. Buy this sock in larger-sized packages and have it delivered in time to organize a successful Easter outing with the whole family. There are sizes to suit everyone.

Great Gift

View the profile of SKINNERS on Indiegogo where they provide a video demonstration of just how durable and protective a pair of socks can be. If you get socks as a present next year for your birthday and they happen to be SKINNERS, don’t feel let-down; they make a great present indeed.